Collected Comics Library #142 – Planet Hulk HC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #142
30,766Kb; 32m 32s

I start off the cast with a rant on the whole Powers trade misspelling screw-up featuring C.B. Cebulski. There is also a bunch of news (most of which I blogged about) including the Hunger Dogs in the New Gods Omnibus 4, a few DC Comics solicits, X-Men Masterworks Volume 6 and From Hell, the UK Hardcover edition, from Top Shelf.

Today‚Äôs feature is a review of Hulk: Planet Hulk Hardcover. A very good book and to put it simply it is a story you have seen or read many times before. A man is thrown into exile, becomes slave/gladiator bands with a group of misfits like himself and defeats the enemy on his ground. Flash Gordon, Conan, and Kirk Douglas, Russell Crowe and countless others have played the part. I guess now it is the Hulks’ turn.

Lastly, as always, I go over the New Releases of the Week, and like last week there were a few surprises; JSA All-Stars Archives Volume 1, Jeff Smith’s Shazam The Monster Society of Evil Deluxe HC, Gunslinger Born, but no Nick Fury Masterworks – Damn It!!!

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