Comic Frontline Live #101: Carnage Cruise Lines


The Comic Frontline crew is back to talk comic news, more on DC Rebirth, and cover this week’s Top 5 picks. Which cast member only read one book? Which one is stuck on a boat with Carnage? Who read Hyperion? What did we think of the DC Rebirth titles announced? Learn all this and more in our 101st episode!

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EJDAC Ep. 14: Day of the Armadillo



Episode 14! Recorded on 2/20/2015. Erik and James discuss Nova #27, She-Hulk #12, Uncanny X-Men #31, All-New Captain America #4, Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5, and Silver Surfer #9, among other things. They ran long on comic talk, so didn’t get into one of their usual hypothetical make-em-ups to end the show, except for a quick bit about Disney princesses & princes. Erik teases an upcoming project involving a certain mental organism designed for stuff. And there were beers. Lots of beers.

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 12/10/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 12/10/14

“Thanks to a shipping error, we are now OVERSTOCKED on Spider-Men! Call now for a Spider-Man! Spider-Gwen, Miles Spider-Man, 60s Spider-Man? Who knows!? $3.99! NO REFUNDS.”

This week we review:
Thor # 3
Carnage # 3
The Amazing Spider-Man # 11 (Spider-Verse Part 3)
Spider-Verse Team-Up # 2
Justice League United # 7
The Flash # 36
Harley Quinn Holiday Special # 1
Batgirl # 37
Batman Eternal # 36

btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/19/14

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/19/14

“Spider up or die!”

This week review:
Carnage # 2
Axis # 6
Wonder Woman # 36
The Amazing Spider-Man # 10 (Spider-Verse Part 2)
Axis # 6
The Multiversity: Pax Americana # 1
Harley Quinn # 12
Daredevil # 10
Deadpool # 37
Batman & Robin # 36
Justice League # 36
Batman Eternal # 33

btman 5

Hall of Toys #20: End of an Era

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Brant and Chris return with the final full-format edition of Hall of Toys before the show takes its next evolution.

First up, we make some more announcements about the future of HoT and talk a bit about Frontline Gaming Zone!

Then, it’s Toy Talk, with Transformers, Halo, Final Fantasy, Ghostbusters, and more!

Next, it’s the final Game Gab as we discuss Super Smash Bros., Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One price slash, retro games, and more!

After that, it’s Table Top Talk with a few card and board games, including a hilarious one!

Finally, we close out the show with a joint And… Action Figure and the obligatory closing.

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Links to Some of the Stuff Discussed on the Show


Dragonball Z: S.H. Figuarts – Vegetto

Dragonball Z: Figuarts Zero EX – Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku

Goliath Premier Scale Statue Savage Skin NYCC 2014 Exclusive

Halo 2014 Figure Series 01 – Set of Halo 2 Master Chief & Master Chief with Cloak

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes 1/6 Scale Snake Statue

TW-H04 Infinitor

TW-D02 Muddy

Ghostbusters Hikari Figure – Stay Puft

Iron Man 3: 1/9 Scale Iron Man Mark XXXVII The Hammer Armor Figure

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children Series 02 – Play Arts Kai – Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children Series 02 – Play Arts Kai – Tifa Lockhart

Kickstarter: Bricks of the MOUSE GUARD for your Miniature Figures


Super Smash Bros. on Wii U Confirms Eight-Player Battles, Mewtwo DLC, and Stage Creator

Nintendo Amiibos

Sunset Overdrive Walkthrough

Bayonetta 2

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series Comes to PS4 and Xbox One

Xbox One Drops Price

Game Releases for November


Adventure Time Card Wars: Bubblegum Princess vs. Lumpy Space Princess

Bravest Warriors: Co-Operative Dice Game

Kickstarter: Table 2 – Tabletop and Board Game Learning Expo

Kickstarter: Return of the Dragon

Kickstarter: 50 sHAdes of VORpal

And… Action Figure!

Brant & Chris’ Joint Pick:

Marvel Select Carnage

Displayed at NYCC 2014


The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug movie review, a half million dollar Lemonparty and the leg break heard around the world

Happy 2014!


To kick off the year, I’ve got the most laziest show notes ever (i.e. none)

But don’t let that fool you. We’re still rocking the same unique blend of toilet humor, double entendres and mis-quoted rubbish we were churning out last year!

Enjoy! ^_^

Burnt Weiners Episode 069 Punisher Max #12 – Moon Lake – Unwritten #24

Our 69th episode . . . yes . .  please giggle as you need to! The weiners load up their carts full of DC and Marvel this week, but also have a few offerings from IDW, Image and Archaia to round out a healthy comic diet.


0:05:47 – Justice League Generation Lost #23(DC)
0:07:40 – Spawn #206 (Image)
0:10:35 – Unwritten #24 (Vertigo)
0:17:37 – Lil’ Depressed Boy (Image)
0:21:12 – Carnage #4 (Marvel)
0:24:42 – Birds of Prey #11 (DC)
0:29:07 – Thunder Agents #6 (DC)
0:34:20 – Punisher Max #12 (Marvel)
0:40:55 – Infinite Vacation #2 (Image)
0:46:00 – Amazing Spider-Man #658 (Marvel)
0:53:15 – Moon Lake GN (Archaia)
1:01:20 – Medley: I Zombie, Weird Worlds, Heroes For Hire
1:03:00 – Spike #7 (IDW)
1:05:40 – VS Card Game talk and wrapup

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Burnt Weiners Episode 048 Kickass 2 #1

The evil Twitter gang comes to kick the crap out of the Myspace buddies in Kickass 2! Things don’t look good for Dave, and the Weiners look to see what all this fuss is about John ROmita Jr and Mark Millar.

Tyler gets a bit drunk and sends us his very first STREET MEET . . . and it is a bit obnoxious and shows why he gets slapped quite often.

Bo drools over the art in Carnage (Marvel), and checks out Ragman Suit of Souls (DC). John tips his hat to the latest Punisher one shot, and wants Vertigo and DC to put out more of the 100 page collections they are doing.

Steege gets the Legendary edition of Bloodbowl, and dives back into Warcraft. Weed gets his balls kicked in by Skullkickers (Image), Morning Glories (Image), Brightest Day (DC) and DV8 (Wildstorm).

Then the boys have a few words to say on movies that have been out too long to be topical!

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Comic Book Pitt #54 – The Missing Link

cbp 54

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We have another guest host in the Pitt this week. One of our long-time listeners, Link from the Yamagato Industries Business Report podcast, stops by to let us know that he’ll be returning from the dead very soon.

In this episode, we recap PIX (where Dang’s new comic, Space Base One, debuted), review many comics and also announce the official CBP t-shirts, which you can find at our store.

LOCAL EVENTS: If you get a chance, stop by Pittsburgh Comics on Saturday the 23rd for the Jill Thompson/Scary Godmother signing.

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