Where Monsters Dwell 229 with Ben McCool

WMD 229

This week on the LIVE comics radio show you don’t talk about at parties, we welcome writer Ben McCool to the Monster Cave. You know Ben’s work from Pigs and Choker from Image and Lookouts from Cryptozoic. He joins us tonight to chat about all his work and to take your questions. So, if you have a question for Ben, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

Also; ‘Shit Comics Reviewers Say’; Last week we picked up Star Wars #1 from Strange Adventures and we’ll tell you what we thought about it.

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 101

It’s delay week at The Fourth Wall. In this delayed podcast, we discuss some fantastic delayed books and some not so fantastic ones.


[01:27] Scarlet #2
[08:38] Stumptown #4 (OF 4)
[15:32] Last Days Of American Crime #3 (OF 3)
[26:55] Choker #4 (OF 6)
[31:12] Buffy The Vampire Slayer #36
[33:30] Sweet Tooth #13
[35:38] Yours Truly Jack The Ripper #3 (OF 3)
[40:43] 5 Days To Die #1 (OF 5)
[45:03] Heroic Age: One Month To Live #1 (OF 5)
[49:31] Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1 & 2
[52:57] Wolverine #1

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 72 – Digital Censorship

The Backroom Podcast crew tackle the issue of digital censorship in response to recent moves by Apple, and then they share what comics they’ve been reading lately.

Questions? Comments? Please stop by the Backroom Comics Podcast website.

This episode is available on iTunes and Zune. Additionally, we have a RSS feed and it is available on Miro.

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 90

Show Notes:

INTRO [00:22]


  • [0:01:19] Secret Avengers #1
    • In which the boys explain why Ed Brubaker is like a puppy.
  • [0:10:54] Thor #610
  • [0:15:56] X-Force #27
  • [0:22:22] X-Men: Blind Science
  • [0:29:49] Thunderbolts #144
  • [0:34:42] Wolverine: Weapon X #13
  • [0:39:08] The Thanos Imperative: Ignition
  • [0:44:35] Ultimate Enemy #4 (of 4)
  • [0:48:27] Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2
  • [0:57:45] Power Girl #12
  • [1:03:44] Green Lantern #54
  • * [1:09:06] Green Lantern Corps #48


  • [1:12:28] 7 Psychopaths #1
  • [1:14:25] Chimichanga #2 (of 3)
  • [1:16:04] Choker #3
  • [1:17:51] Mystery Society #1 (of 6)
  • [1:22:47] Green Hornet #4

trades [1:25:58]

  • Fortune & Glory: A True Hollywood Comic Book HC
  • Wednesday Comics HC

OUTRO [1:34:27]

Sidekickcast Episode #37 – Captains Outrageous

Sidekickcast Episode #37 - Captains Outrageous

Coming soon to raid a library near you; Sidekickcast hosts Dan and Gavin accompanied by the tyrant of trades Mikey Bumchin. To kick off the boys discuss Captain America casting and the Great Amazon Glitch, did you get your cheap books?

In a review-tastic Stack Attack we look at Siege #3, Blackest Night #7, The Flash: Rebirth #6, X-Men Legacy #234, Dark X-Men #5, Crossed #9, Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle #3, Choker #2 and Green Hornet #1.

The score is 13-9 to Gavin in the only comic book news quiz that matters; Secrets and Lies, can you sniff out the wolf among the sheep? Still no Knowing Me, Knowing You but we have a double Dig This! as we taske a look at Kling, Klang, Klatch and Mikey pimps us Vertigo’s Fables. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some out-take goodness.

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 81

Once again, an indie claims the title of “Big Book of the Week.” Not even Siege can stop Indie’s relentless reign.

[01:08] American Vampire 1
[08:19] Choker 2
[12:10] Dynamo 5 25
[17:02] Joe The Barabarian 3

[23:35] Siege 3
[32:58] Amazing Spider-Man 625
[42:11] Hercules – Fall of an Avenger 1
[46:46] Dark Avengers 15
[51:30] Green Lantern Corps 46

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 53 – Reaching Another Milestone

Fresh off the one year anniversary of the podcast we get right back into action. Pete and Jason share what they have been reading lately, and Greg and Kevin discuss the latest offerings from Milestone.  If you would like to share your thoughts on this episode please stop by our website.

This episode is also available on iTunes.

And as we sort through the hours of interviews we have from Emerald City ComiCon, we thought you might enjoy this…unique…interview we filmed along the way.

Teenage Wasteland Episode 67 – Choker, Ultimate X and a Bit of Business

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

J. Michael Straczynski is set to take on both Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel, and I find it interesting. Plus, a small observation on comic sales and the direct market and a run down of reviews on plenty of Number 1 issues.  And, last but not least, Mr. Sandquist stops by to talk all things Sam Kieth.

Books Discussed
Ultimate X #1
New Ultimates #1
Demo #1
Human Target #1
Choker #1

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Comic Book Pitt #44 – Back To Basics


Listen to this episode

The Comic Book Pitt is once again alive with activity! Duke and Dang reunite after almost six weeks and there’s a lot to talk about. There is comic book talk and some reviews, but we’ve gone back to a looser, more conversational style like when we first started.

Aside from comic books, we talk some webcomics, specifically Axe Cop and Cyanide and Happiness

Also, we finally play a voice mail! Sorg from The Wrestling Mayhem Show brings up a once super-popular comic book from the recent past.

Cover scans for the titles we talk about in this episode can be found here.

This episode’s music is by Boston.

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F BombCast 75: Contest Time!

Well folks, we have been doing this for about 75 shows now and we decided it was a good time for you all to make your own intro. The contest announced last episode is upon us, and TJ uses his handy dandy random number generator to help with the results. Also a new contest is announced and the winners will be announced on episode 80. A lot of stuff is discussed in this show: The Crazies, Whiteout, Suspiria, Step-Brothers, some dutch film, and Constantine. Get your laugh track ready cause sitcoms are our top five, then plenty of glorious comics talk. She Hulk, Wonder Woman, Human Target, Super Girl, Young Inhumans, Choker, and Wildstorm after the Fall all get a good amount of time. Which two do TJ think are some of the worst comics written? Listen and find out.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 014 Choker #1

The Burnt Weiners crew checks out the first issue of Choker, a six part series brought to you by Image comics, with Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool. Weed is recovering from a very rough bender with Indian food. Then the guys also talk about Fell, Holy Sh*t (a books full of strange comic books), everyone has plenty of “true fiction facts”, Weed is watching some Olympics. Steege sneaks into the show like a ninja to talk about Mass Effect 2, Bo continues on his Star Trek trek, and then Tails of the Pet Avengers, Punisher Max, The Boys, Dan Dare and The Unwritten is talked about. This episode is not sponsered by Sam Adams beer, but we would sure love them to throw some sponsorship money our way!

Email us at burntweiners@gmail.com


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Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner – 2009

Cammy brings you coverage of Comic-Con 2009. Interviews with Ben Templesmith, Sal Abbinanti, Simone Bianchi, Thomas Jane, Chris Burnham, John Layman, Rob Guillory, and Rick Spears.

Special thanks to my sponsors Rising Sun Creations and Deadline Graphics.

Music: Ratatat – Wildcat