New York Comic Con 2010 Podcasting Panel

This is a recording of the A Geek’s Guide to Podcasting and Blogging panel, recorded at New York Comic Con on Friday, October 8th, 2010. The panel consisted of Bryan Deemer of Comic Geek Speak, Johnny Emm of Legion of Dudes, Darrel Taylor of No Apologies, Comic Book Road Show, Dafixer’s Hideout and others, Ian Levenstein of Comic Timing, Charlito of Indie Spinner Rack, Sean Whelan of Raging Bullets, and Chris Neseman of Around Comics and 11 O’Clock Comics. We hope you enjoy the panel, and please make sure to let us know what you think of it!

Around Comics Ep. 162 – Alex Ross

Around Comics welcomes comics superstar Alex Ross. Listen in for details on new projects including SUPERPOWERS from Dynamite and the Avengers/Invaders series coming out from Marvel. Hear Alex’s thoughts on characters like Green Lantern, Wally West, Batman, Aquaman and more. Find out what goes into designing and redesigning classic golden age costumes, and why Challenge of the Superfriends is still cool. Sal keeps us up to date in Wire2Wire Comics News and the Quiet! Panelologists At Work chaps continue their A to Z of British comics. Jeremy Mullins covers Web comics and Will Pfeiffer runs down his top DVDs of 2007. Tom’s Answer Man segment clears up some past questions then tackles Constantine. We also get you ready for the week ahead with new collected and single issue releases.

Happy New Year!

02:28 – Alex Ross
47:14 – Wire2Wire Comics News
52:58 – Answer Man
59:29 – A to Z British Comics –
01:03:28 – Pfeifer on DVDs –
01:07:14 – Web Comics –
01:10:08 – New Collected Releases –
01:14:33 – New Single Issue Releases

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