Do you want to learn all about the entire history of the known universe, but just can’t commit to all of that pesky student loan debt? Do you prefer reading comic strips to textbooks? Then you’ve got to check out Larry Gonick‘s THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

Kathleen, Jamie, Nolan, Pete, and Travis sat down to discuss Gonick’s incredible 30-year project as part of our The Best Comics You’ve Never Read podcast series. Be sure to check out our last episode on one of our favorite indie titles no one is talking about: THE TALES OF MR. RHEE by Dirk Manning.

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THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE gives an entertaining and surprisingly accurate account of the history of the known universe from the Big Bang all the way up until 2008 (at least until Gonick treats us with another entry). The series is notable not only for the incredible achievement of giving a fairly complete (and balanced) history of the universe, but for Gonick’s incredibly charming Sunday strip comic art-style and the wealth of superhero level  puns and Dad-humor.

Gonick began work on THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE all the way back in 1978 when the series was published in traditional comic book format. Today you can find the series broken up into three thick trade paperback volumes along with THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE MODERN WORLD #1 & #2 which concluded the series. According to the scholars over at Wikipedia the project was “championed” by none other than former first lady Jackie O, who worked as an editor over at Doubleday.

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If you’re interested in getting schooled on topics ranging from science to sex be sure to check out Gonick’s website ( so you can enjoy his work as much as we did.

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