Deconstructing Comics #098: Craig Thompson’s “Blankets”

BlanketsFLASHBACK! Tim and Brandon cover Craig Thompson’s award-winning Blankets. Also, we got an e-mail from this guy named (ulp) Larry Young…

Originally published October 22, 2007

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Deconstructing Comics #477: Craig Thompson reaches for the stars

Space Dumplins

If you read Craig Thompson‘s Blankets and Habibi, you probably weren’t expecting his next book to be an all-ages space comedy with poop jokes — but that’s what Space Dumplins is — along with a message on the environment and class, and a good helping of inside jokes! This week Craig is here to tell us how this work came about, as well as his approach to writing for kids, working with colorist Dave Stewart, what bums him out about the Muppets, and the changing definition of “mainstream comics.”

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ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 57: BLANKETS by Craig Thompson

At ComicsVerse, we have talked before about BLANKETS by Craig Thompson when it was featured as a topic in a podcast on our ‘Comics We’re Thankful For’ series. Still, we felt there was more to peel back and discover about this moving story. That’s why we have picked up this beautifully illustrated book once again. In this podcast, we dive deep into this ground-breaking graphic novel. Discussing the book are Kathy Wisneski, (Ms.) Jamie Rice, Chris Massari, Brian Delpazo, Angela Yih and me, Chris Galvin, in my very first ComicsVerse podcast!

BLANKETS is an autobiographical look at Thompson’s life, his slow drift away from his Christian upbringing and his first love, Raina. This thought-provoking story of an awkward teen and the lessons he learns along the way deals with themes of love, loss, art, hope, faith, and family. The story poses some tough questions without offering easy answers, yet it offers an eye-opening look at life and perspective.

Our discussion of this book led us to reflect and share upon our own experiences of love, faith, religion and relationships with our families while growing up. One of the biggest draws of the story is the author’s relationship with Raina, a girl he builds a relationship with before spending two weeks with her and her family. We looked at how Thompson perceived her versus how she actually was in reality. As an artist, he uses his art to express his feelings about her and at times creates this heavenly creature that cracks under scrutiny. BLANKETS is an honest look at Thompson’s life and the difficult truths he learns along the way. His art style in telling this story is beautiful, told in whimsical inks. He uses no color, which only makes the story more involving.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen and make your own mind up! Leave us a few comments, and please post this around the web!

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Comic News Insider Episode 641 – CNI Gets the Cooties!

Comic News Insider: Episode 641
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Reviews: Atomic Robo And The Ring Of Fire #1, Head Lopper #1, Journey To Star Wars Force Awakens Shattered Empire #1, Tet #1, Tyson Hesses Diesel #1, Cooties

Emmy Potter returns after a long absence to co-host! She brings all of her Whovian love with her. They chat about Doctor Who, Kit Harington, and more. News includes: DC cancels several titles, Joe Kelly’s I Kill Giants will be a movie starring Zoe Saldana, Jessica Jones will debut on Netflix on November 20th, Rachel McAdams will star opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in upcoming Doctor Strange film, and New York Comic Con extends panels to Hammerstein Ballroom. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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ComicsVerse Episode 9: Comics We’re Thankful For (Part 2 of 4) – Y the Last Man and Blankets

In part two of our four week series, Comics We’re Thankful For, special guests: Derek Yang, Karen Hernandez, and Josh Cui discuss Y THE LAST MAN by Brian K. Vaughan and BLANKETS by Craig Thompson. The specific issues of Y THE LAST MAN that were discussed were Y the Last Man issues #1 – #5, #17 – #19. Listen to the podcast above or download on iTunes.

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 116

In this episode Jesse and Freddie love them some Sweet Tooth, Art gives his 2 cent’s on Ultimate Thor,
and Jesse is truly disturbed by Wolverine: The Best There Is.

[01:02] Sweet Tooth #18
[06:11] Doc Macabre #3
[08:24] Crossed: Family Values #7
[20:21] Ultimate Comics Thor #4
[33:18] Invincible Iron Man #500.1
[40:33] Wolverine Best There Is #3

[50:46] Daytripper
[55:33] Scenes of an Impending Marriage