Comics on Comics Radio # 10: Scott Allie

Comics on Comics Radio returns with our titanic tenth episode! Host Sax Carr along with Asterios Kokkinos (Cracked Magazine, NPR’s Marketplace), Steven Saunders (Secret Cross) and Blair Marnell (MTV Splash Page) welcome Dark Horse Comics’ senior managing editor Scott Allie (Solomon Kane, Exurbia) for another round of comics & comedy!


In the first part of this blockbuster episode, our panel looks back at J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek revival and Robert Kirkman’s Destroyer MAX miniseries before looking ahead at Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes movie and getting a behind the scenes look at Dark Horse’s hit Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Hellboy/ B.P.R.D. comics from Scott Allie!



And in the second part of this episode below, Scott Allie and the panel take a no-holds-bar look back at Solomon Kane and the works of Robert E. Howard, Rex Mundi and Exurbia before Allie gives us an inside look at how to pitch a comic book series!



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Comic Book Pitt #36 – Renegades of Geek

ultimate comics avengers 1

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Don’t make comic book geeks angry…you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

After a mild rant, we review Irredeemable, both the first four issue collection and #5, The Marvels Project #1, Destroyer #5, and Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 and Spider-Man #1

The cover scans for all comics reviewed in this episode can be found at the CBP Flickr site.

This week’s music is “Renegades of Funk” by Rage Against the Machine.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 85 (6/20/09)

Surprising week for comics! Pick of the Week goes to Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley for Invincible #63 (Image). Fast Five picks include Destroyer #3 (MAX), Jack Of Fables #35 (Vertigo), Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #4 (Marvel), Red Mass For Mars #3 (Image), and Captain America #600 (Marvel).

Special Thanks to Rising Sun Creations for sponsoring the contest!

The Batman Obviously… Podcast, Episode #11

In this episode, the guys share a very long, very strange comment from their blog. The Radical Comics “Rename Batman Obviously” Contest is announced. A few comics are reviewed, including Nick’s timely review of Alias #15. Star Trek and X-men Origins: Wolverine are discussed. Also, Jason tries to get Mark and Nick to read War of Kings, but they belittle him.

Show Notes: 0:00 The worst introduction ever… 2:31 The Radical Comics “Rename Batman Obviously” Contest… 5:23 Huge, insane comment from the blog regarding Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… 10:50 Destroyer #2… 12:32 Hack/Slash – Entry Wound… 13:52 The Boys #30… 15:00 Plan 9 From Outer Space Returns… 16:57 Alias #15… 19:35 Jason tells Nick and Mark to read War of Kings, then they ask stupid questions about it… 27:32 Star Trek & X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 79 (5/8/09)

A rather fun week for comics this time around! Pick of the week from Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill is The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1910 #1 (Top Shelf).  Fast Five picks include Cable #14 (Marvel), Irredeemable #2 (BOOM! Studios), Destroyer #2 (MAX), Superman: World Of New Krypton #3 (DC), and War Of Kings #3 (Marvel).

New sponsor this episode, and new awesome contest for US Residents only!