Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 70 – Father’s Day Special

The Backroom Comics crew dedicates an entire episode to fathers: first they talk to Brian Meredith about working on a comic with his daughter, next James Callan discusses how he introduced his daughter to comics, and finally Ed Peterson tells about sharing his love of the comics world with his son.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 61

Astounding week for comics!  It was such a good week, I had FIVE top picks!  Top picks include Incognito #1 (Icon), Green Lantern #36 (DC), Wolverine #70 (Marvel), Justice Society of America #22 (DC), and Scalped #24 (Vertigo).

The one thing I gotta complain about; these holidays $%#!ing up the shipping schedule!  Blue Lanterns, Wolverine, and super villains in the witness protection program all make this week one in a million, and a killer way to kick-off 2009!