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Buckle up folks, because I have something special for you, before the big Episode 100. This is a podcast, within a podcast, within a podcast.

That’s right, today I dip back into the well, going back to February 17, 2019 and play you episode 26 of the now defunct Steeven Orr Else Podcast, which is in itself, an episode where I showcased three episodes of my Patreon podcast called, My Other Podcast.

This is a long one, but that’s only to keep you busy until Episode 100 comes out in one week’s time.

Among these three episodes I first challenge myself to fill fifteen minutes of episode time with nothing yet wind up telling a wonderful story about Sonic and a chicken sandwich, then I talk about my most favorite single comic book issue of all time, and finally I discuss a limited series known as Marvel 1872.

So yeah, as I said right there at the get go, buckle up!

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X-Men Back Issues 8.4: Kitty Pryde & Wolverine

The guys end this round of minisodes discussing a favorite of Allen’s and reminisce on our inner mutant pasts. While the previous two discussions haven’t been as positive. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine may be just what Ryan and Allen needed to lift their spirits. Thanks for listening!

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X-Men Back Issues Ep. 3: God Loves, Man Kills

Ryan, Allen, and Rob got together to discuss arguably the best X-Men story pressed on paper. This discussion brings out the reasons why your hosts truly love the X-Men and everything they stand for. The passion for this story bleeds the microphones and into your eardrums. Thanks for listening!

This episode was originally recorded on 4/7/18 for Patreon Early Access.

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Legion Spotlight Episode: New Mutants Vol. 1 #27 Review

Allen and Ryan get together to discuss and review one of the important moments of David Haller in the X-Men lure. The guys provide some insight how this episode came to be. Tune in and find out why this a must read.

New Mutants Vol. 1 #27

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Episode 92: X-Men, “The Dream” Part 3: Was Emma Right?


Marvel’s INHUMANS VS. X-MEN, published in 2017, ended in an unexpected twist when circumstances revealed Emma Frost manipulated the war between both sides. Cyclops died in DEATH OF X from the deadly M-Pox virus. This happened not long after Cyclops killed Professor Xavier while possessed by the Phoenix Force. The deaths and/or new paths of Magneto, Professor Xavier, Cyclops, and Apocalypse left the mutant message in disarray.

A New Leader for a New Time?

Whoever would emerge as the new ideological inspiration behind the X-Men would require a powerful message. Cyclops, ever the mutant revolutionary, redefined Xavier’s dream after his death. Emma Frost, a former villain, chose to lie to everyone. She made them believe the Inhuman Black Bolt killed Cyclops on orders from Medusa. Emma Frost manipulated Scott Summers’ death into a battle cry catalyzing the X-Men into going to war against the Inhumans. To paraphrase Emma Frost’s words, she made his death matter. She turned him into an idea.

INHUMANS VS. X-MEN Mirrors Society’s Embrace of Alternative Facts

Like the inventor of the phrase, Emma Frost also falls prey to broadcasting alternative facts.

Kellyanne Conway possesses a great intellect. However, let’s remain honest, Conway is no Emma Frost in that regard. What the two women have in common includes two things: using mass media, or in Emma’s case telepathy, to broadcast a message and broadcasting a message sourced with alternative facts.

In the current political climate in the United States and the West, the rise of populism and the fleecing of voter information make it difficult to discern fact from fiction. Often times, deliberate misinformation spread to a populace seems to incite actions otherwise not considered.

LISTEN: Hear part one of our podcast X-Men, “The Dream.”

INHUMANS VS. X-MEN represents an extraordinary superhero version of today’s political events. For her own gain, Emma Frost uses her own people to purport an unnecessary aggressive agenda. This agenda only suits Emma Frost.

Emma Frost’s Defeat

Both the X-Men and the Inhumans defeat Emma Frost after she attempts the unforgivable. Emma appears to want to use mutant-killing sentinels and reprogram them to kill Inhumans. She sets her plan in motion. Most noteworthy, what makes this moment powerful relates to Emma Frost’s relationship with sentinels.

In Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN run, sentinels killed millions of mutants on the island of Genosha where Emma taught. Emma endured genocide against mutants, leaving her psychologically damaged forever. For Emma Frost to use sentinels to fight Inhumans, she must have gone to a dark place in her soul.

Before the Inhumans or the X-Men have an opportunity to punish Emma, Cyclops’s brother Havok seems to somehow teleport Emma to safety. Later, we see Emma wearing a helmet that looks exactly like Cyclops’s visor. Emma lost touch with reality.

Emma Frost lost her mind and becomes the female Cyclops in INHUMANS VS. X-MEN #6 page 26.

Emma lost her mind and becomes the female Cyclops in INHUMANS VS. X-MEN #6 page 26. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A New Dawn, and a New Day for the X-Men Metaphor

After Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde takes over in X-Men Gold #1

Kitty Pryde takes over the X-Men in X-Men Gold #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The fact things change makes the X-Men Universe a hopeful one. Many comics mire in a particular character or set up. They tell the same story time after time. X-Men always remained an exception to this rule. While the events of INHUMANS VS. X-MEN gave rise to a new normal, I can only hope the same thing happens in real life.

READ: ComicsVerse reviews X-MEN GOLD #1.

Our podcast series X-Men, “the Dream” examines real world applications for different X-Men ideologies. In addition, last year’s episode dealt with Xavier’s Dream versus Magneto’s Dream. Finally, this year we focus more on Magneto’s Dream, Emma Frost’s war with the Inhumans, and Cyclops’s role as a mutant revolutionary.

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Thanks to everyone from ComicsVerse for appearing in this episode!

ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 91: X-Men, “The Dream” Part 2: How Young X-Men Fans View Progress in X-Men’s Civil Rights Metaphor

X-Men comics persist to ignite the imagination of readers everywhere. Yet, what originally charmed readers back when the stories first came out may now mean something else for an entirely new generation of young X-Men fans. This podcast explores how much of a divide there is, and what still holds up in modern times.

LISTEN: ICYMI – X-Men, “The Dream” Part 1 explores the real world applications of ideologies held by Professor Xavier and Magneto.

It’s a popular saying to claim age is just a number. While this is true in most instances, what college-aged kids in 1963 valued varies drastically from what they value today. A young X-Men fan is defined as someone who’s love of the stories derives influence from a modern day understanding of the series. This means the added complexities of Magneto are already well established, as well as other crucial plot points that developed later in the series. Political strife consumes the world of the 2010s. This influences the reading of the comics tremendously. Additionally, a young fan is aware of the complexities of their society parallel those in the comic. They respond to the material accordingly, to ensure their society doesn’t become the one in the stories.

HEAR: X-Men, “the Dream” Part 3 examines Emma Frost’s role in INHUMANS VS. X-MEN!

The world of the mutants is timeless, yet their stories aren’t. Sometimes, as political identities shift and the expectations of the consumer changes, the stories that were thought to be groundbreaking no longer are. Characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds became normalized as time went on; making comics that center around this idea trivial at best, patronizing at worst. While some stories fall by the wayside for the new generation, others still resonate throughout time. They might deceive some into thinking they firmly grasp their time and their time only, yet certain problems remain consistent. Debates on race, gender, and sexual identity have progressed but not enough. In conclusion, it is when X-Men tackles these harder subjects that readers, no matter when they were born, can love this unique franchise.

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Deconstructing Comics #525: Comics and Politics

Comics and PoliticsIn the wake of the 2016 presidential election, with a result that many found unexpected and disturbing, Emmet and John discuss various comics that have commented on politics and on government gone bad, including V for Vendetta; X-men: God Loves, Man Kills; Ex Machina; Prez; Transmetropolitan; Nemesis the Warlock; American Flagg; Congressman John Lewis’ March; and more.

Deconstructing Comics site

Exclusive Chris Claremont interview at Flame Con 2 in NYC

Something that becomes obvious when looking around any comic book convention, including Flame Con, is that people love the X-Men. It’s easy to understand why: the characters are all engaging, the adventures exciting, and their powers and costumes all visually arresting, even when compared to other comic book characters. There is, however, another important layer to the X-Men: their significance to the outsider. As the tagline says, the X-Men defend and protect a world that fears them. Rather than use their powers to lash out, they use them to help those who would rather see them dead. This martyrdom has provided inspiration for generations of comics fans, and they have become symbols for victims of bigotry. Their multinational status gives everyone someone to relate to in the X-Men, and much of this diversity is thanks to one man: Chris Claremont.

LISTEN: Want more Chris Claremont interviews with ComicsVerse? Chris talks Jean Grey, Cyclops and everything else X-Men in this podcast!

What is there to be said about Chris Claremont that hasn’t been said already? The legendary X-Men writer wrote the adventures of the merry mutants for an unprecedented 17 years. You would think that Claremont would see himself as an authority on the X-Men, but the writer is hesitant to make claims about why the mutants appeal to specific groups. However, he will be the first to tell you that the most important thing about Marvel’s mutants is that, first and foremost, they represent the outcasts, the misfits, and the ostracized.

LISTEN: The X-Men are a metaphor for all minorities. How does that metaphor translate into real life? Listen to the “X-Men: The Dream” podcast by ComicsVerse.

Hearing Claremont discuss his work on the X-Men reminds us of the importance of the comic book medium. In an age where millions of dollars are spent in bringing these characters to life, the insights of their earliest writers, like Claremont, remind us of the powerful ideas behind the characters.

In our discussion, Claremont discussed his understanding of the X-Men allegory, his entrance into the world of comics, fan reaction, expectations for the characters, and if Professor X and Magneto should be seen as analogous to MLK and Malcolm X.

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source: https://comicsverse.com/chris-claremont-flame-con/

ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 72: Chris Claremont Interview

Chris Claremont studied acting and political theory at Bard College — and even though he initially wasn’t interested in getting into the comic book industry — he’s written more X-MEN comics than anyone else. His continuous run from 1975 to 1991 changed the way we look at comic book’s favorite team of outsiders forever, and matured not only a Marvel franchise, but the superhero genre itself. In Episode 72 of the ComicsVerse Podcast, the ComicsVerse crew gets a chance to talk to fan-favorite writer Chris Claremont!

LISTEN: Want more X-Men podcasts? We discussed X-Men’s “AGE OF APOCOLYPSE” in-depth in our last episode!

Several generations of X-MEN fans including, Columbia University Law School student and ComicsVerse Editor — Jake Grubman, ComicsVerse managing editor — Jamie Rice, German ComicsVerse Staff writer — Marius Thienenkamp and, of course, ComicsVerse C.E.O. Justin Alba, have prepared an interview with a man that has always been an icon to them, and it’s safe to say no one was disappointed!

What’s the whole story of how Claremont got involved with Marvel? Why should Jean Grey have remained dead? What were the initial plans for X-FACTOR and the character of Rachel Grey? What happens after X-MEN: THE END? Are the X-Men nowadays just as relatable as they used to be? Those questions and many more will be answered! We studied hours of Chris Claremont interviews before this one, and there are things in this interview you won’t find anywhere else!

LISTEN: Is Storm your favorite X-Men character? We have a two-hour podcast revolving only around Storm herself!

Of course, the X-Men are not the only topic of discussion! Claremont also discussed his time at Bard College, the creative process behind comic books at Marvel then and now, diversity in the industry, and his upcoming novel about the creator-owned SOVEREIGN SEVEN concept and what readers can expect.

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source: http://comicsverse.com/episode-72-interviewing-chris-claremont-prolific-x-men-writer/

ComicsVerse Episode 63: X-Men’s STORM as the Most Recognizable Black Superhero

Most people with little knowledge of comic books and comic book characters know a few things about X-Men‘s Storm, aka Ororo Munroe. After losing both her parents during the Suez Canal Crisis in Cairo, Egypt, an orphaned Ororo became a young pickpocket. From there, she wandered into Kenya where a group of uncontacted peoples worshipped her as a goddess. It was in Kenya that Professor Charles Xavier, creator of the original roster of X-Men, sought her out to join a second incarnation of X-Men with Wolverine, Thunderbird, Colossus, Nightcrawler and others from around the world. Ororo gave up her life as a goddess to accept Professor Xavier’s proposition to join a world, that not only doesn’t worship her, but despises her for being born with a genetic mutation — the power to control the weather.

LISTEN: Want more X-Men character study podcasts like Storm? Emma Frost’s origin and character is the subject of its very own podcast!

Ororo assumes the mantle “Storm” after joining the X-Men. Several years later, she deposes Scott Summers (Cyclops) as leader of the team not long after deposing Callisto as leader of a group of mutants living in Manhattan sewers called the “Morlocks.” Storm proves herself a capable, powerful, competent, and empathetic leader through years of adventure, heartbreak, and self-revelations for the X-Men. Along the way, she marries T’Challa (Black Panther), the leader of the fictional African Nation of Wakanda. After their annulment, Storm remains as powerful a character as ever. She is undeniably referred to as “the most recognizable Black superhero.” Is it her journey from pickpocket to goddess to soldier to teacher that resonates through so many cultural borders around the world? Is it her strength? Her inner beauty? We examine the inner workings of Storm, what makes her who she is, and how she relates to the world in this podcast.

For your convenience, this podcast is also available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spreaker!

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source: http://comicsverse.com/episode-63-x-mens-storm-the-most-recognizable-black-superhero/

ComicsVerse Episode 46: Interns Take Over! NEW X-MEN by Grant Morrison


In this episode of the ComicsVerse comic book podcast, ComicsVerse interns and contributors take over!

Marius has chosen to dissect to Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN on an in-depth level while having a lot of fun! In fact, we probably got into too much fun! There’s definitely some intense shit discussed about and laughed about here! If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison, comics, the X-Men, Jean Grey, the X-Men cartoon or anything of the sort, you should really enjoy this podcast!

This episode of the ComicsVerse podcast features Justin Gilbert Alba and Kathleen Wisneski as hosts with a summary by Marius Thienenkamp and Jamie Rice. We are joined by a panel of interns, contributors and friends including: Malia Knight, Kay Honda, Brian Delpozo, Chris Massari, Josh Cui and Alex Katz.

Download on iTunes.

original link: http://comicsverse.com/episode-46-interns-take-grant-morrisons-new-x-men/

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ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 40: Four Strong Comics Females (part 1) — X-Men’s Rogue

In this episode of the ComicsVerse podcast, Marlene Bonnely, editor-in-chief of Comics.Tumblr.com and personality at iLikeComicsToo.com, stops by to discuss X-Men’s Rogue in-depth.  We cover everything from her time as an Avengers villain and member of the Brotherhood of Mutants to Rogue’s joining the X-Men and romances with Gambit and Magneto.  Finally, we conclude with Rogue’s time on Mike Carey’s run of X-MEN: LEGACY and UNCANNY AVENGERS.

Appearing in this podcast from ComicsVerse is: Justin Gilbert Alba, Josh Cui and Tom Bacon.

If you prefer, download this podcast on iTunes!


ComicsVerse X-Men Podcast: Episode 1 – GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1

In 1975, the world was undergoing a bout of profound change. Comics were no exception. The all-new, all-different Uncanny X-Men served as not only a mirror for society but as a counter cultural phenomenon that tried to speak the best in ourselves.

In this first episode of the ComicsVerse X-Men podcast, Tom and Justin walk through the issue in its entirety with Kathy providing the audience with a close reading of several pages of the comic book.

What do you think?  Did Giant Size X-Men have a profound impact on you as well?  Let us know what you think!

Comic Timing – Episode 154


Let’s go, bub! This episode of Comic Timing is dedicated entirely to the X-Men! Sean Whelan and Jim Segulin of the Raging Bullets Podcast join Ian as they discuss their early introductions to the franchise, some of their favorite runs and creators, X-Men: The Animated Series, the evolution of Wolverine as a character, the X-Men movie franchise leading up to Days of Future Past, Days of Future Past the storyline, The Phoenix Saga and how it has been presented across multiple mediums, and more! Yup, the entire X-Men franchise in under two hours. Now THAT’S what I call a Memorial Day weekend!

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