Comic News Insider Episode 800 w/ Michael Emerson/Erica Schultz/Jonathan Baylis/Slanty Eyed Mama (Kate Rigg/Lyris Hung)!

Comic News Insider: Episode 800 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Bombshells United #1, Kingsman: The Red Diamond #1, Made Men #1, Star Wars Adventures #1, Blood Drive S1 finale

We didn’t think we’d be able to pull it off at the last minute, but we did it! It’s our big 800th episode live recording. Producer Joe comes down from upstate to help out as usual. Special guests: Michael Emerson, Erica Schultz, Jonathan Baylis and Slanty Eyed Mama (Kate Rigg/Lyris Hung)! And, of course, because it’s an anniversary episode, there is plenty of music! Many thanks to the CNI Chorus consisting of Sarah Goldrainer, Liz Pepe, Kristen French, Nicky Schmidlein and Emmy Potter.  Big ups to Hourglass Tavern for letting us hold the show there for the 4th time. Give them a visit if you’re in NYC. News includes: Drew Goddard will direct X-Force, Colin Trevorrow is not directing Star Wars IX anymore, Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary will have her drawn onto classic Batman covers, Futurama returns as a radio play, the Doctor Who spin-off Class has officially been cancelled and the Guy Ritchie directed live-action Aladdin casts Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders (ugh).

Michael Emerson teases some of his upcoming work on Arrow, talks about his love of the classics and relays some interesting fan interactions. Erica Schultz tells us about her new work Twelve Devils Dancing and other projects. Jonathan Baylis gives the scoop on the new issue of So Buttons…, his autobio comic anthology. And Slanty Eyed Mama update us on what’s happening with them and give us an epic improv spoken word accompanied by violin performance!


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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #255: Russell Lissau

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Old Wounds, Stranger, Russell Lissau, Calypso, Chicago, Pop! Goes the Icon, Omega Comics, John Bivens, Dirk Tiede, Michael Lane, Batman, superhero,

It’s a great episode this week, as #255 features my interview with Russell Lissau, who has written excellent Batman tales and is the creator of great comics including Old Wounds, Calypso and Stranger, among others. We get into his three creations in depth, including what inspired these stories, who the characters are, and what he might have in store for us in the months ahead! You can follow Russell on Facebook at this link! You can purchase his books here on comixology or at the Pop! Goes the Icon website. Highly recommended!


Comics Alternative Interviews: Glenn Head

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That Toddling Town

GlennBookOn this episode of the interview show, Andy and Derek have as their guest Glenn Head, whose new book Chicago: A Comix Memoir was just released from Fantagraphics. They talk with Glenn extensively about the the work and how it is a marked departure from his previous comics. Chicago is Glenn’s coming-of-age account of leaving Madison, NJ, in 1977 to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art, and then deciding to find himself by suddenly running off to Chicago with no friends, no money, and no plans. He quickly finds himself destitute, panhandling on the streets, and young prey for any number of nefarious forces. Between homeless shelters and McDonald’s meals, Glenn tries to make his way into the comics business, along the way meeting the likes Skip Williamson, Robert Crumb, and even Muhammed Ali. His sojourn in the Windy City leads him down some dark paths, but not nearly as dark as the aftermath back home in Madison where he begins to process the events and come to terms with what those Chicago experiences meant to him. Chicago1This isn’t the first time that Glenn has created autobiographically tinged comics — such pieces had appeared in some of his older comics, such as Avenue D and Guttersnipe — but this is the first time he has done so in longer form. Indeed, this is Glenn’s first sustained book-length narrative, having defined much of his career through shorter comics collected in various anthologies, such as Weirdo and Zero Zero, or by editing collections of his own, such Snake Eyes and, most recently, Hotwire Comics. The guys talk with Glenn about those projects, as well, and discuss with him the changes he’s witnessed in the field between the final days of the underground comix to the legitimization of the “graphic novel” form. So this isn’t just an interview with an established creator about his latest book. It’s also a conversation about the current state of comics with a witness to that form’s decades-long trajectory.


Check out Glenn’s website to experience his surreal comics world!


Deconstructing Comics #458: Lucy Knisley Processes Her Thoughts

An Age of LicenseWhen doing an autobiographical comic — a memoir, a travelogue, whatever — one problem to consider is how the people around you feel about appearing in your comic, especially if it’s getting published! This week Tim talks with Lucy Knisleyauthor of many such comics, including An Age of License — about this problem, as well as doing art for a living without losing the joy, getting career advice from Lynda Barry, and much more.

Deconstructing Comics site

Zone 4 #267: Star Wars, Rai, C2E2 & More

The crew returns to to talk news, comics, conventions and more!

This week, it’s Brant, John, Gordon and Ron.

First up, it’s a report from C2E2 and the Windy City Pulp & Paper Show.

Then we cover some news items, like the Justice League movie, Marvel’s 100th Anniversary, Star Wars news and more.

Next up is Topic Time, as we review two new #1 issues, with Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1 from Dark Horse, and Rai #1 from Valiant.

Finally, the guys wrap things up with some announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Justice League Movie Confirmed

Marvel’s 100th Anniversary

Star Wars: Rebels Trailer Debut

Star Wars Episode VII Cast Announced

Joss Whedon: A Celebration

Pro Se Productions

Airship 27 Productions

Gryphon Games & Comics

Pride of the Mohicans

The Charlton Arrow

The Zone Comic Shop

River City Comics Expo


Comic Frontline

Assailant Comics

Jack Hammer #3

New Comic Day

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Podcast

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Wayne’s Comics #94: Kyle Higgins & Dave Romeo

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Kyle Higgins, Batman, Nightwing, Dick Grayson, Batman Beyond, Chicago, Comics on the Green, Dave Romeo, Scranton, Man of Steel, Superman

It’s been a terrific week for fans of Superman and Batman, and we get to celebrate that here at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast with a special 94th episode!

First up is a great interview with Nightwing and upcoming Batman Beyond scribe Kyle Higgins, who talks about both gigs and how he got into writing for the Batman family of comics. He discusses the current storyline with Dick Grayson in Chicago and gives a couple of hints about what we might expect in the coming months.

Then I talk with Dave Romeo from Comics on the Green in Scranton, Pennsylvania, about how his great store is doing (and the industry as well). Their site is located at!

Everything wraps up my “faster than a speeding bullet” review of the new Superman film Man of Steel, so don’t miss it!


Deconstructing Comics #150: Jenny Frison in the Windy City

Chicago 1968FLASHBACK! Chicago artist Jenny Frison talks about her Web comic (with Len Kody) “Chicago 1968“, studying at the Joe Kubert school, the upcoming Windy City comicon, and more! (Originally published October 20, 2008)

Deconstructing Comics site

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F BombCast 97: Homo For Como

This one is a Barn Burner folks. get enthralled on who is a better crooner: Crosby, Como, or Sinatra, and whether Barbara Streisand belongs in that group. Enjoy as the boys Discuss Love Story and Saturday night Fever. Is Funny Girl a Movie that Transcends Sexual Orientation. If you don’t listen you will never know the true answers. Kick ass is spoken about in earnest now that two members of the show have seen it, and the deficiencies of Mark Millar as a writer are proven again and again. The Preacher Vs. The Boys (and how many times can TJ destroy his own argument by mistakenly calling Preacher The Boys). TJ has put on his Catholic school girl skirt and his hair in pig tails as he gets more into the world of Manga, this time with Deathnote Vol. 1. Mike and Kevin decide which run of Power Girl is better and the almost come to blows (well not really it is actually very cordial and dare i say delightful). Kevin loves Spitfire and Spitters and Head in general. We learn that Paul Cornell is actually a woman. Dna JT sah neeb detniopassid ni Annataz hcihw sah denrut morf ynnuf ot gnirob ni eerht seussi. Lastly Tj get Warren Ellis’s run of Excalibur spoiled for him but it leads to a x talk so that is fun. Enjoy!

Get it on iTunes, Zune or at or right on the player here:

Deconstructing Comics #227:, and Developing Your Own Style

Tim and Mulele set out to review, but “the gold of the site” is hidden. Mulele explains where to find Dustin Harbin’s best work.

Then an interview with (former) Tokyo resident Ed Siemienkowicz and a discussion of how to develop your own style. Tim continues to struggle with this as he is paid (!) (by an English school) to do some illustrations.

Finally, Mulele has a few words about WordPress plugin ComicPress, and why he’s switching to InkBlot — er, no, sorry, Webcomic 2.1

CCL Podcast #165 – Todd DePastino, Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front

Collected Comics Library Podcast #165

62,253Kb; 66m 08s

Today for the podcast I have a really fun and very informative interview with Todd DePastino author of Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front and editor for Willie and Joe: The World War II Years (Fantagraphics). For decades Mauldin had been the voice of the Greatest Generation through his cartoons particularly with his most famous characters Willie and Joe. Todd and I go in-depth with both the biography and the upcoming cartoon collected edition.

Also in the show I cover a bit of news that I blogged about this past week including Shazam!, American Flagg and Carl Barks and Donald Duck. All this and new sponsor to the podcast, the Library Binding Company, the best place to get all those loose monthly comics bound into a nice hardcover.


Links of Note:
CGS 290 interview with James Jasek, Library Binding Co.

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