Deconstructing Comics #525: Comics and Politics

Comics and PoliticsIn the wake of the 2016 presidential election, with a result that many found unexpected and disturbing, Emmet and John discuss various comics that have commented on politics and on government gone bad, including V for Vendetta; X-men: God Loves, Man Kills; Ex Machina; Prez; Transmetropolitan; Nemesis the Warlock; American Flagg; Congressman John Lewis’ March; and more.

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Feed It Comics #77 | More or Less Like Moore or Ellis

FIC Episode 77

Fancy that! There is a whole bunch of comic talk this episode, and when Doc and Shepherd aren’t trying to figure out if Kieron Gillen is more like one of two bearded comic masterminds, they are answering your Fanquisition questions and drawing the WINNER of a new batch of goodies!

We polish off the proceedings with an offering or two each for our master, who is probably pretty darn hungry because somebody forgot to feed him last week. Enjoy!

To submit FANQUISITION topics for our weekly panel to address, submit via twitter with #FICquiz, comment on the episode page (recommended) or email You will be entered to win seriously cool comics.

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Music by Doc Fluxx and Disasterpeace

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Comic News Insider Episode 454 – Best of 2012 w/ Marvel’s The Watcher Lorraine Cink!


Comic News Insider: Episode 454 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Mars Attacks Popeye One Shot, Morbius The Living Vampire Vol 2 #1, New Avengers Vol 3 #1, The Red Ten #1

It’s the super huge and long BEST OF 2012 show! Jimmy is joined by Marvel’s The Watcher host Lorraine Cink and good pal Mike Cho. Both are CNI vets and bring their nerdy knowledge to the podcast once again. Jimmy saw Django Unchained and Attack of the 50 Ft Cheerleader. One had lotsa violence and another had lotsa boobs. Guess which one he REALLY liked? News bits include:Axe Cop will debut on Fox’s late night animation domination in July, Guillermo del Toro is heading up a  DC comics based “Dark Universe” film, XX coming from Marvel, Adventure Time graphic novel on the way, Joseph Gordon Levitt cast in Sin City 2, Disney’s Aladdin coming to Broadway, and Disney Junior’s “A Poem is…” series recruits Doctor Who and Lady Mary Crawley. And the feature segment is our lengthy, informative and fun BEST OF 2012 picks…that we read! As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 083 Cap and Bucky #620 – Godzilla #5 – The Vault #1

Bo and John sit down and talk about comics, then stand up and talk about comics, then jump in the hammock and talk comics before going snorkeling and talk comics. Oh, and then they talk about comics. COMICS!

Intro & Outro Music:
“Horsefeathers” by Bo

0:00:50 – Intro’s & Tiredness & Captain America
0:03:20 – The Vault #1 (Image Comics)
0:07:30 – Mysterius Ways #1 (Top Cow)
0:11:18 – Captain America & Bucky #620 (Marvel)
0:17:20 – Criminal Macabre & The Goon One Shot (Dark Horse)
0:22:50 – The Cape #1 (IDW)
0:25:55 – Amazing Spider-Man #666 (Marvel)
0:31:35 – Crossed Psychopath #4 (Avatar Press)
0:34:55 – Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #5 (IDW)
0:38:25 – TPB’s, Kisses and Exit Stage Left

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Burnt Weiners Episode 077 That Hellbound Train #1 – Moriarty #2 – D&D #8

On this week’s episode of Burnt Weiners, the guys learn an important lesson about sharing and not pissing off the cats. Oh . . . and lots of awesome comics talked about. Happy Father’s Day!

Intro and Outro Music:
Adam WarRock – “Iron Man”
West Coast Avengers Mixtape

0:00:48 – Intros and Rolling For Initiative
0:05:40 – That Hellbound Train #1 (IDW)
0:11:50 – Ruse #4 (Marvel Crossgen)
0:14:55 – Moriarty #2 (Image)
0:19:45 – Deadland: The Devil’s Six Gun (Image)
0:23:50 – DC Universe Online Legends #8 (DC)
0:30:00 – The One #1 (CGS Studios)
0:35:40 – Flashpoint: Grodd of War (DC)
0:40:30 – Dungeons & Dragons #8 (IDW)
0:46:35 – The Living & The Dead TPB (Speakeasy Comics)
0:53:15 – John’s Medley: The Cape, Gladstones School for World Conquerers #2,
Deadpool Max #11, Blue Estate #3, Crossed Psychopath #3
0:57:20 – Bo’s Medley: Arkham Asylum Madness TPB, Walking Dead TPB 14
1:01:10 – Wrap Up, Web Comics, Cats and Lameness

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Backroom Comics Pocast Episode 121 – The Battle Over Crossed

The Backroom Comics discuss what they have been reading, debate the merits of Crossed, and touch upon X-Men: First Class.

Questions? Comments? Stop by The Backroom website.

This episode can be played online via the flash player below or it can be downloaded from here. It is available on iTunes, Zune, and Stitcher.

Burnt Weiners Episode 075 Flashpoint #2 – Fear Itself #3 – Reed Gunther #1

DC has big news, and we practically ignore it during the show! Not because we are against it, but more due to the fact that we are all taking a wait and see approach, but Bo will kill people if Lobo doesn’t get his own title and Weed will break arms if Secret Six with Gail Simone doesn’t return. John is gonna slobber on you while you sleep no matter what happens! Plenty of comics to talk about.


Into and Outro music:
Vanguard – Flash Gordon (Remix)

0:02:40 – Genecy #1 (Invision Comics)
0:11:38 – Weird Worlds #6 (DC)
0:16:24 – Secret Six #34
0:22:10 – Moriarty #1 (Image)
0:26:25 – Reed Gunther (Image)
0:31:45 – DC Universe Online #7 (DC)
0:32:14 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #1 (DC)
0:36:45 – Flashpoint #2 (DC)
0:44:40 – Flashpoint Batman Knights of Vengeance #1 (DC)
0:50:40 – Criminal Last of the Innocents #1 (Icon)
0:54:05 – Daken #9.1 (Marvel)
0:54:28 – Solomon Kane #3 (Dark Horse)
0:55:40 – Fear Itself #3 (Marvel)
0:56:50 – Crossed 3D (Avatar Press)
1:03:15 – Strange Times, Tales of the Parents Basement and wrap up!

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Sidekickcast Episode #53 – The St Patrick’s Day Massacre

Sidekickcast Episode #53 - The St Patrick's Day Massacre

Join the Sidekicks in a full house as regular hosts Dan and Gavin are joined by Ned and Mikey Bumchin for some St Patrick’s day merriment, no none of us are irish but neither was St Paddy and we loves a drink. We start off with some chatter about the Daredevil movie reboot and CICE 2011, rounded off with a special St Patrick’s Day quiz.

In Stack Attack this week we start with some Age of X tie-ins X-Men Leagcy #245-46, New Mutants #22, and moving on to Venom #1, Amazing Spider-Man #654.1-56, True Grit and Crossed: Psychopath #1.

Secrets and Lies
is back to just the Sidekicks vs Gavin without a room full of geeks and comics professionals to play along too, will it ever be the same? Bringing up the rear is the latest in our focus on what makes Dardevil such a bad-ass book with Dardevil vol.2 #76-81 ‘The Murdock Papers’ in The Devils Back Bones. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some particularly boozey out-takes.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 061 Crossed Family Values #7

The insanity and debauchery of Avatar Press Comics finally strolls into the spotlight on the Burnt Weiners Podcast with the last issue of Crossed: Family Values! Bo and John have been fans since the beginning, will Weed jump on to the horrible bandwagon?

Weed has his pullbox full this week with I Zombie #10 (Vertigo), DC Universe Online Legends #1, Brightest Day #19 (DC) and Weird Worlds (DC). Then also reports in with a blast from the past with a Daredevil issue from 1988!

Bo checks in with Fall Of The Wolfmen (Accent UK) and Forty-Five (ComX). John puts off bathing to read Ghostopolis (Scholastic) and Jesus Hates Zombies (215).

And before the show wraps up, a quick discussion on some recent turrmoils between Penny Arcade and online bloggers.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 103 – Superhero Morality

The Backroom team discuss superhero morality, review NBC’s The Cape, share items on their pull lists, and give some #1 comic reviews.

Questions? Comments? Stop by the Backroom Comics Podcast website.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 71 – Revisiting Swamp Thing

The Backroom Comics Podcast crew talks about the past and future of Swamp Thing, RPG’s based on comics, and give reviews for some new comic series.

Questions? Comments? Visit the Backroom Comics Podcast website.

This episode is available on iTunes and Zune. Additionally, we have a RSS feed and it is available on Miro.

Burnt Weiners Episode 025 Spawn #197


The Weiners take a look at Spawn #197 for a very special Mothers’ Day podcast! Marriages and lives may be ruined because of a card Bo made! Talk moves to Trash Humpers and The Diary of Anne Frank Part 2, then the Weiners class up talk by talking about Dominion (board game), D&D, the upcoming Alan Wake game and Steege makes it a goal to play Deadly Premonition.

John talks about Sixth Gun (Oni Press), Thirteen Steps (Desperado Comics), Buck Rogers Future Shock (Dynamite Press), and has a ton of fun with Gearhead (Arcana). Weed talks about Abyss (Red 5), Buffy, Captain Blood Odyssey(SLG), and finally takes a look at Elephantmen. Box 13, We Kill Monsters, Zombie Highway, Hack N’ Slash, I Zombie(which brings up talk about some gross stories), and Brightest Day #1.

Weed keeps yapping about Unwritten #12 which he finally got a hold of. Bo then finally gets back on his Star Trek trek, and talks about how Crossed (Avatar Press) makes his soul hurt, and talks about wantin to check out more Spider-Man.

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Sidekickcast Episode #39 – The Comic Book Volcano

Sidekickcast Episode #39 - The Comic Book Volcano

Just what is a comic book volcano? Why do Sidekickcast regular hosts Dan and Gavin care so much? Which of the Marvel bargain movies will we see first? How do we manage to link from this to the new Doctor Who? And most importantly what has guest host, the truly X-Centric Ned been smokin’? All this and more (well probably not much more) will be revealed in another tantalising trip through the world of the Sidekicks.

In a bulging review filled Stack Attack we take a look at Devil #3, Crossed: Family Values #1, Daredevil #506, Turf #1, Cowboy Ninja Viking #4-5 and as part of our coverage of the Second Coming event: Uncanny X-Men #523, New Mutants #12 and X-Men Legacy #235.

Secrets and Lies; the comic book news quiz that would test the investigational skills of even the world’s greatest detective focuses on the happenings at the C2E2 convention. Dan hasn’t done his homework for Knowing Me, Knowing You but at least his excuse is entertaining and Dig This! takes a nose dive too due to lack of actual comic books. Don’t miss out on the best bit of the show; the post-outro music cock ups.

Sidekickcast Episode #37 – Captains Outrageous

Sidekickcast Episode #37 - Captains Outrageous

Coming soon to raid a library near you; Sidekickcast hosts Dan and Gavin accompanied by the tyrant of trades Mikey Bumchin. To kick off the boys discuss Captain America casting and the Great Amazon Glitch, did you get your cheap books?

In a review-tastic Stack Attack we look at Siege #3, Blackest Night #7, The Flash: Rebirth #6, X-Men Legacy #234, Dark X-Men #5, Crossed #9, Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle #3, Choker #2 and Green Hornet #1.

The score is 13-9 to Gavin in the only comic book news quiz that matters; Secrets and Lies, can you sniff out the wolf among the sheep? Still no Knowing Me, Knowing You but we have a double Dig This! as we taske a look at Kling, Klang, Klatch and Mikey pimps us Vertigo’s Fables. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some out-take goodness.

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 79

This week we discuss how much we love the Dingo. Michael Alan Nelson’s Dingo, that is.



  • [01:14] Dingo #4
  • [06:41] Demo #2
  • [10:02] Green Hornet #1
  • [16:01] Forgetless 3
  • [19:27] Buffy The Vampire Slayer 33
  • [26:04] Crossed 9
  • [31:43] Sparta U.S.A. #1
  • [32:40] The Sword 22
  • [34:14] Underground 5
  • [36:15] Sweet Tooth 7


  • [40:04] Detective Comics 862
  • [44:11] Adventure Comics 8
  • [47:10] First Wave 1
  • [51:50] Jonah Hex 53
  • [56:26] Wolverine: Weapon X #11
  • [1:02:02] Girl Comics 1
  • [1:09:45] Punisher Max – Butterfly (One-shot)
  • [1:12:19] Stephen King’s N 1
  • [1:17:41] Ultimate Avengers 5
  • [1:24:41] Ultimate Comics New Ultimates 1