TheMeanGeek-Episode #81 “…You Can’t Be King Without Pants!”



It starts of with mother jokes. Then minor definitions of dangers of cons; we watch the 1967 Aquaman series, where the MANTA-MEN are the worst henchmen on the planet. Then, for the last time, we argue the merits is Zatanna. I still dug it, he’s still a douche. Then sleeping vikings in an underwater cave. Jusssst. Just duplicate the Zatanna argument with I Zombie. We then launch into song and dance. Marvel at how a team can stay together on a book. Then notice that Narwhals are boring through undersea mountains. Then, in a vain attempt to move past my morrison fixation, i read a really bad book. Then, we look at an ancient necrosha 1 shot so i could say i read an x book this year. Great Gastropods! More Aquaman badness. I question the hair products chosen by the aqua-guys. Then Star Wars, and its green bunnies. Cover then the BatBooks. Then we go Blaxploitation with Thor and the Surfer. Sif’s hot. We may have alienated Matt Fraction as well. Lambaste Cap Corps. Let’s just leave you with this: THE CRIMSON CREATURE FROM THE PINK POOL. Come check us out on Facebook, twitter @themeanergeek , Fan Advisory Network, leave us voicemail at 203 533 4910 mail us at