Wayne’s Comics Podcast #226 with Brian Demeter and Josh Geoghagan

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Indie comics are some of the most creative available today! Here’s a great example – this week, I talk with creators Brian Demeter and Josh Geoghagan about their terrific 40-page one shot graphic novella A Graveyard For Whales. It’s described as “one man’s journey through the fantastic heights and sinister depths of a beautiful and deadly dreamscape that serves as a challenge, a reminder, and a call to adventure!” We discuss how this book came to be, how I came to buy my copy, and what other projects they have coming that we should know about! To get one for yourself, you can go to the book’s Facebook page or Brian’s website to contact him, or attend a convention he’ll be attending such as the upcoming Earth Fest 2016 in Casselberry, Florida, on Saturday, April 30.  It’s a modern-day fable that’s well-told and worth buying! Highly recommended, so don’t miss what they have to say OR their book!