Just Another Fanboy #55 – The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #1

This is the episode in which I talk about The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage by Jeff Lemire, Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Chris Sotomeyer, and Willie Schubert.

For years, Vic Sage has worn the faceless mask of the Question to clean up the streets of Hub City by sheer force of will. He knows right from wrong. He knows black from white. But what happens when he is drawn into a conspiracy that reaches from the heights of Hub City power to the depths of its underground tunnels? What happens when things stop being black-and-white and start getting a little gray? And what happens when, in a secret chamber deep beneath the city, Vic Sage meets his own end…and his new beginning?

Published by DC Black Label on November 20, 2019.

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Legion Spotlight Episode: New Mutants Vol. 1 #27 Review

Allen and Ryan get together to discuss and review one of the important moments of David Haller in the X-Men lure. The guys provide some insight how this episode came to be. Tune in and find out why this a must read.

New Mutants Vol. 1 #27

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Superman Fan Podcast Episode 296 Part II: MegaCon 2014: Spotlight On Bill Sienkiewicz Panel!

(L to R) J. David Spurlock and Bill Sienkiewicz.

(L to R) J. David Spurlock and Bill Sienkiewicz.

The second panel I attended at the 2014 MegaCon was the SPOTLIGHT IN BILL SIENKIEWICZ PANEL, which occurred on Saturday, March 22, 2014. J. David Spurlock, writer, comic book agent and publisher of Vanguard Productions served as moderator. Vanguard Productions produces art books on various comic book artists. This panel served as a discussion of Bill Sienkiewicz’s career, his artistic influences and evolution of his art style. J. David Spurlock and Bill Sienkiewicz worked together on TALES FROM THE EDGE, a comic book anthology available from Vanguard Productions.

After this panel is an interview with J. David Spurlock about his career as a comic book writer, agent and publisher.

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Two True Freaks! Episode 322 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #49





And now, friends, the end fast approaches as Chris and Scott begin the final leg of their journey through the Marvel Comics Star Wars universe!! 

This episode, the Freaks take a look at Star Wars #101, in which we go on an otherwordly My Little Pony adventure with Han Solo, and something smells a bit fishy in Star Wars #102 when Luke and Lando return to the water world of Iskalon!!

Last, but hardly least, Indiana Jones Returns in yet another exciting, Nazi-killin’ installment of his “Further Adventures”!

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Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner – Wondercon 2012


In this special episode I interview a plethora of talent from Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim! Interviews include Anthony Del Col, Tom Pinchuk, Brian Apodaca, Benny Jordan, Gerimi Burleigh, Michael Alan Nelson, Gabriel Hardman, Shane Houghton, Chris Houghton, Kenny Keil, Sal Abbinanti, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Deconstructing Comics #270 “Big Numbers”: Adding it all up

How often do you hear of two creators at the top of their medium, who set out to create their “magnum opus” and never complete it? Big Numbers is a famously unfinished comics project by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz from 1990. The theme of the project seemed to be chaos theory, symbolized by the fractal Mandebrot set (shown at right).

Meant to span 12 issues (or, rather, volumes, since the format is more paperback book than magazine), it only reached number two and then ceased publication. Rumors have flown since then about possibly existing third and fourth issues that never saw the light of day. Recently, new information has come out regarding the state of those unpublished episodes. Tim and Kumar sift through the rubble and speculate on just where Moore was going with this idea…

Wikipedia on Big Numbers

Bill Sienkiewicz explains the demise of Big Numbers

Scans of Big Numbers #3

Part of the script of #3

On Eddie Campbell’s take (from Mindless Ones)

What Al Columbia did with Big Numbers #4 (from CBR)

Sienkiewicz talks chaos theory on an episode of Prisoners of Gravity in 1991 (YouTube)

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Back To The Bins! #32

A good ol’ fashioned “how the %&*# did you stumble upon this book?!” style episode


Join Scott H. Gardner and a SURPRISE MYSTERY GUEST as they travel ‘Back to the Bins’ to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned random Comic Book back issues!!

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CCL Podcast #164 – Barry Levine, President of Radical Publishing

hercc.jpgCollected Comics Library Podcast #164

55,233Kb; 58m 38s

This past weekend I was thinking of doing more interviews for the main feature of the podcast. But, as you know, the CCL is unlike other comic books podcasts, in that, artists and writers are not the main focus of a collected edition – the editors and management are. So Monday morning I sat down to do some work and fan out some e-mails. As it turns out I had an e-mail come to me! It was from a new company called Radical Publishing out of LA. The company is owned and operated by Barry Levine, who is a long time producer and has worked on several movies and soundtracks. Currently he is the Executive Producer of Rex Mundi, starring Johnny Depp. He has now started up Radical and he wants to get the word out about his company and all the exciting projects that are in the works. We also go into a bit of his background and involvement with 30 Days of Night and the exciting news that Radical’s own Hercules has been optioned for a feature film in association with Spyglass Entertainment.

To start off the show, I first talk a bit on Marvel’s May solicitations, shipping and product changes and a very short rundown of the New Releases of the Week.

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