Super Hero Speak – #296: John and J.D.’s Comedy Cavalcade

This week is lots of laughs as JD tells jokes, John speaks a foreign language and Dave tries to figure out why other podcasts get things so wrong. They also delve into some social media madness, talk the latest Marvel and DC news and take on toxic fandom. All this plus JD announces comes up with a great idea we are dubbing #NerdMadness, listen here to find out what it’s all about! Enjoy!

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The Grawlix Podcast #58: I’m a Grawlix Hole

This episode the Grawlix Podcast battle for the internet, gush over Stranger Things 2 and discuss Justice League, Wonder Woman and the DCEU at large. Enjoy!

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Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:04:03 – Net Neutrality – Battle for Net Neutrality
00:14:07 – Grawlix Key/Glossary
00:16:15 – The Kick Out Live joins the Electronic Media Collective
00:17:47 – Stranger Things 2
00:42:28 – Justice League, Wonder Woman and the DC Extended Universe
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01:20:00 – Twitter feedback from @mcvalada on our Halloween Special
01:29:54 – Outro

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Grawlix Bytes #8: Dive into the DC with Robert Cast

Grawlix Bytes Wide Logo

This episode Randy is joined by guest Robert Cast of the Roman Pod and Cast show. It’s all DC, all the time as the two discuss their thoughts on the DC Rebirth titles thus far as well as the DC CW television shows. Robert walks us through a whole host of titles, Randy gets hung up on Superman and they both struggle with the conflicts of shared universe characters. Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 70: Free Comic Book Day, Drinking Pee and Zit Juice


Jim and Eric are back again with yet another nearly 6 hour podcast involving DC Comic book reviews, news, listener mail and Jim’s tales of Free Comic Book Day.  When it’s over, you will know why Eric calls Jim, “The Master of Disaster”.  Reggie joins in for a good portion of the fun as well and Him and Chris school us on the Jason Todd call-in kill him or keep him event all while doing the Ed Lover Dance (I know it’s the 900 Number, but I love Ed Lover so much!)  There is also a bunch more nonsense, non edits and a ton of curse words.  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 59: THERE WILL BE DANCING HERE!



Jim and Eric keep it on point as they discuss DC Comics’ Rebirth announcement and every book that came out this week.  They try to keep the nonsense to a minimum, but we all know that doesn’t usually work.  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 58: DC Comics on a Raft and Wreck em


Jim and Eric get together after last week’s marathon and crank out another long one.  We find out that Eric had some Valentine’s Day performance issues, World War One involved an alien invasion and one real big reason it’s good that Jim didn’t win the lottery.  They also talk a whole lot of DC Comics including the books that came out this week, the news and so much more. And remember… Making two cows cry by dragging them to Wisconsin!!!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 57: Who Else Seen Da Leprechaun Say Yeah!

Leprechaun-say yeah

It was a down week for books and after getting yelled out all week about review scores, Jim was pretty depressed.  That means one thing…The Mobile Leprechaun.  Yes, nothing brings a smile to Jim and Eric’s face quicker than a little, “Who Else Seen Da Leprechaun Say Yeah!”  It carries them through this long ass episode where they break down all the books, talk DC Comics news, get yelled at in the listener mail and try to have a good time.  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 56: Things Get Dark


It’s a long one and things do indeed get dark.  There is talk of putting dogs down, a double murder suicide and plenty of zit popping and toilet plunging.  Oh yea, there is also Comics as Jim and Eric review all of this week’s DC Comic releases including Batman and Robin Eternal, Grayson, Justice League of America and so much more.  Plus, you get the Digital Spotlight featuring The Adventures of Supergirl, Eric’s TV segment with Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer talk as well as the News, DC Comics News, Reggie’s Recklessness, Ryan Clark’s Other Side, Professor DC and Listener Mail.  Holy Crap that’s a lot of stuff!  Enjoy…

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 55: That’s How Painkillers Work


Jim and Eric get together and talk a bunch of nonsense…only to find out they weren’t recording it. Yep, an hour and a half of the podcast just disappeared and while others may have given up, these two idiots started over and ended up with over 5 hours of…well, something.  They talk all of the DC Comics that came out this week (including Poison Ivy with guest, Reggie), discuss the news and more.  If they aren’t the #hardestworkingguysinpodcasting, they are the stupidest.  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 54: Up Periscope


Jim and Eric get together to talk DC Comics, DC Comics News and random nonsense.  They try to figure out what periscope is, discuss various masturbation methods and eventually wade through all of comic books released this week and are joined by Professor DC, Reggie and Ryan. Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 53: Big Eric’s House


Eric and Jim are back again and this week they’ve brought a boatload of nonsense.  Jim’s throat is killing him and Eric wants to tickle butt holes, but besides that, everything is fine.  The guys talk about all the DC Comics books released this week, yell at each other and stay up way too late recording.  Enjoy!

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The Weird Science DC Comics 2015 Awards Show Podcast


The Weird Science Get Fresh Crew get together to discuss their picks for DC Comics Best of 2015.  *Warning* The Quality is not the greatest as all our efforts failed and we were forced to use the raw Skype call.  Hopefully you can get past that and enjoy the show.

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 48: Jim and Eric’s Adderall Adventure


Jim and Eric are back from their non Thanksgiving break to give you a long podcast filled with DC Comics comic book talk and comic news.  We find out that Jim is “special” and Eric has ripped his taint, but none of that can prepare you for the awesomeness of Mumbo Jimbo!  Yes, the seer of the future arrives from beyond to give us stories of what will be…IN THE FUTURE!  There is also plenty of Listener Mail, Reggie’s Recklessness and an epic save by Ryan in his Other Side segment.

DC Comics comic books reviewed: Batman and Robin Eternal #9, Robin War #1, Batman Beyond #7, Action Comics #47, Green Lantern #47, Midnighter #7, Gotham by Midnight #11, All-Star Section Eight #6, Gotham Academy #12, Prez #6, Survivors’ Club #3, Unfollow #2, Lobo #13, Cyborg #6 and Teen Titans #14

DC Comics comic book news: Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice Trailer discussion, Flash TV casts Tar Pit, Telltale Games to release a Batman game in 2016, Paul Dini to tell a very personal Batman story, Lori Petty joins the Cast of Gotham TV show, WB Montreal working on two DC Comics Games, Karl Kershl leaves Gotham Academy and Supergirl picked up for full season…but no Supergirl/Flash crossover

Mumbo Jimbo’s Predictions: DC Comics is ready to change up a bunch of book’s creative teams (Green Arrow, The Flash and Batgirl), DC Comics will announce a handful of Digital First Titles including books based on the Supergirl and Legend’s of Tomorrow TV Shows, Mystik U is not dead and will be coming out in March…Mumbo Jimbo has spoken!d

Reggie’s Recklessness: Comic Books are drugs and we are all addicted

Ryan “Brightest Daycare” Clark’s Other Side Segment: Harley’s Big Black Book #1 Review

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