Wildstorm Addiction – Episode 3

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Show Notes:
Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction. Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz and Benjamin Murphy talk about Wildstorm releases for the week of 4/28 to 5/5.
00:00:35 – Ben and Joe welcome you to Episode #3 w/reviews of The Authority TLY #8, The Authority #22, Garrison #1, Sparta #3, and Wildcats #22.
00:00:58 – Joe gives another thanks for our supporters that are listening and gives a spoiler alert announcement.
00:02:06 – Ben reviews Wildcats #22 written by Adam Beechen; art by Tim Seeley; cover by Walt Simonson (Authority #21 other half of cover)
00:11:30 – Joe reviews The Authority The Lost Year #8 story by Grant Morrison, Keith Giffen, and J.M. DeMatteis; art by David Williams; cover by Gene Ha.
00:20:39 – Ben reviews Garrison #1 (of 6), written by Jeff Mariottte, art and cover art by Francesco Francavilla.
00:28:39 – Joe reviews The Authority #22 story by Tom Taylor; art by Mike Miller; cover art by Pete Woods (Wildcats #23 other half of cover).
00:38:00 – Joe is dumb enough to let Ben give his thoughts on The Authority #22. What did he rate it?!?!
00:42:48 – Ben reviews Sparta #3 (of 6), written by David Lapham; art by Johnny Timmons.
00:50:39 – Joe mentions the release of Victorian Undead #6 (of 6) and  Astro City: The Dark Age-Book 4 ##4 (of 4). Is that enough 4’s for ya?
00:51:30 – Ben reminds listeners to visit our sponsors at Discount Comic Book Service @ www.dcbservice.com/ for the latest issues or if you’re looking for trades, Instock trades @ www.instocktrades.com or you can go to the banner at Comic Addiction at http://www.instocktrades.com.
00:52:07 – Joe give out our contact info and also plugs the Gen 13 Club on deviantART which is currently running a Dv8 contest with a Rebekah Isaacs sketch for the winner.
00:53:57 – (AFTER Exit Music) Bloopers and a “deleted scene”
The opening and closing music is “Universal Domain” by Dreamline which can be found at http://www.musicalley.com.
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Ben: Look up “yoyomaster146” at the Wildstorm Resource Wiki
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All-New, All-Awesome Image Addiction – Episode 18

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Show Notes:

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the show!

In this episode the guys take a look at Invincible #71, Spawn #197, Shadowhawk #1, Random Acts of Violence, and Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box #2 in the new release reviews. And they dive into Supreme #5-8 in retro reviews.

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Email Address: imageaddictionpodcast@gmail.com
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Chris: www.twitter.com/chrispartin

Comic Addiction – Episode 113

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Welcome back, folks!  This episode Chris and Paul (yes! That Paul) gather around Skype and talk comic news and review a few books.

In the News:

– Marvel’s new Astonishing line
– $1 million for Action Comics #1
– DC Entertainment’s new leadership

In the Reviews:

– Green Lantern Corps #45
– Batman #696 from DC Comics
– Doomwar #1 from Marvel Comics
– G.I. Joe Cobra II #2 from IDW

The show is now moving to a bi-weekly schedule, so we’ll see you in two weeks!


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