Super Hero Speak – #115: Jonathan Maberry

This week the guys are joined by NY Times bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry. Johnathan has not only written such novels as The Joe Ledger Series, The Dead of Night Series and the Wolfman, he is also an accomplished martial artist! And if that isn’t enough he  also has written Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, Doomwar, Black Panther: Power, Captain America: Hail Hydra and Marvel Zombies Return for Marvel.He also has written his own creator owned books V-Wars and Rot and Ruin: Warrior Smart with IDW. This was a really fun interview and we encourage anyone looking into becoming a writer to listen to Jonathan’s advice in this one. So sit back and enjoy our chat with Jonathan Maberry.


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Comic Addiction – Episode 113

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Welcome back, folks!  This episode Chris and Paul (yes! That Paul) gather around Skype and talk comic news and review a few books.

In the News:

– Marvel’s new Astonishing line
– $1 million for Action Comics #1
– DC Entertainment’s new leadership

In the Reviews:

– Green Lantern Corps #45
– Batman #696 from DC Comics
– Doomwar #1 from Marvel Comics
– G.I. Joe Cobra II #2 from IDW

The show is now moving to a bi-weekly schedule, so we’ll see you in two weeks!


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F BombCast 74: Mind If We Dance With Yo’ Dates

TJ And Kev take a seat on the aisle as we discuss Shutter Island, House of the Devil, and such topical films as the Star Wars Prequels. I apologize right here cause we get into our feelings on Captain America 602 and Mark Waid and Boom! studios, So things get slightly political, but I promise we really don’t get too much into ideologies, just our feelings on creators interjecting their opinions into their work, what we say may actually surprise you. The Comics, Oh the Glorious Comics, Lots of damn Comics. All the books discussed are : GI Joe Cobra II #1, Colt Noble and the Megalords, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32, Books of Blood/Hellblazer miniseries 1&2, and Doomwar #1.

Also there is contest announcement at the end of the episode.

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