UFP Rage 6: 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover, Tim Burton thinks Beetlejuice 2 is closer than ever, Birdman movie review and What’s the difference between Bono and Santa? Santa gives you things you want!

Another Ep, another dollar….

Not strictly true, but at least you’ll get a dollar’s worth of entertainment here as we rant upon….

  • The cars we would buy for $100,000
  • Hate or Rate: Sons of Anarchy finale, Giant Slip and Slide in Perth, #illridewithyou
  • 21 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover
  • Spiderman in Civil War
  • Tim Burton thinks Beetlejuice 2 is closer than ever!
  • Birdman movie review
  • Take That joke tops Christmas Cracker jokes
  • JK Simmons cast in Kong Skull Island alongside Tom Hiddleston




Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #194: Axis, The Death of Wolverine and The Return of…

The Death of Wolverine #4

On this podcast we’re joined by The Professor from Rhymes With Geek, and a super surprise guest, as we talk about all the new DC movies. Then it’s on to comics as we review The Death of Wolverine #4 and Avengers and X-Men: Axis #2. R.I.P., Bub. Listen in!


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Comic News Insider Episode 571 – NYCC w/ DMC/Ben Templesmith/Brian Pulido/Babs Tarr & Cameron Stewart!


Comic News Insider: Episode 571 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1, Batgirl #35, Sabrina Vol 3 #1, The Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead

Jimmy recruits Producer Joe to sit in for the big and lengthy New York Comic Con recap. Great interviews included with DMC (Darryl Makes Comics), Ben Templesmith (Gotham By Midnight/The Squidder), Brian Pulido (Lady Death) and Babs Tarr/Cameron Stewart (Batgirl)! The boys share their NYCC stories with all the good, bad and the ugly. (Mostly good!). News bits include: Archie will meet Predator, Marvel will bring back Secret Wars and tease an Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies, also new Ant-ManHawkeye and Spider-Gwen series coming, Captain America 3 will follow Civil War storyline from comics, Lego Batman movie starring Will Arnett coming in 2017, 2 new Vertigo books are on the way, ReedPop announces Paris Comic Con, Ghostbusters 3 will reboot with an all female cast and so much more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #177: Flash TV, Cap 3 vs. Batman vs. Superman and Comic Reviews!

Episode #177

On this podcast we talk about The Flash’s new costume. Tight enough for you? Then some Captain America 3 news, and reviews for Captain Marvel #1, Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 and Secret Avengers #1. Listen in!


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Zone 4 #260: Guardians of the Galaxy

The crew returns with another episode of your favorite Friday Night Delight!

This week, it’s Brant, John, Mike and Chris.

First up, the guys discuss the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as implications of past episodes and upcoming episodes.

We talk about a few news items here and there in a loose fashion before heading into our topic for the week…

Guardians of the Galaxy! Mike, our Cosmic Marvel afficianado takes us on a journey through the history of the team in the comics, and we talk about the current comics and the upcoming film as well.

Finally, the guys wrap things up with some announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Heroes’ Adrian Pasdar Guest-Starring on AOS

First Look at Constantine

Smoke-Filled Constantine First Look

SDCC Badges Go On Sale Saturday

Marvel Film Head-to-Head with Superman/Batman

Karen Gillan Talks “Girlie Fights” in Guardians of the Galaxy

Glow-in-the-Dark Radio

Cosmic Crackle

Comic Frontline

Brooklyn Boyz

Lexington Comic Con

River City Comics Expo

Lady Frostblood

Assailant Comics

Jack Hammer

Zone 4’s Top 5 for the Week of March 5, 2014