Comic Timing – Episode 183: Comfort, Kris, Conventions, Actors and Adam


Episode 183 is now available for your ear holes! This is the last piece that was recorded during New York Comic Con weekend, only not at the con itself. Back at the old apartment, Ian sat down with Kris, Comfort Love and Adam Withers to discuss the growing trend of actors and actresses demanding more money from conventions in order to attend a show. How will this in turn affect attendees, artists and writers at the con, and how the show itself is run? What is the ceiling for how much people are willing to pay to hit a convention, and will it take a show saying, “No way,” to an actor to make that ceiling happen?

The group also delve into Comfort and Adam’s history attending shows as independent creators, and a few of the difficulties they faced getting their feet in the door as indie superhero creators, and Kris and Ian briefly get into Flame Con, what made it work so well, and why it is immediately one of the better small cons around. It’s a laid back, flowing conversation, and I hope you guys dig it as much as we all did recording it! For more on DashCon, follow this here link; in return, you get an extra hour in the ball pit. And Adi Fitri IS Malaysian!

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Comic Timing – Episode 174: New York Comic Con 2015 in Review


Episode 174 of Comic Timing is now available for your earholes! As has become an unofficial tradition, our thoughts on New York Comic Con arrive about a month after the show has concluded. So, here’s all that went down at NYCC 2015! Ian is joined by Austin and Kris as they go through the best and worst of the show, awesome cosplay, LexCorp WiFi, waiting on a line to wait on a line to get con exclusives, how to budget your time appropriately in a sea of people, the introduction of Hammerstein Ballroom events to the show, swag and art obtained, and a whole lot more.

And more includes reports on panels attended, including Comic Creators Consuming Coffee: Where Food & Comics Collide, Action Lab: Five Years and BEYOND!, #BlackComicsMonth: Diversity in Comics, Adventure Time, and the Ash Vs. The Evil Dead premiere. Hope there’s enough to make you feel like you were there too!

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Comic Timing – Episode 149


Episode 149 of Comic Timing is now out to close out 2013 with a bang! Ian and Brent are joined by Comfort Love and Adam Withers, creators of Rainbow in the Dark (now available in “Complete Saga” form on Amazon, Instock Trades, DCBS, and hopefully at your local comic shop), The Uniques, and a couple of other projects that still to come. They discuss what it’s like having Rainbow available via Diamond, how much work is to create a hype machine for yourself both digitally and in person, how collected edition can sell to existing fans of a work, and a whole lot more. We also talk comic news and casual conversation, including Terry Moore’s troubles with Rachel Rising, Ian’s love of X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Brent’s experience with the new Batman: Arkham Origins digital comic, a review of Justice League 300 #1, and some of the cool stuff Ian found overseas during his trip to Tokyo.

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