Deconstructing Comics #363: The Science of “RASL”… sort of

RASLAfter Jeff Smith finished his fantastic all-ages series Bone, he went a completely different direction with his next series: a noir/sci-fi hybrid called RASL. It’s a great story on a human level, but it also gets into quantum physics, the lost journals of Nikola Tesla, and and some real-life pseudo-science conspiracy theories like the Tunguska Event and the Philadelphia Experiment.

Helping us dig more deeply into these elements of the story is a guest co-reviewer with solid footings in both comics and science: Ryan Haupt, an earth scientist in his own right and host of the podcast Science…Sort Of, but also a contributor to iFanboy and Tim and Ryan also look at RASL as a comic, examining the many story points that Smith leaves vague, and the philosophical questions the story raises.

The Very Large Array

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CCL Podcast #162 – Jeff Smith and his Monster Society of Evil Deluxe Edition

smith_shazam.jpgCollected Comics Library Podcast #162

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We got about 5 inches or so here in Detroit overnight and they closed the schools. This makes it the third snow day this year. Our school system budgets in three for the entire year, if we get anymore, they will tack it on to the end of the year, which really won’t work out for me because the last day of school just happens to coincide with the first day (Friday) of Wizard World Chicago.

Today on the podcast I have a ton of news from DC Comics regarding their programs of Archives, Absolutes, Omnibuses, Deluxe Editions and something new call DC Comics Classics Library.

And speaking of Deluxe Editions, today’s feature is on Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil by Jeff Smith. This is the first of the new line of books that DC will be putting out. The story is OK, however the extras and make-up of the book is fantastic, which makes it a very enjoyable experience. I also go over Smith’s new monthly title RASL.

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