Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion for International Podcast Day 2016

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In celebration of International Podcast Day 2016, Derek participates in a roundtable discussion with fellow comics podcasters, including John Siuntres of Word Balloon, Chris Marshall of Collected Comics Library, and John Mayo of Comic Books Page. The four of them talk extensively about their experiences in podcasting, the challenges of working with publishers and creators within the industry, their particular niche interests in comics podcasting, how their shows have evolved over the years, and their “wish lists” for growing as a podcast. Not only do the guys discuss the many facets of podcasting specifically about comics, they also share insights about podcasting as a social media platform.


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Comic Timing – Episode 79

One away from Episode 80, here comes a Comic Timing focusing on a topic previously discussed on the show! Chris Marshall of Collected Comics Library and the TwoMorrow’s Tune-In Podcast joins Brent and Ian, along with Shawn Pryor of PKD Media as we discuss the current state of Trade Paperbacks. Is the industry leaning more towards this medium than it did back in 2006 when David Price, Braxton and Ian discussed the issue on Episode 6? Is Ian thinking about going all-trades? Find out this episode! And we discuss Shawn’s disgust towards real estate schemes.

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We shall see you next week for Episode 80 as Brent and Ian go into the latest Review Corner! Have a Happy New Year and whatever else you celebrate to, and thanks for downloading.

CCL #170 – Free Comics 2008! Now What?

Collected Comics Library Podcast #170

35,850Kb; 37m 58s

Long time listeners of the Podcast will remember that last year I did a show devoted to Free Comic Book Day. In that particular episode, I went over all the books that were given out and then I gave recommendations as to what collected editions would go well with that title. Due to the concept of the show, it was a hit and remains one of my most downloaded shows ever! Now it’s 2008 and I’m back for Round 2. This episode was fun to record (I don’t say that enough) and I hope you’ll enjoy it too, and save it for future reference.

Also, I go over what I read, and watched, over the weekend, some shipping updates, and The New Releases of the Week.

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Around Comics Ep. 162 – Alex Ross

Around Comics welcomes comics superstar Alex Ross. Listen in for details on new projects including SUPERPOWERS from Dynamite and the Avengers/Invaders series coming out from Marvel. Hear Alex’s thoughts on characters like Green Lantern, Wally West, Batman, Aquaman and more. Find out what goes into designing and redesigning classic golden age costumes, and why Challenge of the Superfriends is still cool. Sal keeps us up to date in Wire2Wire Comics News and the Quiet! Panelologists At Work chaps continue their A to Z of British comics. Jeremy Mullins covers Web comics and Will Pfeiffer runs down his top DVDs of 2007. Tom’s Answer Man segment clears up some past questions then tackles Constantine. We also get you ready for the week ahead with new collected and single issue releases.

Happy New Year!

02:28 – Alex Ross
47:14 – Wire2Wire Comics News
52:58 – Answer Man
59:29 – A to Z British Comics –
01:03:28 – Pfeifer on DVDs –
01:07:14 – Web Comics –
01:10:08 – New Collected Releases –
01:14:33 – New Single Issue Releases

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