Wayne’s Comics Podcast #339: Richard Rivera, Sylvester Edmonds

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It’s another great double-header weekend, this time in Episode 339! First up is the return of Richard Rivera, creator of Stabbity Bunny, who has new issues coming soon!  We talk about what we might expect in issue #7 and beyond! We also look at the return of several of Richard’s characters from another series, and talk about Shadow Play, coming in January! Busy guy! For more on the series, check out his website and the Scout Comics online store!

Then everything wraps up with Sylvester Edmonds, who brought together his Indie series Realm of Spirits: Birth of a Living Storm. This book explores situations related to the Biblical story of Moses. We discuss the characters and what else we might expect from him in the near future! For more, read this article on the book!

Deconstructing Comics #415: Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”

Crumb's GenesisPerhaps one of the most puzzling comics releases in years was The Book of Genesis, Illustrated by R. Crumb. While it’s a virtuoso art performance, the exact purpose of the book was puzzling to Crumb fans (“It’s not a parody?!”) and religious readers (“This comic is not for kids?!”) alike. Both groups have been taken aback by how straight Crumb plays it — neither parodying nor bowdlerizing the work. Which is not to say that nothing in it is Crumb’s own interpretation. Tim and John discuss the issues raised — both by Crumb and by his audience.

ARP – 15 – Sweet Tooth

It is another first for the Arc Reactions Podcast. We are tackling our first creator-owned property. Join us as we dive into the first 11 issues of Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth. We talk about what we liked, disliked and speculate about the rest of the story.

sweet tooth copy

*****BAD Things*****

Time inconsistancies (18:58)

Gus’ dad wants to keep them isolated yet they live 100 feet from a road. (22:03)


*****GOOD Things*****

Art is bleak and the characters are drawn unappealing looking (25:11)

Gus (31:50)

Character Progression (40:15)


*****MORE Discussion******

Gus’ father writes his own Bible (47:05)

The Preserve (58:00)

Going forward questions (1:02:12)

Post-apocalyptic stories (1:04:15)

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Our next podcast will be March 30th and we will be recapping our time at Emerald City Comic Con.


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