Wayne’s Comics Podcast #262: Michael Manomivibul

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Happy New Year, 2017! In the first episode of the year, I have a fun and engaging interview with exceptional creator and blossoming sequential artist Michael Manomivibul! We discuss how he makes his wonderful stories and pieces of art, and delve into Fathoms, his new book that collects his art from the past several years. His website can be found at this link, and you can see his terrific comics story here. Go to Michael’s website store to buy your copy of his art book, Fathoms! You can also find him on Facebook at this link and Instagram right here. As you’re listening to this interview be sure to check out the links above so you can experience his art while listening to what he has to say! Don’t miss it!



Deconstructing Comics #418: Boston Comicon and the future of cons

Depressed PunxComics conventions are changing. Some creators complain that it’s harder to sell books at cons than it once was. Distractions — cosplay, Hollywood — creep in and attract larger crowds, but don’t increase comics sales at the events. Having attended Boston Comicon in August, Paul shares the experience with Tim, and discussion ensues on problems that cons face going forward.

Paul did buy a couple of indy books in Boston, and we discuss them:

RBDHB Mark Waid Interview BCC 2014

RBDHB Mark Waid Interview BCC 2014
My personal favorite interview I did at Boston Comic Con, I got the chance to interview the ever great Mark Waid! We talk Daredevil, Thrillbent & the new Agents of Shield comic!

For the video version of this interview:

For the Podcast version of this interview go here-

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RBDHB Sean Gordon Murphy Interview BCC 2014

RBDHB Sean Gordon Murphy Interview BCC 2014


Real Books Don’t Have Batman Podcast had the honor of interviewing the great Sean Murphy at Boston Comic Con 2014. We talk Batman, World building & future projects.

For the Video version of this interview:

For the podcast version of this interview:

for more Sean Gordon Murphy check out- http://seangordonmurphy.com/

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RBDHB: Jesse Lonergan Interview BCC 2014

RBDHB: Jesse Lonergan Interview BCC 2014

RBDHB had the joy of interviewing Jesse Lonergan again but this time at Boston Comic Con 2014.

Check out the audio only version of this interview:
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RBDHB Jerel Dye Interview BCC 2014

RBDHB Jerel Dye Interview BCC 2014

Friend of the show & all around talented dude, Jerel Dye talked to us about all his new work at Boston Comic Con 2014.

Check out more Jerel here – jereldye.com/
Or Here – drawjereldraw.tumblr.com/

Check out the audio version of this interview here –

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RBDHB Josh Dahl Interview at Boston Comic Con 2014

RBDHB Josh Dahl Interview at Boston Comic Con 2014

RBDHB got to talk to Josh Dahl for the 2nd Boston Comic Con in a row & we catch up on all things Rapid City.

Check out http://www.belowzerocomic.com/ for more Rapid City

Listen into the audio only version of this interview-

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RBDHB – Interview With Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner BCC 2014

RBDHB – Interview With Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner BCC 2014

Frank had the pleasure of interviewing Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner at Boston Comic Con 2014. We talk Harley, GI Zombie & Frank’s fan hopes that there will be a New 52 Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters.

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Deconstructing Comics #406: Aya Rothwell, Comics Anthropologist

Aya RothwellHaving grown up with feet planted firmly on both sides of the Pacific, Aya Rothwell has always been observant of cultural differences, and this shows up in her comics. Who else would do a comic about a human visitor to an alien world, with the biggest conflict being that the human keeps getting the aliens’ names mixed up?

Aya also fills us in on using watercolors in her comics, her journey to comics via the worlds of biology and film, and more.

Deconstructing Comics site

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RBDHB: Nick Abadzis Interview


Our interview with Nick Abadzis the writer of “Laika” & Hugo Tate at MICE in Boston MA.
RBDHB had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Abadzis the writer of “Laika” & Hugo Tate at MICE . We talk Dogs in Space, making your own comics and How a Stickman becomes a man.

You can find Nick Abadzis Here –

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RBDHB: Alison Wilgus Interview

Real Books Don’t Have Batman’s interview with Alison Wilgus from MICE. We talk Cats, Interactive web comics, & SPACE.

Find video version of this interview here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl97w7ADMGI

Audio Only version here – https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb-alison-wilgus-interview 

Find Alison Wilgus Here –

Read A Stray In The Woods here- alisonwilgus.com/astray/index….

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RBDHB: George O’Connor Interview

Our interview from MICE(http://www.micexpo.org/) with George O’Connor the artist of the Olympians series.We talk how he makes the gods come to life, how he creates his comics & being a history buff.

Listen to the full uncut interview here –https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb…

Video Version of this interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfjC9_qVrQo

Find George O’Connor here: http://geooco.blogspot.com/

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RBDHB: Cathy Leamy Interview

RBDHB got to interview Cathy Leamy at MICE 2013, we talked health care comics, what diabetes can do to your dick and how she makes all her comic minis.

The Audio only version of this interview:https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb…

Check out the video version of this interview: youtu.be/jmlkizGCYo0

Find Cathy Leamy here- http://metrokitty.com/

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RBDHB: Jesse Lonergan Interview

RBDHB caught up with Boston based artist Jesse Lonergan at Boston Comic Con
For the VIDEO VERSION www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovrbqxq3-2M

The Full Uncut AUDIO ONLY Interview:https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb…

Last Time Frank & Deshawn talked to Jessewww.youtube.com/watch?v=fmcq7J5aVOg

Jesse’s Links

Batman-by-Jesse-Lonegran All Star Cover 06 rbdhb-01

ARP – 06 – Wonder Woman Gods and Mortals

DC comics rebooted their continuity in 1986 with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wonder Woman was killed in the mini-series and her book was not restarted until 1987. Join Dylan and John as they review and react to the first story arc from the reboot of Wonder Woman. Issues 1-7 give Wonder Woman’s origin as well as follow her as she tries to save the world from Ares’ evil plan.

If you would like to download the MP3 to your device, right click the link below and Save As

 ARP – 06 – Wonder Woman.mp3


Talking Points




  • A bit of sexism (Etta has to demand a weapon from Michaelis #5)
  • Who was going to stop the Soviets from firing their missle?
  • Ares’ plan (nuclear war)



  • Merging the Greek Mythology into Wonder Woman’s origins.
  • Wonder Woman figuring out how to use her powers.
  • Wonder Woman having to learn English
  • Re-design of Col. Trevor and Etta Candy



  • Grounding of the story in the cold war
  • Wonder Woman not being a founding member of the Justice League
  • William Moulton Marstan
  • Bondage and symbolism



Join us on September 22nd for a supplemental covering some major comics news that has come out recently from Marvel and DC.


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