Cold Beer and Comics 23: Lynch is Dead

On a very special episode of Cold Beer and Comics … is Lynch dead? SPOILER WARNING: No, he isn’t. But a new crew takes the reins this month while the guy who began it all takes a break. Enjoy as a whole new crew sits down with Marsh to talk about all the things we know and love … like the dreamy Oscar Isaac.

Arc Reactions – 54 – Denver Comiccon 2016 Coverage

We had a great time at Denver Comiccon and want to thank our friends Paul, Kaylee, and Becky for all you did for us. We have a supersize episode for you with 12 interviews for you. We talk to established professionals in the industry as well as independent publishers and hope you find some new books to check out.

Talking points


Brief Recap of our time at the con

Allen Bellman interview (4:15)

Best Thing at the convention

Andy Mangels interview (12:06)

2016 Con Exclusive Beer Selection

Barbara Randall Kesel interview (36:34)

Ben Girven interview – Stomping Ground (48:15)

John Myers interview – Era of Great Wonders (57:08)

James Lacroix interview – Critical Mass (1:02:10)

Cat Staggs interview (1:05:49)

Things that DCC Does well

Jay Peteranetz interview – Magicians Must Die (1:18:15)

Lee Oaks interview – Thunder Monkey (1:22:00)

Shawn Gustafson interview – The Specialists (1:26:54)

Narrier Comics interview (1:29:54)

Final thoughts on the Convention

Ellie Ann Soderstrom interview (1:40:00

  • Trigger warning. Ellie Ann shares her story about how she has been harassed in the comics industry and it is intense. We really do hope you listen to her story, but we understand if it will be too upsetting and you want to stop the episode now.

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As mentioned in the episode

Our next podcast will cover Velvet 1-10 on July 3rd. Our next Bat Books For Beginners episode will be Batman: Family on July 19th.

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Cold Beer and Comics Season 2 Episode 1: Love is in the Air

Cold_Beer_revCold Beer and Comics Season 2 Episode 1: Love is in the Air (Explicit Language Warning)

Opening Small Talk: We talk about Corey’s birthday celebrations, Richard Simmons, our favorite video defunct video format and giving up single issues.

17:27 The News: Zelda on Netflix, Spidey comes home, Sribd unlimited comics, Star Wars (spoiler from 25:56~29:12) and Aquaman revealed.

32:18 Our look at the greatest couples in comics … we get a little off the rails here and talk a little too much about body parts. We also give a great idea to Brian Michael Bendis (Wolverine and STDs … ‘Nuff Said)

57:20 Mixed Bag Reviews: Galaxy Quest #1, Southern Bastards #7, Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini #3.

69:56 Beer of the Week: Ballast Point Brewery’s Sculpin Ale

76:10 Beer and Hero Pairing: Sculpin is best sipped with the biggest wet blanket in the Marvel Season 2 Ep 1 CoverUniverse.

78:36 Korean Student Family Feud: Corey asked 100 Korean students from the ages of 8~12 a series of questions. Who has a mind most like a Korean child, Fox or Marsh?

87:53 Retro Read: Career Girl Romances #24

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EJDAC Ep. 13: Voodoo-U


Lucky Episode 13! Recorded on 2/15/2015. Erik & James discuss one new book (Thor #5), one from last week (Ant-Man #2), one from two weeks ago (Deadpool #41 that was cut from Episode 11 due to an audio mishap), and the collection of a series from 5 years ago (Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1-5). They really get into it about Thor… one loved it, one hated it. You can guess who fell on which side of that debate. Also, Erik breaks up with Savage Dragon, and our heroes cast comic book movies that will never be.

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 7: Happy Halloween Kiddies

Cold_Beer_revThis week:

Fox is sick, Corey is hung-over and we have a new co-host. Chris March joins us for our Halloween special.

News: Beer coffee, the Fantastic Four is no more and much more including Corey saying the words ‘wank fodder’ a million times.  44

Commercial Break: The Michael Caine Candy Company

New Comic Reviews: Marsh read Superman: Future’s End, Fox read some classic Captain Britain and Corey read a trio or Halloween delights: Wytches #1, The October Faction #1 and Sabrina #1.

Beers of the Week: Sam Adams Octoberfest and Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Retro Read: A dramatic reading of some old EC Horror … a lusty tale of werewolves in old gay Paris.

CB&C’s opening and closing themes composed by Donda Music.

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 6: Pizza Beer and Dr. Strange

Cold_Beer_revThis week:

It’s Fox’s birthday so we drink a little more than we normally do on the show. We start with listener e-mail and a new quiz, Beer or Bullshit?                                                                                                                                     

News: The Batmobile, Dr. Strange, Classic Batman Action Figs, Beer Takeovers and so much more.

Commercial Break: Delicious and nutritious Skrull milk.

Mixed Bag Reviews: Fox spent the week drinking beer for his birthday so he did not read the mixed bag, but Corey 66soldiered on. Wonder Woman Futures End #1 had a demonic Napoleon, Thor God of Thunder #25 was the perfect end for this run and X-Files Season 10 #16 was a lot like watching the show.

Beers of the Week: Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, Old Brown Dog Ale

Retro Read: In Dr. Strange #1 (1974) we find out what Dr. Strange and James Brown have in common?

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Cold Beer and Comics Episode 5: Robot Love

Cold_Beer_rev66This week:

We start with an actual listener e-mail and some random nonsense as always.

News: All the latest stories from DC banning laughs to pricey eBay actions and Guinness Blonde American.

Commercial Parody

Mixed Bag Reviews: Green Lantern Futures End #1 was pleasing, Rocket Raccoon #3 divided the hosts and Fist of Flame Vol.2 #6 was good but may be a little too pricey.

Exclusive Interview: SHAZAM

Beer of the Week: Erdinger Weissbier

Retro Read: Micronauts #1. How long would you have to be trapped in space to make love to your robot?

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Drinky Talky – Episode 72


In this rambunctious episode, I’m joined by Matt (Duke of Douche), Darcy (The Destroyer), and Dommy (The House Dwarf) to discuss a myriad of drunken topics ranging from sailing to Comic-Con. WARNING: HIGHLY EXPLICIT CONTENT! ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO LISTEN!

This episode of Drinky Talky has been brought to you by, Megaflow Graphics!

F BombCast 127: Behind a Cheddar Curtain

This is a fine episode for your listening enjoyment. If you like Dr. Who we dissect the first episode and the past couple of season. If you don’t like Dr. Who, we dissect the first episode and the first couple of seasons. IS the Big Lebowski a Stoner Movie, Join in the discussion that is completely stolen from Devil’s Advocates Movie Reviews (a podcast you all should be listening to). Star Trek on Netflix, and if just by reading that you are not either Hard and/or moist, you may be listening to the wrong show, but i still suggest listening for a couple of weeks just to make sure. Comics are discussed as well as the Only Royal wedding to give a shit about, John Constantine to Epiphany Graeves. X Force, Dark Horse Presents, Thor, Fear Itself, HellRaiser, and more are all discussed. Please Enjoy.

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The PKD Black Box-Episode #39: Get Your Wookie Out Of My Beer.

In this weeks show, host Shawn Pryor talks about his role with Action Lab Entertainment and the future of PKD Media, the Kickstarter Project for “Fracture,” then Shane Kelly of the Comic Geek Speak podcast stops by to talk about Star Wars toys of today & yesterday.

Later on Shawn is joined by Raph SooHoo, Chad Burdette, Ian Levenstein, Micah Griffin-Lundy and Jon Carroll to discuss their favorite beer & things in comics they currently like or dislike at the moment.

There’s some bonus material for you after the closing credits. Enjoy.

(The PKD Black Box is a explicit podcast because at times we cuss.)


Action Lab Entertainment Presents: Fracture

Action Lab Entertainment

Comic Timing Podcast

Geek Brunch

Comic Geek Speak

PKD Media

F BombCast 60: When Wild Pigs Fly

FBC Shirt3

Episode 60
So the day has come and the F Bombers (including dave) were all in the same place at the same time. Somehow the world did not end nor did a fissure open and swallow us all (and that is the biggest surprise due to the shear size of us). We came (numerous Times), we Saw (Lots of Comics), and we conquered (Hyundai Elantras).IN this episode we answer some sage questions from the boy who is monkey as well as discuss Thematic differences in the musical elements of John Carpenter Films. Then The discussion turns darker as we discuss life without faith and without morality. NAH FUCK THAT, we talk lots of comics as each bomber discusses their Wild Pig Haul. We go more in depth to X titles then TJ would ever want as Mike is Confused at the Apocalypse Saga Time Line and Kevin Brings in the Dark X-Men, TJ’s love for Ennis grows As he brings the discussion the The Battlefields Collection and especially Dear Billy and kevin proclaims him king of the world, and we end the conversation up with a little CowboyNinjaViking. Enjoy, it was a blast!

Download it here:

F BombCast 40: Hulk Smash

FBC Shirt3Time for the ol’ finger up the ass as the podcast gets through its 40th weekiversary. HULK SMASH without HULK SMASH, and heroes con are the topics of discussion and we learn never to give Kevin Starbucks unless he is wearing brown slacks. That’s right folks I said slacks, Deal with it.

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