Alternate Reality – Episode 204

Alternate Reality - Episode 204

Alternate Reality – Episode #204

Ustream Clip Show

Alternate Reality is recorded LIVE every Monday night between 7PM and Midnight, Eastern Standard Time, and broadcast live while doing so on During those five hours a lot of stuff is said that does not making it into the final cut of the recorded podcast. However, if you are an audience member on Ustream during those five hours then you get to hear it all, raw, unedited, and uncut.

What we have this episode is a collection of clips that were recorded in-between episodes of the podcast that you have heard recently. The Ustream audience heard this stuff, but you podcast listeners have not. It’s just a lot of crazy ranting, side topics, shenanigans, and tomfoolery. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun.

Please enjoy this episode, and then come over and join up on the Ustream page every Monday night. We think you’ll enjoy it. The link is listed below.

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