Wayne’s Comics Podcast #218 With Kelly Bender

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This week’s episode features the return of Indie comics creator extraordinaire Kelly Bender! He’s the scripter of several books we talk about, including Starburn, Sadistic, Aqueous, Death-Rattler and Hang Low Aim High. That includes everything from sci-fi to horror to a combination of several genres. We delve into several of this titles in depth, including what the books are about and which characters we find in each one. Kelly and I discuss the creative process, including what it takes to make a comic and how best to work with your collaborators! Don’t miss all the great information Kelly has to share in episode #218! To access many of his excellent comics, you can go to InsaneComics.com, at comixology at this link or at drivethrucomics.com here. If you want to read something new and different, don’t miss his comics! Highly recommended!