Sidekickcast Episode #24 – Second Time’s a Charm

Almost the podcast that never was, the Sidekicks Gavin (the Boneman) and Dan (Marshall Law) strike back against Loki the God of Techno-mischief by recording this episode not once but twice. You know what they say ‘Second Time’s a Charm’ and Godzilla, Playboy and Wolverine’s family tree help prove these are wise words.

In the review-a-thon that is Stack Attack we cover Invincible Iron Man #16, Halo: Helljumper #1, Blackest Night #2, Justic League Cry for Justice #2, Chew #2, Absolution #1 and The Marvel’s Project #1.

The comic book news gameshow should be a complete bust this week due to the double recording but it’s never that simple with Secrets and Lies. Dan got Superman: Last Son of Earth whilst Gavin got The Losers volume 1 in a pretty kick ass edition of Knowing Me, Knowing You, surely they’ll both love each other’s choice? I Luv Halloween from TokyoPop get’s the Dig That! treament in the Sidekick’s efforts to better themselves through their listener’s recommendations. Keep on trucking past the outro music to hear the sidekick cock ups and outtakes.