Arc Reactions – 36 – Brimstone and the Borderhounds

Brimstone and the Borderhounds follows the titular character as he leads his band of bounty hunters working for the Hell corporation. The group gets set up by a mysterious villain trying to destroy Brimstone. Does that villain succeed? Will the Borderhounds live to fight another day? Listen to the episode and find out.


Talking points


Sidekicks (7:45)

Use of racial slurs (13:15)



The World (setting) (29:54)

Hostile (serial killer) (39:11)

Detective Altar (45:26)

Brimstone (48:49)


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As mentioned:

Hound Entertainment Group
ARP – Captain America – The Winter Soldier


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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #171 With Brimstone

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Brimstone, Hound Comics, Borderhounds, Summons, Infected, Remnants, Revival, wrestling,

I hope you’re ready for some straight talk about comics and the comics industry!

This week, I interview professional wrestler and comic-book creator Brimstone, who discusses the many quality offerings from his company, Hound Comics! That includes Brimstone and the Borderhounds, featuring the man himself! We discuss his long-term interest in comics, how the company got started, what creating comics means to him, and what we might expect to see from them in the future!

To follow Hound Comics’ upcoming projects, check out their website! Also, Brimstone’s website can be found at this link! Look for their comic offerings at your local comics shop, their online store or many of your favorite online digital comics distributors!


Super Hero Speak – #99: The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

So the guys were invited to the inaugural Great Philadelphia Comic Con to cover the event. Ben and Dave went to check out to see what it was about. They were definitely pleasantly surprised at the attendance and how well the show was put together. And they definitely see this growing into something big. Of course while they were there they took the time to talk to some people and those recordings are in this weeks episode to share with you. If you missed the show, then make sure you check it out next year, but for now here is our coverage of The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, Enjoy!


#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: When did the Marvel 616 and Ultimate Universes first cross over, and which characters were involved?

Answer: Spider-Men mini series 2012. Peter Parker, Mile Morales, Mysterio

And the Winner is: Stevo Marvel Smart. Congrats you are the honorary beard of knowledge!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Where and when was the first comic book convention held?

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Check out An Elegant Weapon here:

Coat of Arms website:

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Super Hero Speak – #51: SHS Year One

Celebrate good time come on! The very first Super Hero Speak was published on 4/25/2013, so we are celebrating our one year anniversary in style with… a clip show!?! We want to take this week’s episode to highlight some of the past guests and favorite moments we have had over the past year. We have had fun this year and hope to continue on as long as we can. A big thank you to all of our listeners over this past year and the best is yet to come. And if you are just joining us for the first time this week, this episode is the perfect jumping on point to get an idea of what we are all about.


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Super Hero Speak – #22: Brimstone

In this episode Ben and Dave sit down with former wrestling superstar turned Hound Comics CEO, Brimstone. Hear how Brimstone went from being a drummer in a band, to wrestling to taking the comic books world by storm with Brimstone and the Boarderhounds from Hound comics. One of the most entertaining interviews we’ve done so far, so sit back and enjoy!


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The PKD Black Box – Episode #89: The Legends Edition

On this week’s show Shawn briefly discusses his future with Action Lab Entertainment, and then goes all in with a roundtable of special guests (David A. Price, Chris Campbell, Julian Lytle, and Martheus Wade) as they discuss the “Legends” mini-series from DC Comics!

And later in the show, Donny Salvo swings by to give us some interviews with top-notch creators from this year’s New York Comic Con.

Enjoy, and remember that Darkseid is a BOSS.

Burnt Weiners Episode 080 Hellbound Train #2 – Fear Itself #4 – Flashpoint #3

As Summer is causing all the weiners to swelter and sweat, the comics are keeping them cool and collected (trade paperback style, yo!). Join the Weiners, for another chapter of their most ambitious project yet . . . finding and rebuilding the Anti-Monitor . . . into a world class supermodel!

Intro and Outro Music:
“That Hellbound Train” by Earth 2 Podcast

0:00:40 – Intros & Props
0:06:33 – That Hellbound Train #2 (IDW)
0:14:40 – Elephantmen #32 (Image)
0:19:10 – Secret Six #35 (DC)
0:24:35 – Reed Gunther #2 (Image)
0:27:50 – Brimstone #2 (Zenescope)
0:33:20 – Batman Beyond #7 (DC)
0:37:34 – Fear Itself #4 – Part 1 (Marvel)
0:39:45 – Vengeance #1 (Marvel)
0:41:45 – Flashpoint Batman Knight of Vengeance #2 (DC)
0:43:08 – Flashpoint #3 (DC)
0:46:22 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #2 (DC)
0:48:58 – Fear Itself #4 – Part 2 / Spider-Island (Marvel)
0:53:50 – DC Universe Online Legends #11 (DC)
0:56:43 – Bo’s Quickies: The Boys #56, Godzilla #4, Moriarty #3
0:59:05 – Dungeons & Dragons Vol 1 Shadowplague HC (IDW)
1:02:15 – Goodbyes, Outro and a word from a sponsor
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Burnt Weiners Episode 073 Flashpoint – Rocketeer

The Weiners are back and better than ever, although in absolute truth, that is still way below the national average! Checking out some Flashpoint and Rocketeer, talking a bit about The Rapture and Macho Man, secretly wishing someone would buy them a bunch of action figures and comics!

*Note – We are still recovering a bit from a computer failure, so please excuse some mic crackling with this episode. Thank you

Into and Outro music:
Kirby Krackle – “Great Lakes Avengers” from their album “E For Everyone”

0:03:20 – Brimstone #1 (Zenoscope)
0:05:20 – Grim Fairy Tales TPB 1 (Zenoscope)
0:07:45 – Giant Size X-Men #1 (Marvel)
0:16:10 – Heroes For Hire #7 (Marvel)
0:19:00 – Infestation #1 (IDW)
0:22:55 – Rocketeer Adventures #1 (IDW)
0:25:55 – Birds of Prey #12 (DC)
0:28:54 – The Darkness: Accursed Vol1 TPB (Top Cow/Image)
0:33:15 – Sigil #3 (Marvel)
0:33:56 – Amazing Spider-Man #661 (Marvel)
0:36:55 – Drums #1 (Image)
0:39:10 – Lil’ Depressed Boy #4 (Image)
0:40:43 – Batman Arkham City #1 (DC)
0:43:08 – The Unwritten #21 (Vertigo)
0:45:13 – Flashpoint #1 (DC)
0:48:20 – God speaks to John and wrapup!

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