Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #229: Zoom is… Who? Street Fighter X G.I. Joe!

Jay Garrick is Zoom

On this podcast we talk about the big Zoom reveal, a R-rated Batman V Superman and the new Iron Fist. Then we review Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1. Who wants a body massage? Listen in!


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Pop Media Savant Episode 63: Movie Talk: Rocky Blu-Ray Box Set Review

This week I discuss one of my favorite movie franchises of my childhood Rocky. I throughly review the movies and the Blu Ray Box Set to help you determine if this one is worth adding to your movie collection. Also I have reviews of the movies Craiglist Joe and Think Like A Man. Enjoy!

F BombCast 151: Piñata Party

If You like comics than this is the episode for you. We talk comics. We talk TV shows about comics. We talk ordering comics. We even talk about Curious George..wait what?!?!?! Besides comics we have a slight discussion on the 1967 TV series The PRisoner and Hammer Studios. Kevin Hates the Justice League TJ Loves the Red Hood, and everyone loves DCBS. Whispers and Walking Dead is discussed. as is the problem with pre ordering. Lastly Swamp thing is brought up to speed and has entered TJ’s top favorite DC books.

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WMD 166 NOOOOooooooooooo…!!

With the word out that George Lucas is yet again messing around with the original Star Wars trilogy, set to hit the Blu-Ray market next week, we thought we would take this opportunity to review the positive things this movie franchise has brought to the world (like R2D2 bathing suits? Who’s with me?!) as well as determine why we think ol’ George is messing with what used to be such a good thing.

Also, as always; New Comics Day at Strange Adventures, Opening Night at Empire Theatres and Table Topic Turntable!

F BombCast 135: Get Him some Pepto Bismol

F BombCast 135
With a general malaise of apathy in the air Kevin tries his hardest to get us excited for the amount of non news that came out of San Diego. TJ is thrilled with Alien on blu Ray, and the FBC Proclaims August as the Month of Simians. Marvel announces some shit but no one cares, and the boys revert to their old stand by when nothing seems to get the juices flowing, Star Trek. Will Worf beat the ever living shit out of Lightning Lad, we may never know since it is TOS that is meeting up with legion of Superheroes. Batgirl, Executive Assistant Iris and Black Panther are all discussed. Come Enjoy and Be Merry!
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F BombCast 132: Morgan Lee Freeman


TJ is Sick and Tired. No not of anything he is simply sick and tired. He recently bought a house and cannot move, and his daughter has introduced his house to a virus that causes him to be on the shitter more than he wishes, good thing he now has 3 bathrooms. This one is dedicated to Film, Lying films like American Orgy, great Films like Green Lantern, and sequel films like iron man 2 and predator 2. Some music is discussed and a little bit of comic talk is thrown in to round out the awesomeness that is our mundane lives. Enjoy!

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