Sidekickcast Episode #23 – Black Lanterns & Silverfish

Sidekickcast Episode #23 - Black Lanterns & Silverfish

In the latest episode of Sidekickcast your hosts Gavin (The Boneman) and Dan (Marshall Law) bumble through the headlines from the San Diego Comic Con; that most massive multi media convention from across the pond. They show once again how little they know but how much they love all things comics. This episode sees our best competiton yet so make sure you listen out for the extremely easy question and get emailing in for your chance to have the power in your hands.

In a machinegun style Stack Attack we review X-Force #17, Captain Britain & MI:13 #15, The Last Resort #1, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #1, Battlefields: Tankies #3 and Ignition City #1-2.

Gavin has a somewhat ridiculous lead in Secrets and Lies; the comic book news roundup quiz so every point counts as Dan tries to claw his way back to the top. Apparently Dan stole Howard Chaykin’s Elseworld Batman book Thrillkiller from the Danger Room last episode as he’s now taken to self medicating his Marvel Zombiedom in Knowing Me, Knowing You. The Crazy Boatman provides this weeks recommendation for Dig That! in the form of David Lapham’s Silverfish from Vertigo. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some of the usual hijinks and out-takes.