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That Toddling Town

GlennBookOn this episode of the interview show, Andy and Derek have as their guest Glenn Head, whose new book Chicago: A Comix Memoir was just released from Fantagraphics. They talk with Glenn extensively about the the work and how it is a marked departure from his previous comics. Chicago is Glenn’s coming-of-age account of leaving Madison, NJ, in 1977 to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art, and then deciding to find himself by suddenly running off to Chicago with no friends, no money, and no plans. He quickly finds himself destitute, panhandling on the streets, and young prey for any number of nefarious forces. Between homeless shelters and McDonald’s meals, Glenn tries to make his way into the comics business, along the way meeting the likes Skip Williamson, Robert Crumb, and even Muhammed Ali. His sojourn in the Windy City leads him down some dark paths, but not nearly as dark as the aftermath back home in Madison where he begins to process the events and come to terms with what those Chicago experiences meant to him. Chicago1This isn’t the first time that Glenn has created autobiographically tinged comics — such pieces had appeared in some of his older comics, such as Avenue D and Guttersnipe — but this is the first time he has done so in longer form. Indeed, this is Glenn’s first sustained book-length narrative, having defined much of his career through shorter comics collected in various anthologies, such as Weirdo and Zero Zero, or by editing collections of his own, such Snake Eyes and, most recently, Hotwire Comics. The guys talk with Glenn about those projects, as well, and discuss with him the changes he’s witnessed in the field between the final days of the underground comix to the legitimization of the “graphic novel” form. So this isn’t just an interview with an established creator about his latest book. It’s also a conversation about the current state of comics with a witness to that form’s decades-long trajectory.


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Deconstructing Comics #384: R. Crumb’s “Weirdo” Years Revisited

weirdoWeirdo was a magazine started by R. Crumb, which featured Crumb’s work alongside that of a number of other underground-type comics creators. Crumb’s work from Weirdo’s 28 issues has just been collected as R. Crumb: The Weirdo Years, 1981-’93, released in the U.S. by Last Gasp. It features an astonishing variety of comics work, from Crumb rants and confessionals to a 1906 psychiatric report on sexual deviancy, fumetti, parodies, and more. This is a book that Deconstructing Comics can’t help but review, so this week Kumar and Tim do their podcasting duty!

R. Crumb’s Snapshots: Source Material of the Legendary Comic Artist (

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The Funnybook Underbelly 4 – Peter Bagge


This month Chris Honeywell and Johnny are BACK to sing the praises of the lovely and talented PETER BAGGE! From the awesome Neat Stuff comics to the iconic HATE! comics to today, P. Bagge has been delighting readers with his light, kind spirited stories for children and gentle souls… or am I thinking of someone else? Also: AIR PIRATE FUNNIES – HARVEY PEKAR and Chris tells the motion picture industry to POUND SALT! FUN FOR EVERYONE!



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Two True Freaks! Episode 102 – Comics Monthly Monday #16


This month, The Freaks suspend their so-called “normal” topics and have a long, fascinating conversation with the legendary “Bad Boy” Johnny Bueno, Jack Of All Trades when it comes to comics.

In this episode you will hear such things discussed as: Bizarre Sex Comics, R. Crumb, about 5 seconds about DEVO, Ronnie James Dio, Spider-Man, Superman, The Fantastic Four, What happened with Chris Claremont?, Frank Horney, Omaha The Cat Dancer, Cherry Poptart, Richard Corben, Doctor Comics and Mr. Games, Heavy Metal, Bill Griffith and Zippy the Pinhead, Why Jack quit super hero comics, Mary from Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica, Diamond David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Brian Michael Bendis, Dick Ayers, Sgt. Fury with the head of Jack Kirby, Captain Marvel (mostly, but not exclusively, the DC version), Contest Of Champions, The Thing as Rocky Balboa, New York City, and Fish Heads-Fish Heads-Roly Poly Fish Heads!

WTF, you say? Indeed, my friends. Indeed.



Two True Freaks! is a proud member of BOTH The Comics Podcast Network and The League of Comic Book Podcasts

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