Comics Alternative, Episode 275: The April Previews Catalog

“It’s all about the dollars”

Gene and Derek are back for another look at the current month’s Previews catalog. This one may not be as long an episode as last month’s Preview show — which clocked in at just under three hours — but it’s nonetheless hefty. (Well…actually, it is almost as long as the March show.) They begin this week by discussing the new changes appearing in Previews beginning in April. They point out the additions of BOOM! Studios and Dynamite Entertainment in the premiere publishers section, prominently displayed in the front of the catalog; the reorganizations of solicits in a new manga section; the shake-up of what had been the book section; the flip arrangement with the toy and merchandise sections; and next month’s departure of DC Comics’ solicitations into their own supplemental catalog. After that, and several cynical comments (primarily from Derek), they get into the nitty gritty of the April Previews catalog, highlighting a variety of titles from such publishers as:

Comics Alternative, Episode 234: The April Previews Catalog

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Marathon Men

It’s time to look at the current Previews catalog from Diamond, and for this month Derek is joined by Paul, the new cohost of the monthly Young Readers series. Paul has helped out on earlier Previews shows, and as Andy has jokingly pointed out, on those occasions the episodes have tended to clock in on the longish side. And indeed, that’s what happens this week! But the lengthiness of the April Previews show is filled not only with choice solicits, but also with critical commentary, astute observations, and even a couple of soapbox rants. In their highlights from this month’s catalog, the guys discuss offerings from:


Comics Alternative, Episode 182: The April Previews Catalog

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“Magic balls”


It’s the first week of April, so that must mean that it’s time for the Two Guys with PhDs to look through the latest Previews catalog. This month, Andy Kunka is back for his first Previews show of 2016 — where has the time gone? — so Derek helps him to shake off the cobwebs and get down to deep solicitation-reading business. Among the many upcoming releases they highlight are titles from publishers such as

The guys also discuss the pros and cons of DC and Image doing their own mini-catalogs, the mixed bag of publisher crossovers, and the weirdness surrounding recent book that have been repurposed as limited series. Derek also shares news about how a recent on-location episode of the podcast became a Steve Lieber boon for the manager of Collected Comics in Plano. It’s apparently true: there is such a thing as The Comics Alternative bump and the success it can bring you!