Sequential Underground #77

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Sequential Underground
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Matthew Burke/Terry and Chris Ness of Sloth Dojo join Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino to talk about their Kickstarter-y revival of Biker Mice From Mars.

Biker Mice From Mars was an early 90s animated series than rode the Ninja Turtles wave of popularity. These rookie indie comics creators have procured the blessing (and a license of sorts) from Rick Ungar, the creator of the property.

BUT THESE AIN’T YOUR DADDY’S BIKER MICE FROM MARS! (Though chances are your dad’s never even heard of the Biker Mice From Mars…)

Opting to leave their mark on this nostalgic licensed property instead of their own original characters, Matthew and Chris bring a lot of passion to this comic book about giant mutant cyborg alien mice with big guns.

Chris and Matthew regal us with stories of Rick Ungar’s luxurious yacht, their previous foray into self-publishing (a secret anti-hero story!), and their extreme love of extraterrestrial rodents.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you back the Biker Mice From Mars campaign after you hear this episode, let Matt and Chris know that Sequential Underground sent ya! Chris will include three exclusive trading cards with any pledges of $5 or more.

After the end theme, we each share a personal sandwich recipe to help you get your chomp on for a belated National Sandwich Day celebration.