Burnt Weiners – Jims Indie Rack 002

Jim’s back again with a short and sweet episode of all things independent!
Join him as he discusses the Lush Comics app, a new format for independent creators to publish their work for iPhone and iPad (http://lushcomics.com/). He also talks a bit about Time Bomb comics upcoming release Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague and other works by Steve Tanner.
One Soul by Ray Fawkes (Oni Press)
Freak Leap by Joe List
West issue #5  by Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable  (Angry Candy)
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Burnt Weiners Episode 074 Strange Tales #1 – Savage Sword #2



Unable to fulfill his blood oath to the Weiners, Weed is unable to join the discussion this week, but have no fear, Corey is here! No wait, scratch that, be afraid, be very afraid! Weiners still manage to talk about a crap ton of comics!

Into and Outro music:
I Fight Dragons – “I Fight Ganon”

0:00:50 – Graveyards, Comic Shops & Lying
0:03:20 – “My Maker & I” Accent UK Preview
0:04:45 – “The Holy Terror” Preview
0:07:55 – Godzilla Kingdom Of Monsters #3 (IDW)
0:10:55 – Scalped TPB 7 Rez Blues (Vertigo)
0:19:37 – Hellraiser #2 (Boom)
0:22:45 – Ultimate 7 (Zyo Comics)
0:26:23 – Journey Into Mystery #1&2 – Corey Remix (Marvel)
0:33:10 – Strange Tales #1 (Vertigo)
0:40:00 – Tattered Man (Image)
0:45:44 – Deep Sleeper HC (IDW)
0:49:27 – Savage Sword #2 (Dark Horse)
0:53:55 – Conan Road of Kings #5 (Dark Horse)
0:55:05 – Conan TPB 10 Irons Shadows In The Moon (Dark Horse)
0:58:03 – Wrap Up And Kicking Corey Off The Show

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Burnt Weiners Episode 071 Brightest Day #24 – Green Arrow #11 – Just League Gen Lost #24

Brightest Day is over and the Weiners have a lot of talk about with Green Arrow, Justice League Generation Lost and even the main title of Brightest Day. Please note this episode is extra spoilery (yes, that is a word), so be forewarned.


Into and Outro music:
The Bags – Unlock The Cage
From their album “Sharpen Your Sticks”

0:00:00 – Intro & Free Comic Book Day Talk
0:04:35 – Green Arrow #11 (DC)
0:10:17 – Brightest Day #24 (DC)
0:29:25 – Justice League Generation Lost #24 (DC)
0:39:20 – Venom #2 (Marvel)
0:44:00 – FCBD Intrepid EscapeGoat (Th3rd World Studios)
0:47:30 – Angel #44 (IDW)
0:51:45 – Warlord of Mars #6 (Dynamite Press)
0:58:35 – Ruse #2 (Marvel Crossgen)
1:01:02 – Hack Slash #3 (Image)
1:05:47 – Deadpool #36 (Marvel) & X-Factor Mention
1:08:16 – Zatanna #12 (DC)
1:11:45 – Wrapup and Outro

If you live in the Marion/Cedar Rapids area, please visit Alter Ego for Free Comic Book Day!
If you live in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, please visit The Core for Free Comic Book Day!
If you lived in the Iowa City/Coralville area, please visit Daydream Comics for Free Comic Book Day!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 066 Hellraiser #1 – Brightest Day #22

Young readers titles mixed with talk of sick and depraved comics is what Burnt Weiners does best! Join Steege as he comes to grips with his addiction to football with Orcs. Bo and John have very different feelings on the Hellraiser comic and decide to slapfight to decide who is right. Just in time Weed brings up some spandex and vampire tales to save the day!

0:03:35 – Deadpool Max #6 (Marvel)
0:07:55 – The Spider #1 (Moonstone)
0:10:00 – Sarah Palin vs The World (Antartic Press)
0:12:00 – Unwritten #23 (Vertigo)
0:18:30 – Spawn #205 (Image)
0:21:25 – Neonomicon #4 (Avatar Press)
0:24:30 – Hellraiser #1 (Boom! Studios)
0:30:15 – Captain America & Crossbones One Shot (Marvel)
0:33:45 – Hack Slash #2 (Image)
0:36:20 – Solomon Kane Castle of the Devil/Conan The Spear And Other Stories (Dark Horse)
0:43:20 – Blood Bowl Killer Contract (Boom! Studios)
0:46:20 – Mercury (Anthenum)
0:49:55 – Brightest Day #22 (DC Comics)
0:54:50 – Angel #43 (IDW)

Burnt Weiners C2E2 2011 Special

Chicago welcomes C2E2 2011 and the the guys were in attendance to check it out. They discuss the change in venue, the layout of the show, plenty of the stuff they saw, some of the people they met, the parties they attended and the thousands of faces and how the Henchmen rocked them all!

In our opinion C2E2 was a huge success for any fan wanting a well organized show and great convention experience. Plan for C2E2 2012 people, because we will be there!

Editors Note – Oni Press was indeed there, and was the 3rd booth Bo and John stopped by on Friday, as we picked up a few books from them! DOH!

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Burnt Weiners Bitchin Bo Fiction Episode 001 Superboy

We had a loss of of our new episode, but Bo, ever determined to make sure his voice is heard on the internet, gives a twist on Superboy #5 from DC comics . . . with his take on how the issue should have been written!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 062 Wormworld Saga

Checking out a webcomic that has taken the internet world by storm, the Weiners gather around the computer, hold hands and plunge into the lush, vibrant world of Wormworld Saga. Well, we are hoping what they were holding was hands . . .


Steege looks into D&D Dark Sun (IDW) and plays a bit of Fable 3 in his spare time. Wolverine #1000 (Marvel) has some war stories that Bo digs the hell out of before he then dives into the ongoing tale from the red planet Warlord of Mars (Dynamite Entertainment).

Bullseye is figuring out Frank Castle in Punisher Max #10 (Marvel) and John is eating it up as well as the story of magic returning to the real world in Magus #2 (12 Gauge). Weed is loving what he is reading in Birds of Prey #9 (DC) and Heroes For Hire #3 (Marvel), and always, has to throw a shoutout to Unwritten (Vertigo).

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Burnt Weiners Episode 060 Star Wars Darth Vader And The Lost Command #1

Darth Vader is center stage in the new Star Wars comic from Dark Horse. Will his brutal methods allow him to both punish Jedi’s and do what the Empire needs? And will John’s autoerotic asphyxiation fan fiction of the masked villian be accepted by the Star Wars community?

Steege checks out Kick-Puncher from the Community Season 1 DVD Set. Excitement is in the air, as Weed tells us that Skullkickers (Image) finally includes some kicks to the skulls!

Bo brings up Magneto (Marvel) which sparks a discussion about the origins of characters, before diving deep into the Robots Anthology (Accent UK). Doug TenNaple has snared John in his trap of awesome comics with Creature Tech (Image) and the online comic Ratfist (Ratfist.com)!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 059 Wolverine And Jubilee #1

Kathy Immonen and Phil Noto bring back the mall-going Jubilee in her new Vampire infested persona, who is receiving help and guidance from the most sage-like mutant in the history of the Marvel Universe! No, not Deadpool, you fool, it is Wolverine! Did the Weiners enjoy this particular venture into X?

Bo quantum leap slide(er)s into Doorways #3 (IDW) from George R.R. Martin before talking about Batman #706 (DC). Steege finally catches up with the rest of the the nerd kingdom with Final Fantasy XIII.

John shows how much he loves boys (what?) with his gushing on(double what?) on The Boys #50 (Dynamite), then checks out a new vision of the underworld with Nancy In Hell (Image). Weed once again loves what Brightest Day (DC) is bringing to the table, and bids goodbye to Season 8 with Buffy #40 (Dark Horse).

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Burnt Weiners – Jon Price Interview – Magus – H2Awesome

We had the opportunity and the absolute pleasure to speak to Jon Price about his current comic MAGUS from 12 Gauge comics, which is a wonderful tale in which magic returns to our world in our modern age. Written by Jon Price and artwork from Rebekah Isaacs, this is one the Weiners recommend you pull off the shelf or get a digital copy of!

Jon also has time to tell us a booze story, a little bit about his band H2Awesome and how John from our show pronounces “Magus” like a fool!

More information on Magus can be found at 12gaugecomics.com

You can stalk Jon at @jonsprice on Twitter


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Burnt Weiners Episode 056 Batman Dark Night #1

Batman? The Weiners have been wondering who the hell this Batman guy was they have been hearing so much about (forgetting they read one of the titles about a month back), so they decide to check out the new series by David Finch! Does this Dark Knight hold up (to the Bounty Quicker Picker Upper challenge)?

Bo crafts some Bitching Bo Fiction with his take on Dark Wolverine #4 (Marvel) before talking about Carnage #2 (Marvel), as Steege is falling deeper into the world that is Fallout: New Vegas with the new DLC.

John thinks the current Bullseye bowls a perfect football goal (and is terrible at sports analogies), while Weed gushes a bit more about the Angel Illyria (IDW) series.

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Burnt Weiners & Tales From The Parents Basement : Favorites from 2010

What do you get when two teams of huge dorks get together for a long phonecall and record it? You guessed it! What you have just discovered is the crossover between TALES OF THE PARENTS BASEMENT and BURNT WEINERS! Now only illegal in 6 states!

Unsure what to do when calling each other, they naturally descend into comic talk, choosing to share some of their favorite comics of 2010! So strap in, enjoy a long show, and at the tail end we also talk about a few things we are looking forward to in 2011!

Weed: Unwritten #17 (Vertigo), Secret Six #27? (DC), Thanos Initiative #? (Marvel), The Magic Flute (Black Dog?), Persepolis (Pantheon)

Spencer: Brave & The Bold #33 (DC), Jonah Hex #50 (DC), Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1 (IDW), Asterios Polyp (Pantheon), Parker: The Outfit (Idea & Design)

Steege: Electric Ant #2 (Marvel), Unknown Soldier #21 (Vertigo), Dungeons and Dragons #1 (IDW), Elmer (SLG), Blacksad (Dark Horse)

Bo: The Tick #4 (New England), Electric Ant #2 (Marvel), Robert E Howard’s Savage Sword #1 (Dark Horse), Battle For The Cowl (DC), Orc Stain (Image)

Jim: Hellboy In Mexico (Dark Horse), Northlanders #29 (Vertigo), Batman: Hidden Treasures (DC), Mysterius: The Unfathomable (Wildstorm), A God Somewhere (Wildstorm)

Ryan: Our Army At War (DC), Stuff Of Legend: The Jungle  (Th3rd World Studios), Weird War Tales (DC Comics), Man Of Glass  (Accent UK), You Have Killed Me (Oni Press)

John: Unknown Soldier #21 (Vertigo), Battlefields #9 Motherland Part 3 of 3 (Dynamite Entertainment), Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man (Accent UK),
Revolver (Vertigo), Blacksad (Dark Horse)

Cally: First Wave Batman/Doc Savage One Shot (DC), Hellboy The Storm #3 (Dark Horse), JLA Cry For Justice (DC), Wedensday Comics (DC), You Have Killed Me (Oni Press)

Mark: New Mutants #1 (Marvel), 28 Days Later #11 (Boom), Immortal Weapons #4 (Marvel), Sweet Tooth Vol 1 (Vertigo), North 40 (Wildstorm)

Special thanks to Adam Warrock, who was kind enough to let us us some of his awesome tracks for the music on this show. You can find more information on Adam Warrock on www.adamwarrock.com and find his music on Itunes and Amazon.



We all are looking forward to an awesome year in comics from 2011! Please feel free to email either one of our shows and let us know what you are looking forward to.

Burnt Weiners Episode 055 Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man

What would you do if you could step out of time and had to save thousands upon thousands of people from a bomb? The Weiners take a look at Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man from Accent UK, which takes a look at that very question. And here is a spoiler . . . WE LOVE THIS COMIC!

Weed checks out Spike #3 (IDW) and then leers for far too long at Lady Mechanika #1 (Aspen). Then moving onto Weed’s Stash, he fondly recollects his time with a choose your own adventure book.

Gronch in hand, Bo is excited about picking up the Orc Stain TPB (Image), and disgrees with John’s love of Thunder Agents #2 (DC) and First Wave #5 (DC). Also a few web comic updates are chit chatted about.

Thor and Jane Foster take John on a magical rainbow ride in THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER TPB (Marvel), before he talks about Justice League Generation Lost #15 (DC) and DCU Holiday Special 2010 #1 (DC).

Bo ends the show with a bit of Crossed talk and sings us a little song from the book!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 053 Kull & The Hate Witch #1

Kull shows his hand and discloses his strong dislike of witches with his new series from Dark Horse. The Weiners take a close look and examine the ramnifications this may have on the acceptanceof witches into today’s society . . . and have a poop joke or two.

Bo is checking out severe hallucinations and The Green Hornet (DYnamite), while Steege checks out some Asassin’s Creed, Dungeons and Dragons (IDW), Supergod (Avatar), Fallout New Vegas and a tremendous book about chickens called Elmer (honestly, it is really good).

John is loving his dive into war comics with the latest trade collection of Billy Tucci’s Sgt Rock: The Lost Battalion (DC Comics). Weed then tells us a bit about Shadowland (Marvel) and Skullkickers (Image) before . . . telling us all about his experiences with DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, and spends a good amount of time talking about how much he is enjoying it and why!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 052 Batman Inc #1

Bruce Wayne has returned and he is setting up shop all around the globe to stop the bad guys! The Weiners take a look at Bruce’s new operation in Batman Inc #1, but take a closer look at the sexiness of Catwoman!

We are then treated to a very special edition of Tyler’s “Street Meet” where he runs into a gentleman who thinks Cyclops is cuter then Wolverine, and offers a few favors for Bo (and Tyler).

Bo talks about the whole slew of Batman stuff he has been checking out lately including Batman #704 and Batman The Return! Halfway through Bo’s comics, we are joined by the always charming and disgusting Brian!

Travis checks out some TV shows, and then John talks about Deadpool MAX and Highland Laddie #4 (Dynamite Ent) before the show dives straight into anarchy!

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Please Note: Do not take this episode orally as indicated on the directions. It should read “aurally”. Thank you