Uncanny Nerdverse Review: Detective Comics #995 [Spoilers]

Has [redacted] come to claim what is his?! Join Ryan for his review & commentary on Detective Comics #995 in this spoiler heavy episode. Thanks for listening!

Listen to a non-spoiler review of Detective Comics #994, here

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Uncanny Nerdverse Review: Detective Comics #994

Peter J. Tomasi and company kick off their run of Detective Comics. This arc is what Ryan’s been missing from the Batman line of DC books. Tune in to hear his thoughts. Thanks for listening!

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Comic News Insider Episode 896 – NYCC: Titans w/ Anna Diop/Alan Ritchson/Ryan Potter/Brenton Thwaites/Minka Kelly/Teagan Croft/Akiva Goldsman!

Comic News Insider: Episode 896 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Jimmy attended New York Comic Con and boy are his arms tired. As usual, he got lots of 1:1 interviews and covered as many press rooms as he could. Producer Joe even got in on the interviewing action! In this episode, you’ll hear the press room for the upcoming DC streaming show Titans with Producer Akiva Goldsman, Anna Diop (Starfire), Alan Ritchson (Hank Hall/Hawk), Ryan Potter (Beast Boy), Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing), Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger/Dove), Teagan Croft (Raven). Be here all month to hear more interviews/press rooms from NYCC! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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Zone 4 #434: NYCC 2018 Discussion

The crew returns for another exciting episode of Zone 4!

#NYCC #NYCC2018 #YoungJustice #DCUniverse #SpiderMan #podcast

We discuss news coming out of New York Comic Con 2018 from Marvel, DC, Fox, BOOM! Studios, IDW, Humanoid, and more!

Plus, a little history on how we became friends, and our history on YouTube! Not to mention viewer interaction during the LIVE stream!


Video version:

Zone 4 #429: Like Father, Like Daughter with Comic Uno!

The crew returns with a special guest in tow as Kat “Comic Uno” Calamia talks about her Kickstarter for the trade collection of Like Father, Like Daughter live now!

Plus, we talk about the DC Universe streaming app and content, and what obvious and not so obvious projects we would all write for Marvel and DC given the chance.


Kat’s Links:

The Kickstarter for Like Father, Like Daughter:


Longbox Review 144: Breaking Late News – Late July 2018 Edition

Podcast 144: Breaking Late News – Late July 2018 Edition


Comic News Insider Episode 863 – CNI Sizzler!

Comic News Insider: Episode 863 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Charlies Angels #1, Modern Fantasy #1, Multiple Man #1, Luke Cage s2

It’s a sizzling heatwave in NYC so everyone is staying home in their air conditioning. Jimmy gets friends Marta, Erica, Ashley and Emmy to send in their audio reviews. And frequent co-host Emily serves as news reader. Thanks to all! News includes: DC Universe will be a subscription streaming service that will include original content, A Halo TV series has gotten a 10 episode order at Showtime, CBS is releasing an official Star Trek-branded straight bourbon and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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Uncanny Nerdverse NCBD Spoltight: Justice League – No Justice #1 & The Flash #46

Happy NCBD! This week Ryan and Allen are back with another DC focused review episode. Two events launching in the same week? What was DC thinking? Thanks for stopping by!

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Zone 4 #404: New Avengers?

This episode we discuss the Disney/Fox buyout, the state of the comics industry and more before getting into our main topic.

Topic Time: What Happens to the Marvel Cinematic Universe When All the Original Actors’ Contracts Are Up?

All this and more in this brand new episode of… ZONE 4!


Thwipping Boys – The Multiversity Parts 2 and 3

After reviewing Issue 1 of The Multiversity a while back we check out the next two parts of Morrison’s crazy DCU pet project.

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Comic Timing – Episode 125: Goodbye Old DCU, Hello NuDCU

125 episodes of Comic Timing! Holy crap! To celebrate, Brent and Ian say farewell to the old DC Universe with a review of Flashpoint #5 and say hello to the new one with Justice League #1! We are also joined by longtime listener Donovan Morgan Grant for the Justice League conversation. Plus, there is plenty of conversation and clarification on Brent’s Editorial on why he feels some comic shops might not be using the DC Relaunch to its fullest potential.

As always – we are sponsored by DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! This month you can get the entire DCnU for 50% off when you buy all of the issue #3’s – otherwise they are at an astonishing 40% off! And for those of you who have not used DCBS before you can save an additional 8% off your first order via the promo code: CT8. Plus, be sure to check out DCBS’ new Comixology digital store!

We are also sponsored by New York Comic Con. This year’s show is taking place from October 13 – 16 as the show is now FOUR DAYS LONG! Be sure to stop by Podcast Arena to chat with Ian or to pimp your books! And you can send any and all comments to comictiming@gmail.com or to our Facebook page.

Thanks for listening and we will see you in October for our review of the rest of the New 52.

The New Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #2

Since the boys rebooted they are all about one’s! This week features three #1 book’s with heroes flying over football games, sandwich stealing cyborg murderers and giant turtles that hit you with things. Listen as the New Fourth Wall continues!

> [00:00] Start
> [00:29] Intro
> [02:18] JUSTICE LEAGUE #1
> [25:56] BIONIC MAN #1
> [55:24] End

Comic Timing – Episode 123: The NuDCU

Before the end of the month there’s more Comic Timing to be had! This one has Brent Kossina and Ian Levenstein joined by Angela from 2 People Talking and Invisible Jetcast, Chris Johnson now of Dying in the Gutters and Umar of Dafixer’s Hideout as we talk all about the DC Relaunch before all 52 titles were announced. We decided to hold this one back until everything was finalized out of DC just so you could see what we got right and what we got wrong. This one is plenty of fun so I hope everyone enjoys it!

As always – we are sponsored by DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! This month you can get the entire DCnU for 50% off when you buy all of them – otherwise they are at an astonishing 42% off! And for those of you who have not used DCBS before you can save an additional 8% off your first order via the promo code: CT8. Here are our Review Corner picks for the month:

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1: 50% off (DCBS at $1.99/regular price $3.99)

Justice League International #1: 42% off (DCBS at $1.73/regular price $2.99)

27: Second Set #1 : 50% off (DCBS at $1.99/regular price $3.99)

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 137 (8/22/10)

Alas, a Pick Of The Week AND a Fast Five all in one packed episode! Pick Of The Week goes to John Layman & Rob Guillory for Chew #13 (Image). Fast Five picks include Hulk #24 (Marvel), DC Universe: Legacies #4 (DC), G.I. Joe: Cobra #7 (IDW), Air #24 (Vertigo), and Secret Avengers #4 (Marvel).

I’d apologize for this episode being longer than normal, but I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING!

Comic Timing – Episode 86: Part A

Time for our MegaCon coverage to begin! In this episode, Brent Kossina, Brandon Christopher and Ian go over the events of Friday and Saturday, as well as what we picked up at the con, who we met, and where we ate. Trust me, it’s a lot more interesting than you’d think. Next up will be the interviews and comments on Day 3 from Brandon and Ian, which will be out later this week. So listen in and stay tuned for the rest of our MegaCon action!

Comic Timing is sponsored by Heroes Corner. Make sure to check out their deals on all the hottest comic books from the March Previews! And make sure to use the promo code CTROCKS on your first order with Heroes Corner to save an additional 5% off. For first time users of the site only. This month’s Review Corner books are as follows:

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