Wayne’s Comics Podcast #223 With Ruben Romero

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Ruben Romero
from Think Alike Productions is back, and he’s got a hot Kickstarter going on for his Three Swords project at this link! He discusses how the comic is a re-imagining of the Three Musketeers, but with a twist! He’s working with SalvagersBob Salley to make this book full of action, adventure and magic! As this episode was being completed, the project was really close to meeting its goal, however, their goal has now been met! Don’t let that discourage you – you can get all kinds of great stretch goals if that’s happened! If not, consider helping make their goal with your pledge! Ruben also talks about many of the great things going on at Think Alike Productions such as The Agency, but you can find more at their website here! To buy their comics digitally, go to comixology at this location!