Zone 4 #434: NYCC 2018 Discussion

The crew returns for another exciting episode of Zone 4!

#NYCC #NYCC2018 #YoungJustice #DCUniverse #SpiderMan #podcast

We discuss news coming out of New York Comic Con 2018 from Marvel, DC, Fox, BOOM! Studios, IDW, Humanoid, and more!

Plus, a little history on how we became friends, and our history on YouTube! Not to mention viewer interaction during the LIVE stream!

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Zone 4 #426: Up-Up & Away Like Only a Spider Can

The crew returns for an extra long episode this week!

First, a sidetrack into smart phones, followed by news on Infinity Wars, Star Trek and the Death of Superman.

Then, for Topic Time, they discuss Amazing Spider-Man #1-2 by Nick Spencer, and Superman #1 and Action Comics #1001 by Brian Michael Bendis.

Listen for the bloopers!

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My Comic Shop Book Club: Man of Steel by Bendis

Host Anthony Desiato takes to the skies once more with 13th Dimension’s Dan Greenfield, this time to discuss the 2018 MAN OF STEEL miniseries by Marvel-turned-DC writer Brian Michael Bendis. SPOILER WARNING. Part 2 of a two-part book club event. If you missed the previous installment, in which Anthony and Dan tackled the five major post-Crisis tellings of Superman’s origin, download it now!

Alternate Reality – Episode 388

Alternate Reality – Episode #388

Charlie this week is going deep on Descender from Image Comics telling why his feelings are so strong coming from the bottom of his very soul.  He’s also crazy about the Flash War.  He relates an amazing story found in the pages of Jughead: The Hunger about werewolves in the Archie universe.  And finally, Charlie reads a republished Star Wars story from Dark Horse in what is clearly a cash grab to coincide with the new Solo movie.  However, that doesn’t deter Charlie who had a lot of fun with the comedic revisionist history of Tag and Bink Were Here.

Meanwhile Jon is telling us about mostly the same books again.  He does get to mix it up just a little with Man of Steel #1, which is a new series about the same character that Jon always talks about.  Jon fills us in on whether the wait for Bendis was worth it and whether or not he delivered on this seminal fist issue.  Also, Jon follows up on Justice League: No Justice #3, and breaks a little more new ground with Doomsday Clock #5.

Alternate Reality coming to you wall to wall and tree top tall from our studio in Jeffersonville KY!!!



Descender #30
Man of Steel #1
Flash #47
Justice League: No Justice #3
Jughead: The Hunger #6
Doomsday Clock #5
Tag and Bink Were Here TP

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Alternate Reality – Episode 386

Alternate Reality – Episode #386

Hey gang, Jon and Charlie coming at ya’ with more comic reviews this week.  We continue discussion from previous weeks about Justice League: No Justice and Avengers.  Are these the same book in disguise?  Is there any collusion going on between DC and Marvel?  We have the answers.

Also, we’re talking heavily about Superman and Charlie is doing his best Joker and Harley impressions for you.  The odd thing?  Those impression ain’t half bad.  All in all, a rocking good time that you don’t want to miss; all on this week’s Alternate Reality!!!



Justice League: No Justice #2
Mighty Thor: Gates of Valhalla #1
Avengers #2
Superman Special #1
Superman #39-41
Harley Quinn Love Joker #2

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Girls With Issues #24

Girls With Issues #24

This week we talk Lois Lane (One-Shot), Guardians of the Galaxy #12, Hacktivist #2, DC is flashing forward, Rocket Racoon is going solo, Marvel issues a mea culpa with ‘All Hail the King’ and TV shows are finding their heroes.

Lois Lane GotG Hacktivist


Girls With Issues New Episode!

Girls With Issues: Episode 23

This week we talk Batwoman #28, Uncanny X-Men #17, Velvet #3, Kelvin Keller is the Equalizer, Gail Simone’s Movement loses steam, but Tomb Raider and Savage Wolverine are there to pick up the pieces, Superman and Doomsday are about to have a meet-cute, and the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer produces nerd squee around the globe.

Batwoman 28 Uncanny X-Men 17 Velvet 3

Sidekickcast Episode #55 – One Flew Over The Sidekick’s Nest

Sidekickcast Episode #55 - One Flew Over The Sidekick's Nest

Running late but playing catch up Sidekickcast regular hosts Gavin and Dan mix it up with what they’re calling the DC Situation, everyone has an opinion on the relaunch, why wouldn’t these jokers be any different?

This week the Sidekicks catch up on Age of X, Fear Itself and Flashpoint with an event filled Stack Attack, also included in the line up are Infinite Vacation #2, Green Wake #2, Moon Knight #1-2 and Uncanny X-Force #7-10.

The gap btween the Sidekicks is getting ever bigger in the ongoing feud that is Secrets and Lies, can Dan claw something back this week? The show rounds out with a chat down the pub with Peter Rogers, writer of the upcoming Markosia book; The Interactives. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the usual brand of out-takes.

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Sidekickcast Episode #52 – Sidekicks Kill Giants

Sidekickcast Episode #52 - Sidekicks Kill Giants

It’s back to business for the Sidekicks with some new features for 2011. Sidekickcast hosts Gavin and Dan do their usual update of the latest comic book news including their thoughts on the most recent pictures of the upcoming Marvel movies, The Marvel Big Shots intiative and some fan made trailers. This is followed up with an interview with Stuart Tipples, grand master of the 10thology anthology book as part of the Countdown to Cardiff Con.

Reviewed in Stack Attack this week is Age of X: Alpha, Uncanny X-Force #1-4, Avengers #9 and Slaughterman’s Creed #1-5. The comic book news quiz with a twist, Secrets and Lies follows the reviews with Dan trying make up some ground before the live show at Cardiff International Comic Expo.

The first edition of a new segment, The Devil’s Back Bones is Dan’s way of reminding people just how good Dareevil can be after the disaster of Shadowland, this week; Daredevil vol.2 #71-75: Decalogue by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. The show ends with another new segment, Educatiing Dan, the latest attempt to expand Dan’s horizons, this week I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and J. M. Ken Niimura. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the usual barrage of balls ups in the out-takes.

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F BombCast 109: Nipples on Hairy backs

Right from the get go we learn two key things about the F BombCast that should be our motto and campaign slogan, We at the F BombCast are both Anti-Rape and Anti-Holocaust. Mike is losing his memory and Kevin level of self loathing has reached a new high. TJ’s annoyed at something but when the hell isn’t he. We discuss AMC’s plan to screw up the praise that The Walking Dead is getting, and our level of excitement for a new Hulk TV series on ABC. Thor: The Mighty Avenger is cancelled and Hike is… okay with it, huh?!?! And in an “effort” to gain new readers, Marvel has decided to fuck with the ones they already have. Comics are discussed, oh yes they are. Scarlet 3, Detective 869-870, DeadpoolMax and Deadpool Team up and more are all discussed. as well as THUNDER Agents and Supergirl Annual 2.

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F BombCast 105: Khunds and ‘Staches

To surprise all of you looking at the comic podcast network, We actually start the show talking about comics. Fraction’s Thor and Glass’s Thor are discussed as is Neil Diamond, as he should always be. X Men and Vampires are like Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and Fool me once shame on you Fool me seven times Same on me, Try it one last time, and you get Gold, IN his eighth attempt to try something by Rick Remender, Kevin is in love with Uncanny X-Force. The Khunds are coming, The Khunds are coming, Better get your tampons and pads ready. REBELS is talked about as is the New Freedom Fighters. and SLGs Royal Historian of OZ is talked about. Then the Horror, oh the Horror. Is Nightmare the Elm Street a slasher? We say no. Two quick insta fives are completed with best and Worst Horror Sequels.

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F BombCast 85: Agents of Sucklas

Whats more grating then some bitch filing her nails in a doctor’s waiting office, How about a director of a truly shitty film taking a flaming (note the word flaming) dump on a horror classic? okay that not annoying enough, How about a Comic Book writer trying to justify a relaunch as an event then using the “added content” for some non sequential story telling? okay that not enough, How about being charged 3.99 for a 17 page story? Yeah i think that last one will get with most of our fans. This Podcast talks about Avengers 1, Atlas 1, Prince of Power 1, Booster Gold 32, Return Of Bruce Wayne 1, and Streets of Gotham. Enjoy!

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Two True Freaks! Episode 102 – Comics Monthly Monday #16


This month, The Freaks suspend their so-called “normal” topics and have a long, fascinating conversation with the legendary “Bad Boy” Johnny Bueno, Jack Of All Trades when it comes to comics.

In this episode you will hear such things discussed as: Bizarre Sex Comics, R. Crumb, about 5 seconds about DEVO, Ronnie James Dio, Spider-Man, Superman, The Fantastic Four, What happened with Chris Claremont?, Frank Horney, Omaha The Cat Dancer, Cherry Poptart, Richard Corben, Doctor Comics and Mr. Games, Heavy Metal, Bill Griffith and Zippy the Pinhead, Why Jack quit super hero comics, Mary from Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica, Diamond David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Brian Michael Bendis, Dick Ayers, Sgt. Fury with the head of Jack Kirby, Captain Marvel (mostly, but not exclusively, the DC version), Contest Of Champions, The Thing as Rocky Balboa, New York City, and Fish Heads-Fish Heads-Roly Poly Fish Heads!

WTF, you say? Indeed, my friends. Indeed.



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Comic Timing – Episode 96

We’re back! Did you miss us? We are back with another REVIEW CORNER! This time featuring 8 books! 8! We cover, not in this order:









So Sit back, grab a beverage, and maybe a snack, and enjoy!

Comic Timing is sponsored by Heroes Corner. Make sure to check out their deals on all the hottest comic books from the September Previews, and make sure to use the promo code CTROCKS on your first order with Heroes Corner to save an additional 5% off. For first time users of the site only. This month’s Review Corner books are as follows:


JSA ALL-STARS #1 – 75% off retail


SECRET WARRIORS #11- 50% off retail



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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 91 (8/14/09)

No Pick this week, but we do have a hearty Fast Five to cover! Picks include Blackest Night #2 (DC), Ultimate Comics: Avengers #1 (Marvel), The Walking Dead #64 (Image), Deadpool #13 (Marvel), and Atomika #10 (Mercury Comics).

Even though there isn’t a pick, there IS a contest thanks to Rising Sun Creations! Y’all like variant covers?