Comics Alternative, Episode 303: Our Favorite Comics of 2018

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  • 00:01:28 – Introduction
  • 00:03:49 – Context, and a few statistics
  • 00:10:41 – Our favorite comics of 2018, part 1
  • 00:40:03 – Our honorable mentions, part 1
  • 00:54:46 – Our favorite comics of 2018, part 2
  • 01:29:23 – Our honorable mentions, part 2
  • 01:47:47 – Our favorite comics of 2018, part 3
  • 02:08:23 – Wrapping up our favorites
  • 02:11:19 – Contact us


It’s that time again! It’s the end of the year, their very last weekly review episode of 2018, and so the Two Guys are ready to share what they consider to be their favorite comics of the past twelve months. This is Sterg’s first time doing this, but he successfully steps up to the plate to reveal what he considers his 10 favorites of 2018. And Derek does the same.

Before that, though, they go over a few statistics from the past year. Over the course of 2018 — at least up until the time of the recording of this end-of-the-year show — The Comics Alternativereleased a total of 171 episodes of the podcast. Of that number, 55 were interviews, 10 were webcomics shows, 11 manga episodes, 10 from the Euro comics series, 6 were young reader shows, 16 on-location episodes, and 1 special. (And since Sterg and Derek recorded this “Favorites” episode, there have been at least three other shows for the current year, an on-location, a webcomic, and a Euro comics show. Maybe a manga episode will go up before the new year, as well?)

But of much more importance are the various titles that both Sterg and Derek picked as this year’s favorites. Each chooses, in no particular order, what he considers to be his 10 favorites of 2018:

Sterg’s Top 10 of 2018

Derek’s Top 10 of 2018

The Honorable Mentions…These Titles Almost, but Just Didn’t Quite, Make It onto Each Guy’s List

For Sterg

For Derek

Comics Alternative, Euro Comics: Reviews of Hasib and the Queen of Serpents: A Tale of a Thousand and One Nights and Moon Face

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Wild Tales

On the July episode of the Euro Comics series — actually being released in early August — Pascal and Derek discuss two beautiful texts. They begin with David B.’s Hasib and the Queen of Serpents: A Tale of a Thousand and One Nights (NBM Publishing), an incredible adaptation of one of the tales in the classic work. The guys point out the attention-gragging handling of Scheherazade “Queen of Serpents” story, but what stands out in this text is David B.’s illustrations, colors, and design. The creator is able both to translate the story into comics with much fidelity and to give the tale his own spin that is recognizable to any fan of David B.’s work (Epileptic is a case in point).

Next, Derek and Pascal jump into Alejandro Jodorowsky and Francois Boucq’s Moon Face (Humanoids). This isn’t the first time that this creative team has been discussed on the podcast, the first time being the December 2016 show with Bouncer (and, with Boucq, his work with Jerome Charyn). The guys spend a lot of time discussing the wild ride of Jodorowsky’s story — and this as a defining characteristic throughout much of his oeuvre. It is all over the place, yet compelling. But one of the things that marks Moon Face is Boucq’s art. While readers can appreciate Jodorowsky’s writing, it is Boucq who stands out, arguably as the biggest strength in this text.

Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 55: A Review of David B.’s Black Paths and Incidents in the Night, Book 1, and Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa’s God Is Dead #1

Of Dreamscapes and Gods

IncidentsNightThis week on The Comics Alternative, Tof once again joins Derek to talk about comics, and this time they’re reviewing new books by David B. — Black Paths (SelfMadeHero) and Incidents in the Night, Book 1 (Uncivilized Books) — and issue #1 of God Is Dead by Jonathan Hickman, Mike Costa, and Di Amorim (Avatar). The Two Guys with PhDs begin by BlackPathsdiscussing David B.’s surreal and idiosyncratic style, and how that style manifests itself in his two most recent books. First they look at Black Paths and how David B. uses history,  the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio and the ill-fated Free State of Fiume, as a scaffolding for his story. Tof and Derek also highlight the various narrative connections between that book and Incidents in the Night, pointing out the creator’s penchant for interlinking GodIsDeadhis narratives though iconic markers. They talk in-depth about David B.’s surrealistic style, his “flat” or two-dimensional art, and the dream-like world where most of his stories take place. Next, the Two Guys turn to the first installment of Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa’s new six-issue miniseries, God Is Dead. Although Tof is a little uncertain about Di Amorim’s art (e.g., the depiction of women), Derek is fascinated by the way that Hickman and Costa set up their storyworld, giving us several events that promise to converge in the coming issues. There’s a lot to listen to…so start listening already!

Episode 55 Image

Comic News Insider Episode 474 – More TCAF w/ Faith Erin Hicks, Patrick McEown, Frederick Peeters & Alice Quinn!

Comic News Insider: Episode 474 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Chin Music #1, Dream Thief #1, Edgar Allan Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher #1, Regular Show #1, Star Trek: Into Darkness

Erica Schultz (M3) comes back to co-host! Jimmy still has more TCAF interviews left for you and you’ll hear great ones from Faith Erin Hicks (Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), Patrick McEown (Hair Shirt), Frederick Peeters (Sandcastle) and Alice Quinn (TdotComics). Jimmy and Erica chat about the beautiful comic book art on the Tower of London scaffolding by Emma Vieceli, Kate Brown and Paul Duffield, the recent Doctor Who episode, Natalie Dormer on Elementary(heck…on ANYTHING), and more. News includes: Adult Swim announces new shows, Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival shuts down, Warehouse 13 gets a 5th and final season and Star Wars and Doctor Who fans clash in the UK. As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider Episode 400! Paul Pope, Kevin Maguire, Ben Templesmith, ChrisCross, Becky Cloonan, Ben McCool, Emma Hayley, Dr. Vasilis Pozios & “Alan Moore”!

Comic News Insider: Episode 400 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Airboy Deadeye #1, Merciless Rise Of Ming #1, Popeye Vol 3 #1

It’s the epic 400th episode recording! Recorded live at Hourglass Tavern in midtown Manhattan. Jimmy is joined by frequent co-hosts Kevin Conn, Grace Helbig and Jon Hoche! Producer Joe is on the mixer/tech and made sure everything ran smoothly. So many great guests joined in the fun including Paul Pope, Kevin Maguire, Ben Templesmith, ChrisCross, Becky Cloonan,  Ben McCool, Emma Hayley, Dr. Vasilis Pozios and “Alan Moore” even showed up. There was news, reviews, songs and all sorts of silliness. And oh yes…we drank! Thanks to Kasha  for photography, Brad for video, Producer Joe for producing, and to Beth and Josh at Hourglass for putting up with us. Also, a big thanks to show sponsors Heidi MacDonald of The Beat and Ryan Swearingen of Stated Magazine for chatting with us for  a few minutes as well. CNI and The Beat had a big announcement too! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Pictures! Thanks to Kasha Minenko for being the official CNI Photographer of the night! You can see the entire set at Jimmy’s Flickr account.

CNI 400 crew - Kevin Conn, Jon Hoche, Joe Gonzalez, me, Grace Helbig

The CNI 400 crew! Co-hosts Kevin Conn, Jon Hoche, Producer Joe Gonzalez, host Jimmy Aquino, co-host Grace Helbig!

Alan Moore, me4
“Alan Moore”, Jimmy

Becky Cloonan2

Becky Cloonan

Ben, me fight

Roommates Ben Templesmith & Jimmy

Dr. Pozios

Dr. Vasilis Pozios of Broadcast Thought

Emma Hayley
Emma Hayley of Self Made Hero

Grace, me2

Grace Helbig, Jimmy

Kevin Maguire, me

Kevin Maguire, Jimmy


Ben McCool

Pope, me
Paul Pope, Jimmy

Aquinosmith and Fowell
Roommates Ben Templesmith, Jimmy vs. Roommates Melissa Dowell, Katelan Foisy. Better known as the famous Aquinosmith/Fowell rivalry.

CNI table