Super Hero Speak – #45: Legends of the Knight


We have a very special episode this week. Dave along with special co-host Frank Duran sit down with film maker Brett Culp. Bret is the creative mind behind the independent documentary “Legends of the Knight”.  It is a documentary, not just about Batman, but about the impact of storytelling. This film shows how Batman has been an inspiration in many people’s lives. How he has given strength to people who feel powerless. This is  a very powerful film. Along with the release of this episode we are launching a Tugg campaign to have the movie shown in the Philadelphia area (our home base).   A percentage of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the National MS  Society. so look for more information on that coming very soon. For now please sit back and enjoy the interview, and stayed tuned for ore info soon.

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Gutter Trash – Episode 99: Super High Me


Super High Me. Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight, and Cypress Hill

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Gutter Trash – Episode 44: METAL


Horns up! This week on Gutter Trash, we review Sam Dunn’s ROCKumentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and get even nerdier than we do about comics.

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and The Cardigans.

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