Simple 2 Savant Episode 2: Trimming The Fat


This episode we go a little deeper within the world of Cord Cutting last episode we explained what it was, now where are going to explain how to actually do it! From how to handle your service providers, to what equipment to buy, and what services are really worth your money. Enjoy!


Simple 2 Savant Episode 1: Ready, Set, Go!


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Simple 2 Savant podcast! A new podcast that is focused on making Tech and Gadgets fun and understandable. This week offers as an introduction to the show, host and what we hope to accomplish with the podcast over the upcoming episodes. Enjoy!


Pop Media Savant Episode 100: Tech Talk: Using Online Streaming Set Top Devices

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This week I will be taking a look at the three top set top streaming devices for you home entertainment system. I will break down and review each in detail to give you an idea if any of these devices are a good fit for your home theater needs. Enjoy!