X-Men Pop Up! Reviews: New and Old Comics

Remastered with extra content comes the latest X-Men pop up reviews. Ryan reviews the recently released books and plus some oldies. Thanks for listening! 

Intro (0:00), X-Force #1 (0:53), Shatterstar #4 (5:30), Mr. & Mrs. X #7 (9:00), Domino #1 of 4 (14:20)*, Wrap Up (18:40), Bonus: Wolverine/Doop 1-2 ** (19:41)

*  Non-Spoiler
** Minor Spoilers

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Girls With Issues Episode 18

Girls With IssuesThis week we talk Detective Comics #27, Black Widow #1, and Sex Criminals #4, Doop and Sinestro have something in common, don’t cry for Argentina or The Ultimates-the truth is they never left you, Brubaker isn’t afraid of commitment, and the Ant-Man movie is having an identity crisis, but Coulson from Agents of Shield finally gets his under control.