F BombCast 125: Got a Black Magic Podcast

A theme song so nice, we thought we would play it twice. Kevin has some audio issues, but does anyone listen for him anyway. (Just kidding of course kev, we all love the wonderful insight that you bring to us, now call me so i can find my phone.) At what age does a young boy need to hear about the glories of masturbation. You may be surprised that it isn’t from birth. When you are getting a dream sketch, should you go with a complex character that only one person draws a certain way, or a character that is basically just a dude, guess which bore fest choose the latter. and of 4 mexican joint choices given Mike picks the 5th one that doesn’t even give you real beef. Oh that silly man. We get into our top 5 Magical/supernatural characters and really everyone is wrong but TJ since the best ones are found in the Demon. END OF FUCKING STORY! Lastly we talk about 20th Century Boys, ¬†Fables, and Warriors Three. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 54: Bob Saget Rules

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Episode 54

Kevin wonders why i don’t listen to his suggestions but then suggest that we name episodes after something that is so briefly mentioned on the show that i sneezed this morning and missed it, Oh well i sort of listened this time. The three amigos are back together and it takes a while of idling for them to get their engines revved again. I am sort of out of it so lets see if the normal talk is discussed: 1) Genitals-Check 2)Cum-Check 3)poop-nope 3)meat-check 4)porn-check 5)movies-check 6)comics-check 7)Star Trek-nope. Comics Discussed are Walking Dead 1 and some sort of manga thing on his iPod Touch app. Warren Ellis’s X-Man series from around 2000 and JMS’s first Brave and the bold issue. Have fun folks and bear with us during those trying minutes. kthxbye!

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F BombCast 46: Charlie is a Lonely Cougar

FBC Shirt3We are TJ-less again folks, so you won’t get to hear the great stories about his daughter being an anti Semite. Comics are discussed as the boys learn there is ne’er a segue that they don’t like. Blackest Night and Flash Re birth cause much angst towards the Untouchable DC , and the two disc Watchman is not loved by all we find out. A audio blow job is given to Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The hunter and the boys discuss the top Five Cougars (Defined as famous women over 40).

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