Super Hero Speak – #302: Rise of the Great Philly Comic Con

This week the guys talk the latest nerd news like their experience at this year’s Great Philadelphia Comic Con and the trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker . Plus the guys bring you interviews with Susan E Brower & Joy L Gamet (Guardian Watch) and the one and only Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Falcon). All this and much, much more, so please sit back and enjoy!

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Arc Reactions – 101 – Denver Comiccon 2018

We attended Denver Comiccon as media and recorded several interviews there. Guests include DMC, Christopher Priest, Sanya Anwar, Andy Kuhn, Alitha Martinez, Brandon Reese, Amy Chu, Sebastian Jones, and Unshaven Comics.



 Christopher Priest (7:03)
Andy Kuhn (25:39)
Sanya Anwar (41:29)
DMC (49:35)
Amy Chu (1:20:16)
Stranger Comics (1:29:41)
Unshaven Comics (1:43:41)
Brandon Reese (1:49:29)
Alitha Martinez (1:54:07)


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F BombCast 135: Get Him some Pepto Bismol

F BombCast 135
With a general malaise of apathy in the air Kevin tries his hardest to get us excited for the amount of non news that came out of San Diego. TJ is thrilled with Alien on blu Ray, and the FBC Proclaims August as the Month of Simians. Marvel announces some shit but no one cares, and the boys revert to their old stand by when nothing seems to get the juices flowing, Star Trek. Will Worf beat the ever living shit out of Lightning Lad, we may never know since it is TOS that is meeting up with legion of Superheroes. Batgirl, Executive Assistant Iris and Black Panther are all discussed. Come Enjoy and Be Merry!
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Dollar Bin Podcast #157: Interview with Marvel Vice-President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort


     Following the Dollar Bin Forum backlash of Steve Rogers showing up in Marvel event The Siege and Invincible Iron Man before returning in his own mini series, Captain America Reborn, Adam grabbed an opportunity to discuss one-on-one with Marvel Vice President Exectutive Editor Tom Brevoort (@TomBrevoort) the many aspects of being a high level editor including dealing with the unexpected.

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Dollar Bin Podcast Interview: Christopher Priest Part 2

     This is the SECOND part of our best interview yet.  This week on the Dollar Bin Adam, Terence, and Joel sit down for the second part of what turned out to be a three hour gloves off conversation with comics legend, Christopher Priest.  Never shy with his opinions, Priest shares tales of Quantum & Woody, the Priest Curse, Impact Comics, Milestone Media, and other fun topics to shake a stick at.


Dollar Bin Podcast #151 Interview With Christopher Priest Part 1

     This is the big one guys.  This week on the Dollar Bin; Adam, Terence, and Joel sit down for the first part of what turned out to be a three hour gloves off conversation with comics legend, Christopher Priest.  Never shy with his opinions, Priest shares tales of his introduction into comics, including his early years at Marvel and his work on Conan.  From there we transistion through a brief history on his time with DC, which leads us to this part’s closer, a look at his work with Black Panther.