Super Hero Speak – #72: The Infernal Pact (Joseph Schmalke)

This week comic book writer and artist Joseph Schmalke returns to talk about his new project The Infernal Pact. This upcoming mini series explores the question what happens with three addicts sell their soul to the devil. Be warned this episode is a little more adult than usual as we explore the dark recesses of Joe’s mind. So sit back and enjoy!


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Super Hero Speak

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Super Hero Speak – #47: Joseph Schmalke

This week Dave sits down with Joseph Schmalke, the creative mind behind Calamitous Black Devils. A new graphic novel from Broken Icon Comics. CBD is a World War 2 supernatural thriller with a Frank Miller feel. We talk about how Joe got into the business and what some of his greatest influences are. So sit back and enjoy the view this week from Speak Tower!


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