Just Another Fanboy – Episode #121

Michael’s gone.

Craig has a stuffy nose.

The are a few audio problems.

Wow, if it wasn’t for the fact that Steeven’s so awesome this show would suck!

It’s Episode 121 of the Most Important Podcast in all of Human History.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Intro and Announcements

00:11:46 – News and Information You Could Have Easily Gotten for Yourself With Just a Little Effort

00:37:54 – Comic Book Picks of the Week – G.I.Joe Cobra #1 and Invincible #60

00:52:08 – This Week in Comics

01:02:38 – Group Review of the Week – Deadpool Games of Death One Shot

01:13:43 – Topics From a Hat – 3 Random topics suggest from the listeners and discussed by your hosts

01:34:50 – Listener Feedback

01:47:14 – Outro

If you don’t listen, you’ll make Craig cry.

Alternate Reality – Episode 175

Alternate Reality - Episode 175

Alternate Reality – Episode #175

Dark Knight Movie Review

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