Wayne’s Comics Podcast #342: SDCC 2018 Interviews – Part 3

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We wrap up our coverage of San Diego Comic Con with two great chats, if you will! First up is Helge Vogt, co-writer and artist on a fascinating book called Alisik, made available in the U.S. by Titan Comics.  We talk about the main character, her situation, her friends, and where the book might go from the first two issues! For more on the series, check out the Titan Comics online store!

Then everything wraps up with a news conference with Rick Remender, creator of Deadly Class from Image Comics! A word of warning: Mr. Remender likes what we call explicit language, so be prepared! He discusses how he’s making the upcoming Syfy show as close to the successful comic as possible, among other things! For more, check out the Syfy website!

On Location: Starting off the New Year at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

New Shop, New Conversations

For years The Comics Alternative has held a monthly on-location episode where one or two cohosts go into — physically or virtually — one of their local comics shops and talk with customers and employees about the comics that their reading, what they’re excited about and looking forward to, and what grumblings they may have in terms of comics culture. The last such episode was published last August, right before Derek moved to Charlotte, NC…and as things would turn out, in the final days of Valhalla Games and Comics.

But now that Derek has settled in his new environs, he heads over to Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, his new local shop in Charlotte (at 417 Pecan Avenue), to begin once again the monthly series. So January’s show kicks things off, with Derek introducing customers and shop employees to the podcast and beginning what, we hope, will be a fun and informative monthly visit. Snowy weather hit Charlotte this week, so the ice and cold cut down on traffic in the shop over the past couple of days. But several did come in and take the time to talk on show, sharing what titles they’re currently reading and what they’re finding exciting, and frustrating, in comics and comics-related media. For example, Isaiah, coming in for his weekly comics, shares his thoughts on recent DC Rebirth storylines and the shenanigans he sees going on at Marvel. Shop employees, Karla and Eli, talk about the some of the comics that are currently or soon-to-be adapted for television — and Eli is particularly interested in the upcoming series based on Rick Remender’s Deadly Class. And shop owner Shelton Drum comes on to discuss their recent move to a new location, next week’s Charlotte Mini-Con (taking place on Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Gary Cole Center), and when we can expect to hear announcements about this summer’s HeroesCon.

A big THANK YOU to Karla and Shelton for helping to make this on-location show happen. And if you’re in the Charlotte area, be sure to come by the shop on Wednesday, February 21, for next month’s on-location recording!

ComicsVerse Episode 86: Interview with Rick Remender

After covering many of his works, such as DEADLY CLASS and UNCANNY X-FORCE, over several ComicsVerse podcasts, we’re proud to present Episode 86 of the podcast — our Rick Remender interview!

LISTEN: Check out our ComicsVerse podcast episode on DEADLY CLASS!

Over the course of the conversation with ComicsVerse CEO Justin Alba, Kay Honda, Matthew Murphy, and Marius Thienenkamp, Remender discussed his history and influences as a writer, his stances on the medium, the creative process, and collaborating with other artists.

LISTEN: Part 1 of our two-part podcast about UNCANNY X-FORCE!

In discussing his Marvel works, we focused on his fan favorite run on UNCANNY X-FORCE, a book that many consider a modern mutant classic. What’s the secret behind the book’s captivating moral dilemmas? How did Remender approach working with a set of characters that all share a dark side, or as Justin put it, a killer instinct, and how did he manage to give them a human side? Spoiler alert: he might not be thinking about some of the characters he wrote as enthusiastically as one would assume!

LISTEN: Our discussion about the ethics in Remender’s UNCANNY X-FORCE on the Ethics in Comics Podcast!

Of course, we didn’t miss out on discussing his numerous beloved works for Image. Be it LOW, TOKYO GHOST or DEADLY CLASS: themes like narcissism, fatherhood, and a fear of the future seemed to reoccur in his books, so during our Rick Remender interview, we discussed what these elements meant to him personally.

In talking about these works, Remender not only gave us amazing insight into his work ethic and creative energy but also into his personal morals and philosophy – be it as a punk-rock enthusiast or as a father. If you ever wanted to see his intimate and artistic side – this Rick Remender interview might be for you!

This podcast is also available on iTunes, Spreaker, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, and Sticher.

Download The ComicsVerse Podcast on iTunes

source: https://comicsverse.com/episode-86-rick-remender-interview/

Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 63

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Bombshells #1, Guardians of Knowhere #2, Gears and Bones #1, Deadly Class #15, Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1 , and more ………..

Run Times –PODCAST logo2

News In Comics…. – 4:41- 31:35

Bombshells #1 – 31:35- 42:42

Guardians of Knowhere #2 – 42:45- 54:34

Gears and Bones #1 – 54:34– 1:04:29

Deadly Class #15 – 1:04:29- 1:11:38

Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1 – 1:11:38- 1:26:24

Books to watch – 1:26:24

*** If you would like to ask a question of our panel you can email at – top5podcast@hotmail.com ***

He’s Got Issues #176.3: Independents, 5/27/15


  • Adventure Time #40
  • Big Trouble In Little China #11
  • Bravest Warriors Tales From The Holo John #1
  • Capture Creatures #4
  • Curb Stomp #4 (Of 4)
  • Munchkin #5


  • Captain Midnight #23
  • Conan The Avenger #14
  • Elfquest The Final Quest #9
  • Fight Club 2 #1
  • Frankenstein Underground #3 (Of 5)
  • Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out #5 (Of 8)
  • Halo Escalation #18
  • Mister X Razed #4 (Of 4)
  • Order Of The Forge #2 (Of 3)
  • PastAways #3
  • Tomb Raider #16


  • John Carter Warlord Of Mars #7
  • King Flash Gordon #4 (Of 4)
  • King Prince Valiant #2 (Of 4)
  • Red Sonja #16
  • Swords Of Sorrow Masquerade And Kato Special #1 (One Shot)


  • Edward Scissorhands #8
  • Fly Outbreak #3 (Of 5)
  • Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #24
  • Indestructible Stingray #1
  • Infinite Loop #2 (Of 6)
  • Judge Dredd #30
  • October Faction #7
  • Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #5 (Of 6)
  • Ragnarok #5
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #46
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ghostbusters Director’s Cut
  • Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #41
  • You Don’t Say GN


  • CBLDF Comics Presents Elephantmen Shots #1
  • Chew #49
  • Deadly Class #13
  • Invincible #120
  • Invisible Republic #3
  • Material #1
  • Outcast By Kirkman And Azaceta #9
  • Pisces #2
  • Postal #4
  • Sex #21
  • Sons Of The Devil #1
  • They’re Not Like Us #6
  • Wayward #8


  • Divinity #4 (Of 4)
  • Ivar Timewalker #5
  • The Valiant TP

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He’s Got Issues #170.3: Independents, 4/22/15


  • Adventure Time #39
  • Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #12
  • Curb Stomp #3 (Of 4)
  • Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes #6 (Of 6)
  • Suicide Risk #24


  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #14
  • Creepy Comics #20
  • Frankenstein Underground #2 (Of 5)
  • Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out #4 (Of 8)
  • Halo Escalation #17
  • Mind MGMT #32
  • Mister X Razed #3 (Of 4)
  • Tomb Raider #15


  • King Flash Gordon #3 (Of 4)
  • Lady Rawhide Lady Zorro #2 (Of 4)
  • Legenderry Red Sonja #3 (Of 5)
  • Sherlock Holmes Vs Harry Houdini #5 (Of 5)
  • Solar Man Of The Atom #11


  • Angry Birds Comics #10
  • Borderlands #8
  • Creeple Peeple #3 (Of 3)
  • Drones #1 (Of 5)
  • Edward Scissorhands #7
  • Empire Uprising #1
  • Fly Outbreak #2 (Of 5)
  • G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #213
  • Galaxy Quest The Journey Continues #4 (Of 4)
  • Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #23
  • Infinite Loop #1 (Of 6)
  • Littlest Pet Shop Spring Cleaning #1 (One Shot)
  • Maxx Maxximized #18
  • Miami Vice Remix #2 (Of 5)
  • My Little Pony Fiendship Is Magic #4 (Of 5)(Nightmare Moon)
  • Popeye Classics #33
  • Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #4 (Of 6)
  • Robert Heinlein’s Citizen Of The Galaxy #3 (Of 3)
  • Samurai Jack #18
  • Skylanders #8
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics Volume 3 #4
  • Transformers Windblade Combiner Wars #2
  • Uncle Scrooge #1
  • Zombies Vs Robots #4


  • Chew #48
  • Deadly Class #12
  • Empty #3
  • Intersect #6
  • Invisible Republic #2
  • Kaptara #1
  • Lazarus #16
  • Manifest Destiny #14
  • Postal #3
  • Satellite Sam #13
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents Beyond Belief #1 (Of 4)
  • Velvet #10


  • Divinity #3 (Of 4)
  • Ivar Timewalker #4
  • Ninjak #2

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Zone 4 #304: Birthright, Convergence & Secret Wars

The crew returns with another brand new episode of your favorite round table comic podcast!

Brant, John, Chris and Mike return to discuss Image Comics’ Birthright, Marvel’s Secret Wars, DC’s Convergence, plus comics we’re reading and looking forward to, and more!

Video Version: https://youtu.be/qzmWS-7FzOA 

Click here for the New Zone 4 Programming Schedule

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You can now find Zone 4 on Stitcher.com as well!


Birthright Vol. 1

Secret Wars



Comic Book Corner 2.0

Dark Avenger C86

Comic Frontline

LackLuster World on Kickstarter

New Comic Day

Ultimate Facepalm 143: Powers TV Series and Chappie movie review, Howard the Duck #1, White Power Milk and human wastes of skin triggered by The Joker Variant Batgirl cover

It’s UFP MANIA!!!!!!

We have a TON of stuff going on!

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It’s St Patricks Day – Bunnings get your shit together!

UFP Crew Talk Topics and Questions!

Movie Review: Chappie (at one hour and 2 mins)

Nerd News! (at one hour 16 mins)

RIP Terry Pratchett

New Superman and Wonder Woman outfits

The Joker variant cover for Batgirl #21 triggers useless wastes of skin

You can buy the Hulkbuster armour for just over $20k!

Lego Jurassic World…. Big whoop!

Kevin Smith is a fat useless cunt… Oh and he’s doing Mallrats 2


Howard the duck #1

Southern Cross #1





No Apologies ep 164 There can be only one

In this episode we answer listener emails and review Deadly Class, She Hulk, Superior Spider-man and Fantastic Four. Also the crew composes their list of the top ten influential writers in comics.

1. Alan Moore
2. Frank Miller
3. Chris Claremont
5. Lee/Kirby/Dikto
6. Denny O’Neil
7. Grant Morrison
8. Carl Barks
9. Art Spieglman
10. Geoff Johns/Bendis

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300 Rise on an Empire movie review, The Oscars 2014 and 50 Cent’s love triangle with Diddy and Rick Ross



It’s a deal, it’s a steal, the sale of the freakin’ century…. Not really. It’s actually a podcast! Let’s have a listen….


Wildfire Radio, we’re part of it, so get on it!


C Bomb’s Birthday

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Thanks to our good friend Luke Caporn for the preview screeners for tonight’s movie review; check out his exploits from here https://twitter.com/capey

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Channel 10, will they ever learn! Secrets and Lies is a colossal flop!

All the news, rants and rave about the Oscars 2014

–          Ellen’s “epic” selfie

–          Leo misses out again

–          People who didn’t deserve their Oscars

–          Woody Allen: Pedo or not?

–          Razzie winners



UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

–          LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, have we seen it?

–          Bates Motel and Hannibal Season 2, are we watching?

–          Making “The Runaways” into a Marvel movie franchise

–          Making a change from the Batman games

–          Zack Snyder saving “The Watchmen” movie



The Dalai Lama can piss off!

Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE empire, sharts himself as part of a “joke”

50 Cent perpetuates a fake ‘gangsta rap’ feud




NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1 hour 35mins)

–          Transformers Age of Extiction trailer

–          New Batman Arkham Knight game

–          Fantastic Four reboot director confirms the new film will be a pleasant departure from the “original” Fantastic Four movies

–          Anchorman 3 WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

–          Second half season 2 Arrow trailer

–          First look at Grant Gustin as The Flash in the new series

Comic reivews

–          Revenge #1: 2.5/5

–          Deadly Class #2: 5/5


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Feed It Comics #25 – “Summoned”


It will become obvious soon into this episode that Doc Fluxx is in some serious trouble. The insolence of certain other members of the Rhymes With Geek Network who had recently vowed to serve the master has not gone unnoticed, and his potentially maleficent lord of lords is even less pleased with the incident that caused Father Shepherd to be trapped between dimensions.

Fear not, however! We are getting this supreme mothership of other lesser flagship podcasts back into order, and the Professor and your good doctor have some comic talk in store. Join us as we aim to improve our operation and impress upon you the appeal of our steadily growing cult.

Thanks for listening. Be a good chap and review us on itunes or Stitcher it would be incredibly cool of you and it will help us jump up in the standings. Surely you want the whole world to have access to such premium free media! Also, there is a comment section below meant for discussions. Try communicating with us, it may be the best thing you’ve done within hours.


Topics we cover:

  • DC Animation
  • Son Of Batman
  • Justice League: War
  • S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Peter is back
  • Gem Awards
  • Deadly Class
  • The Midas Flesh
  • Secret Avengers
  • Umbral

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Music by Doc Fluxx, Black Tie Dynasty, Free Use stuff. If you like the music totally seek it out and buy it.

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 72: A Review of Six New Comic Book Titles

Comics for Kids with Backhoes

6-ComicsThis week Gene and Derek take a look at six new titles. They begin with a discussion of two new works from Image Comics, the first three issues of Alex + Ada (Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn) and Deadly Class #1 (Rick Remender and Wes Craig). They go into depth on both titles, especially Craig’s art in Deadly Class and the narrative pacing in Alex + Ada, which ultimately leads to a discussion on panel sequencing and story decompression. Next, they look at issues #1-3 of Letter 44, written by Charles Soule with art by Alberto Jiménez Albuquerque (Oni Press). They discuss its unique take on science fiction within the context of recent politics. From there, they turn to recent #1 issues from three other publishers: David Lapham’s Juice Squeezers (Dark Horse Comics), Bill Willingham and Sergio Fernandez DaVilla’s Legenderry (Dynamite Entertainment), and Curse from BOOM! Studies (written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel, with art by Riley Rossmo, Colin Lorimer). In this episode, the Two Guys with PhDs are all over the place, moving from all-age comics to Bush-era politics to licensed characters to horror titles to science fiction to steampunk to Reagan’s Morning in America. There’s a lot packed into this show…more bang for your buck!

So enjoy, won’t you?

This week’s incidental music is brought to you by
great compilation A Hard Nights Day: 45 Classic Singles: A History of Stiff Records

Episode 71 Image

Supanova Perth, Image Comics Expo and Captain Planet: THE MOVIE



A short one (due to our Man Of Steel review) to keep you going until Sunday. Let’s have at it!


SUPANOVA wrap up


We play our new game “G Money Guesses Groupon!!!!!”

UFP Crew Questions

–          Florida Vs George Zimmerman

–          Douchebags at Supanova

–          Jim Carrey about Kick Ass 2



“Comedian” Josh Thomas once again, pushes the boundary of the definition of “Comedian”

Fifi Box once again, pushes the boundary of “relevancy“

Texan teens Justin Carter hauled off to jail for bad taste FB comments

Will.i.am Vs Pharrell



Neil Gaiman’s American Gods signed for 6 seasons on HBO

Vertigo releases

–          Hinterkind by Ian Edgington

–          The Discipline by Peter Milligan

–          Dead Boy Detectives By Toby Litt

–          Suiciders by Lee Bermejo (both writing and art)

Image Expo News!

–          MPH By Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo

–          Velvet by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

–          ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward

–          Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour

–          Black Science by Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Dean White

–          Deadly Class by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig

–          Alone by J Michael Straczynski and Bill Sienkiewicz

–          Lost Souls by J Michael Straczynski and Colleen Doran

–          Dream Police by J Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato

–          The Walking Dead will be released bi-weekly

Wolverine gum that no-one should buy!

State Of Decay re-submitted to the Australian Classification Board

Ubisoft hacked!

Latest GTA V needs a little room

Mad Max will be Australian after all!

If you’re an Xbox Fanboy, be ready to be labelled a “Chikan” or “Groper/pervert” in Japan

Terminator rebooting as a new trilogy

Captain Planet: THE MOVIE!!!

Geoff Johns to write for the new Arrow series

Agents of SHIELD promos

Dark Horse to re-launch the “Aliens” franchise

Private Eye #3