Alternate Reality – Episode 222

Alternate Reality - Episode 222

Alternate Reality – Episode #222

A little slower week this week, but that doesn’t mean Charlie and Jon don’t bring it as always. This week the boys give us comic reviews, Charlie talks about his new love affair with Star Wars comics, and it all winds up with a look at GI Joe Resolute. A rocking good time to be sure, YO JOE!!!!


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:07 – Intro Music
0:03:58 – Intro
0:06:01 – In Stock Advertisement

0:06:53 – Comic Reviews
0:08:30 – GI Joe Cobra #3
0:15:35 – Kick Ass #6
0:21:57 – Secret Six #9
0:29:41 – Superman: World of New Krypton
0:42:54 – Mercury & The Murd Collection Vol 1

0:51:02 – Star Wars Legacy: Broken

1:11:16 – GI Joe Resolute

1:38:02 – Close
1:43:16 – Exit Music

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