Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 36: Haters Gonna Hate

Batman #44 (2015) - Page 3

Jim and Eric get together this week to talk comics, Star Wars…who am I kidding?!?  They get together to bitch and moan about the shit storm surrounding Eric’s less than flattering review of Batman #44.  It really had Eric down the whole week and Jim does nothing to help his buddy feel better.  They also breakdown most of this week’s books (including Batman #44) and have a very extended version of The Other Side talking Star Wars with Ryan.  Of course, there is also DC Comics News, Listener Mail and Reggie’s Recklessness.  It’s another long one, but we hope you enjoy it.

DC Comics books reviewed: Batman #44, Action Comics #44, Batman/Superman #24, Earth 2 Society #4, Justice League United #13, Red Hood/Arsenal #4, Injustice: Year Four #19, Batman: Arkham Knight #30, New Suicide Squad #12, Starfire #4, Catwoman #44 and All-Star Section Eight #4

DC Comics News: Batman Day giveaways, Harley Quinn Black Book announced, Batman ’66 crossing over with the Man from UNCLE
Brightest Daycare’s Other Side: Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 34: The Marathon Session


ep 34: Jim and Eric cave in to  listener demand that they get rid of the “Flash Reviews” segment of the podcast and talk at length about every single DC Comics issue that hit the shelves this week.  That is fifteen books and boy, it took a long time to record this one.  I don’t know if they can keep up this pace and not kill themselves or find themselves abandoned by their family and friends. They also talk some news including DC Comics going against the “batgirlization” of their books.   So, here is the longest podcast they will ever do…until the next one.  Enjoy!

DC Comic Books Reviewed: Superman #43, Grayson #11, Justice League of America #3, Teen Titans #11, Aquaman #43, The Flash #43, Gotham by Midnight #8, Batgirl #43, We are Robin #3, Deathstroke #9, Injustice: Year Four #17, DC Comics: Bombshells #5, Batman: Arkham Knight #28, He-Man and the Eternity War #9, Cyborg #2, Harley Quinn #19, Sinestro #14, Justice League 3001 #3 and Prez #3

DC Comic News: Firefly cast in Flash, Hawkman will be a regular in DC Legends of Tomorrow and DC tells editors to stop “Batgirling” the books.

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 31


Episode 31: With fewer books to talk about, Jim and Eric keep it under three hours.  Eric shows his excitement that Charles Band follows him on Twitter and Jim gets upset at a listener mail making fun of his voice.  They also talk about all the DC Comics that came out this week, discuss the news, read listener mail and bitch and moan.  Reggie’s Recklessness features his opinions on the Killing Joke and Ryan reviews This Damned Band #1.  Dan got food poisoning so there is no Geek News this week, but Jim threatens to do it himself…as Dan.

DC Comic Books Reviewed:

Detective Comics #43, Green Lantern #43, Midnighter #3, This Damned Band #1, Batman Beyond #3, Omega Men #3, Injustice: Year Four #14, DC Comics: Bombshells #3, Batman: Arkham Knight #24, Bat-Mite #3 and Lobo #9

DC Comic News:

Wally West cast in Flash, Hawkman cast in Arrow/Flash, Scooty McNairy is Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl casts Lucy Lane, Legends of Tomorrow casts Vandal Savage, Stephen Amell will wrestle Stardust, July Top Ten Comic Book Sales, Charles Band loves Eric

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 27: San Diego Comic Con, Batman and Superman

BatmanandRobin-EternalCover (1)


Jim and Eric hunker down with a slew of San Diego Comic Con news and announcements, read listener mail and review most of this week’s DC Comic releases.  They also talk about Axel Rose and sucker MC’s and are joined, as usual, by Ryan Clark and Dan Stransky.


News from SDCC : Batman/Teenage Mtant Ninja Turtles Book, Batman & Robin Eternal, Robin War, Superman: American Alien, Coming of Supermen, Telos, Lois and Clark, Titans Hunt, Multiversity Too, Static Shock, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life, and Batman: the Killing Joke animated movie


Comic Books Reviewed: Batman #42, Batman/Superman #22, Justice League of America #22, Earth 2: Society #2, Justice League United #1, Constantine: Hellblazer #2, New Suicide #10, Starfire #2, Catwoman #42, Batman: Arkham Knight #21,  All-Star Section Eight #2 and Vampirella/Army of Darkness #1

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 26: Superman, Fourth of July and Kid n Play


Ep 26: Jim and Eric celebrate the 4th of July by talking about Kid n Play, James Hampton and Peanut Butter and Miracle Whip Sandwiches.  They also have time to discuss some DC Comics news and argue about all of the DC comic books that came out this week.  We also hear more about the Eric Shea/Ryan Clark feud in the Brightest Daycare Other Side segment and play a little game called guess the edit on Dan’s Geek News.  Enjoy!

Books Reviewed:
Action Comics #42, Green Lantern #42, Detective Comics #42, The Spire #1, Batman Beyond #2, Midnighter #2, Omega Men #2, He-Man and the Eternity #7, Injustice: Year Four #9, Green Arrow #42, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #41, Batman: Arkham Knight #20, Lobo #8, Bat-Mite #2 and Bizarro #2
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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 25: News, Reviews and Quato



Ep 25: This episode is intended to be more on the DC Comic tip.  Jim and Eric discuss television news, the supergirl trailer and a little Batman: Arkham Knight.  Then they jump into this week’s books and while Eric had a downer week, it’s Jim’s turn to shine.  They also talk ghosts, Quato from Total Recall and tell a bunch of Dick jokes.  Ryan Clark joins in with his Other Side review of the WYtches Trade Paperback and Dan gives us a spoiler edition of Geek News.


Books Reviewed:
Superman #41, Grayson #9, Green Lantern: Lost Army #1, Justice League 3001 #1, We are Robin #1, The Flash #41, Injustice: Year Four #8, Gotham by Midnight #6, Deathstroke #7, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #40, Batman: Arkham Knight #19, Aquaman #41, Batgirl #41 and Teen Titans #9
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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 22: Justice League, DC You and The Truth


Ep 22: This week the boys try to tighten things up, but they still get involved in nonsense.  They also talk about all the books released this week including Justice League, Action Comics, Bizarro, Batman Beyond and more.  There is also Dan’s Geek News and Ryan Clark’s Other Side segment featuring Spiderman: Renew Your Vows #1. The DC You is upon us and Jim and Eric have very mixed feelings about it!

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Books Reviewed: Justice League #41, Action Comics #41, Green Lantern #41, Midnighter #1, Batman Beyond #1, Omega Men #1, Bizarro #1 and Bat-Mite #1
Flash Forward Reviews: Injustice: Year Four #5, Batman: Arkham Knight #16, Green Arrow #41, Lobo #7 and Wonder Woman Annual #1

He’s Got Issues #177.2: DC Comics, 6/3/15


  • Action Comics #41
  • Batman Arkham Knight #5
  • Batman Beyond #1
  • Bat-Mite #1 (Of 6)
  • Bizarro #1 (Of 6)
  • Flash Season Zero #9
  • Green Arrow #41
  • Green Lantern #41
  • Justice League #41
  • Lobo #7
  • Looney Tunes #225
  • Midnighter #1
  • Mortal Kombat X #7
  • Omega Men #1
  • Wonder Woman Annual #1


  • Batman Noir The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition HC
  • Grayson Volume 1 Agents Of Spyral HC
  • Green Arrow Volume 3 The Trial Of Oliver Queen TP
  • Swamp Thing Volume 6 The Sureen TP
  • Worlds Finest Volume 5 Homeward Bound TP (You Tube Channel) (Podcast) (Facebook)



He’s Got Issues #174.2: DC Comics, 5/13/15


  • Arrow Season 2.5 #8
  • Astro City #23
  • Batman Arkham Knight #4
  • Coffin Hill #18
  • Convergence #6 (Of 8)
  • Convergence Aquaman #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Batman Shadow Of The Bat #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Catwoman #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Green Arrow #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Green Lantern Parallax #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Justice League International #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Suicide Squad #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Superboy #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Supergirl Matrix #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Superman The Man Of Steel #2 (Of 2)
  • Fables The Wolf Among Us #5
  • FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #20
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #1
  • Mortal Kombat X #6
  • Scooby-Doo Where Are You #57
  • Strange Sports Stories #3 (Of 4)


  • Batman Arkham The Riddler TP
  • Batman The Dark Knight Unwrapped By David Finch Deluxe Edition HC
  • Earth 2 World’s End Volume 1 TP
  • Fables Deluxe Edition Volume 10 HC
  • Forever Evil TP
  • Green Lantern Volume 5 Test Of Wills TP
  • Green Lantern Volume 6 The Life Equation HC
  • Robin The Boy Wonder A Celebration Of 75 Years HC (You Tube Channel) (Podcast) (Facebook)



Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 55

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Convergence #1, Guardians Of The Galaxy Team Up #4, ReAnimator #1, Batman Arkham Knight #2, Avengers Millennium #1 and more ………..

Run Times –PODCAST logo2

News In Comics…. – 1:52- 15:07

Convergence #1 – 15:24- 29:01

Guardians Of The Galaxy Team Up #4 – 29:01- 35:37

ReAnimator #1– 35:37 – 47:25

Batman Arkham Knight #2 – 47:25- 57:36

Avengers Millennium #1 – 57:36- 1:30:12

Books to look for – 1:04:55

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Final Issue Podcast #5 – The Sexualization of Teen Heroes

Our panelist discuss the ramifications of the Valiant Movie deal, new costume designs for the DC heroes, the new Batman video game getting a MA rating and the #comicsforward backlash. Our final issue this week is a discussion about the over sexualization of under aged characters.

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Joe – @joemulv
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Comic Timing – Episode 152


According to Brent, this episode is titled, “The Back-Up Plan: The All Bitching Episode.” Although we do a lot more than just bitch, I promise. Brent and I are joined by Mr. Raphael Soohoo as we discuss The Flash’s new TV outfit, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the season so far (including the Sif episode), The Lego Movie, Brent’s review of Justice League: War, the official cancellation of Beware The Batman!, the announcement of the Arkham Knight game, my thoughts on Fables: The Worlf Among Us, and plenty more. We also review some comics, including Forever Evil #6, Superman/Wonder Woman #6 both She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel #1, Secret Avengers, Image Comics’ Zero and some other stuff here and there.

As a warning, there was a chirping noise that kept recurring throughout the recording. We couldn’t trace the source, so it’s there throughout. I did my best to get rid of it whenever possible, but it’s still there occasionally. Shouldn’t be too loud or annoying, I swear! Also, next week we should be joined by Sean and Jim of Raging Bullets, as due to power outages we had to push their episode back a week. So barring any other weird weather, it shall be done!

As always – we are sponsored by DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! All comics from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse are 40% off or more. And hardcovers and trade paperbacks from Marvel and DC are at least 50% off! Plus, be sure to check out their Comixology digital storefront for even further savings!

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300 Rise on an Empire movie review, The Oscars 2014 and 50 Cent’s love triangle with Diddy and Rick Ross



It’s a deal, it’s a steal, the sale of the freakin’ century…. Not really. It’s actually a podcast! Let’s have a listen….


Wildfire Radio, we’re part of it, so get on it!

C Bomb’s Birthday

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Channel 10, will they ever learn! Secrets and Lies is a colossal flop!

All the news, rants and rave about the Oscars 2014

–          Ellen’s “epic” selfie

–          Leo misses out again

–          People who didn’t deserve their Oscars

–          Woody Allen: Pedo or not?

–          Razzie winners



UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

–          LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, have we seen it?

–          Bates Motel and Hannibal Season 2, are we watching?

–          Making “The Runaways” into a Marvel movie franchise

–          Making a change from the Batman games

–          Zack Snyder saving “The Watchmen” movie



The Dalai Lama can piss off!

Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE empire, sharts himself as part of a “joke”

50 Cent perpetuates a fake ‘gangsta rap’ feud




NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1 hour 35mins)

–          Transformers Age of Extiction trailer

–          New Batman Arkham Knight game

–          Fantastic Four reboot director confirms the new film will be a pleasant departure from the “original” Fantastic Four movies

–          Anchorman 3 WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

–          Second half season 2 Arrow trailer

–          First look at Grant Gustin as The Flash in the new series

Comic reivews

–          Revenge #1: 2.5/5

–          Deadly Class #2: 5/5


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Comic News Insider Episode 526 – We Killed Shakespeare!


Comic News Insider: Episode 526 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Fantastic Four Vol 5 #1, One-Hit Wonder #1, Revenge #1, Kill Shakespeare Live, Hannibal

Jimmy is joined in studio by playwright extraordinaire Qui Nguyen (Vampire Cowboys Theatre Co.). They chat about the nerd wins at the Oscars, watching mutual pal Maureen Sebastian on Revolution, and the ridiculous witchhunt by a small minority to remove Jonathan Ross from hosting The Hugo Awards. News includes: Marvel to shoot Netflix series in New York, Archie Comics announces Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa as Chief Creative Officer/hires Lena Dunham to write an Archie arc/Afterlife With Archie may be a movie, Arkham Knight will conclude Batman Arkham video game series, SyFy cancels Being Human and picks up Metal Hurlant ChroniclesRocket Raccoon goes solo, and Steve Rude is back on Superman. As always, Listener Feedback, Top 3 and more. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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