#351: Bloodshot Eyes

This week the guys bring you updates on #NerdMadness, some nerdy news and then a full review of first movie based on a Valiant comic, Bloodshot! Plus tons more nonsense for you to enjoy!

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Arc Reactions – 97 – Bloodshot Reborn 1-5

We read Bloodshot Reborn issues 1-5 from Jeff Lemire and Valiant comics. We talk about the character, the universe, and what we’d like to see more of.

Talking points


Kay and Bloodsquirt (2:33)

Agent Festival (6:00)


Bloodshot (9:44)

Magic (22:31)


Trope heavy story (29:39)

Valliant Universe (31:01)


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Our next podcast will be our review of Deadpool 2 (film) on May 27th.

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #271: Jessica Jones! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Jessica Jones Kristen Wiig Cheetah Bloodshot Vin Diesel

On this podcast we talk about some comic book movie casting news. Big things. Then we review the 100th episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Spoilers ahead. Listen in!

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Deconstructing Comics #561: Minneapolis comics scene vignettes

Eliot Rahal interviews Kristin Tipping at New Comic Book Day at Day Block Brewing Co. in Minneapolis on July 19

Minneapolis is increasingly becoming a “comics town”. While it doesn’t have the publisher presence of Portland, it’s filled with comics creators of all stripes, from mainstream guys to indy creators to web cartoonists.

It also may be the only town in the U.S. where New Comic Book Day is a bar event every Wednesday, with comics giveaways, standup comedy, and a creator interview!

In this episode, Tim talks with:

Tim with Katy Rex

  • Katy Rex, writer of Jade Street Protection Services, from Black Mask, editor of another Black Mask title, Kim and Kim, and writer of a forthcoming Dr. Who special from Titan Comics. She also works at local retailer Hot Comics.

John Bivens and Eliot Rahal

John Bivens and Eliot Rahal

  • Eliot Rahal, writer of Bloodshot’s Day Off and other books from Valiant, and a host of the New Comic Book Day event.
  • John Bivens, artist on Image Comics’ Spread and Dark Engine.

Kristin Tipping

Also, you’ll hear Eliot interviewing Kristin Tipping, creator of Evil Witch Allie, a comic we’ve critiqued!

Become a patron and you can see video of some of the standup comedians at New Comic Book Day!

Deconstructing Comics site


Valiant Effort 019: H.A.R.D. Corps

Here comes Valiant Effort invading Harada’s Headquarters with our review of the fourth Bloodshot trade.  In this episode Nick’s mouth is full of ideas, is Disciple right justifying killing, and whose book is this anyway because Bloodshot seems to be taking a back seat.  Plus: murder in the studio.  Who dies and who’s the murderer?

(Cover art by J.G. Jones.)

Comic Book Savant Episode 160: Comics Talk: Cutting My Stack

A new month a new Cutting My Stack episode! If you are a new listener this is a new format to the podcast where I do a full show and review all the comics I read the previous month. This episode I will be discussing Archer and Armstrong, Bloodshot, G.I. Joe, and Nova. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Episode 138: Comics Talk: Cutting My Stack

A new month a new Cutting My Stack episode! If you are a new listener this is a new format to the podcast where I do one full show the beginning of each month and review all the comics I read the previous month. This episode I will be discussing Amazing Spider-Man, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Batman, Bloodshot, Daredevil, Moon Knight, and The Walking Dead. Enjoy!

Comic Book Pitt #96 – Audio Sensations

Special guest BANE stops by to drop some knowledge on us before the show.

It finally happened, this is the episode in which Duke loses his mind and starts hearing things. In between his delusional rants, we manage to review…

Punk Rock Jesus #1
Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens
X-O Manowar #3
Transformers #81
Battle Beasts #1
Hoax Hunters #1
Revival #1
Bloodshot #1

After all the reviews, we talk about The Dark Knight Rises and there are spoilers aplenty, so if you haven’t seen it yet, skip from 1:01:45 to 1:25:00.

Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises, congratulations to the winner of the DKR Poster Contest, Ron Kantrowitz. Ron won copies of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

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The Pull List podcast #235: PUNK ROCK JESUS #1 / WALKING DEAD #100

Email us at thepulllist@gmail.com

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Craig – @thepulllist
Matt – @MattchuPeechu
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0:00:00 – Spoiler warning

0:04:17 – PUNK ROCK JESUS #1
0:16:48 – WALKING DEAD #100

The Stacks:
0:24:40 – BLOODSHOT #1
0:25:52 – REVIVAL #1
0:28:50 – SUNSET (First Look)
0:30:25 – BATTLE BEASTS #1
0:31:34 – Top of The Stacks
0:33:15 – Pull Quote

0:34:40 – What’s purchased in Vegas… gets reviewed here!

Comic News Insider Episode 389 – Comic Book Clubbers

Comic News Insider: Episode 389 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Batman Beyond: Unlimited #1, Darkness #100, Ralph Wiggum Comics #1, Awake, DC Nation

Jimmy is joined in studio by frequent guest co-host and all around good pal Jon Hoche! Jimmy talks about his friend Michelle Vargas and her e-book Free Your Awesome while Jon recovers from closing the hit Off Broadway production of Agent G. The boys were also a bit rushed because Jimmy got asked at the last minute to be a guest on the awesome Comic Book Club live show down at The PIT. He dragged Jon along for the ride and they had a super fun time. You can hear them here! (Of course, listen to them in this CNI episode first!). News includes: Shazam gets a makeover, Jonathan Hickman leaving Fantastic Four and FFBloodshot film in the works, Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch new comic will be bigger and stay at $2.99, BioShock Infinite gets a release date, Archie Comics continues to tackle social issues and new Avengers Alliance game on Facebook. As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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