Zone 4 #314: Ant-Man… Er… I Mean Fantastic Four! AKA, The PI Episode

Brant, Gordon and Ron are back with another movie edition of Zone 4 as they discuss the latest in comic related movie and TV news. Plus, they look forward a bit to the coming Fall 2015 television season!

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Arc Reactions – 37.1 – Ant-Man Film


Marvel’s Ant-Man is the topic of this episode. We cover the characters, plot, and humor of this film from Marvel Studios. Dylan and John fly solo for this film about Marvel’s smallest hero. This movie features Scott Lang as Ant-Man, but he is mentored by Hank Pym throughout the movie.

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Our next release will be August 2nd when we will be covering Red Daughter of Krypton.

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EJDAC Ep. 13: Voodoo-U


Lucky Episode 13! Recorded on 2/15/2015. Erik & James discuss one new book (Thor #5), one from last week (Ant-Man #2), one from two weeks ago (Deadpool #41 that was cut from Episode 11 due to an audio mishap), and the collection of a series from 5 years ago (Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1-5). They really get into it about Thor… one loved it, one hated it. You can guess who fell on which side of that debate. Also, Erik breaks up with Savage Dragon, and our heroes cast comic book movies that will never be.

Super Hero Speak – #48: Everyone wants to be like Marvel

Recently the CEO of WB confirmed there is a Justice League movie coming along with the Batman/Superman movie. He also said there are more announcements to come soon. Is this real or are they just trying to be like marvel? Join us this week as Dave. Ben and special co-host Frank Duran of Real Books Don’t Have Batman as we explore this and many other of the recent comic and movie headlines. Is Marvel really doing another massive Spider-man event with multiple Spider-men? Still having nightmares about the Clone Saga. Sit back and Enjoy!


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Super Hero Speak – #38: Dr. Strange’s Double Rainbow Bridge

In this episode Dave, Ben and John sit down and talk about Jon Hamm as Doctor Strange and what role is Johnny Depp playing? Is Superman vs Batman being held up because of a Wonder Woman? And Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, we pray he doesn’t chew the scenery. All these topics and even more current news and movie rumors are covered this week, so sit back and enjoy!


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Super Hero Speak #14: Comic-Con 2013

In this episode John, Ben and Dave sit down and discuss all the biggest stories that came out of San Diego Comic-Con this year. Also they bring you the first ever Super Hero Speak contest: Guess The Celebrity. Listen to the episode for the details, and you could win a Super Hero Speak t-shirt!


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Burnt Weiners Episode 051 Antman and Wasp #1

Can a wifebeater like Hank Pym be redeemed in the eyes of the Weiners? Tim Seely (who Weed has a bit of a man crush on) gives a shot with, writing and drawing his new mini series “Antman and Wasp”.

Steege checks out Lucid #2 (Archaia Studio), stealing it off John’s pile! Weed then talks a bit about Secret Six (DC) and the new Dungeons and Dragons series from IDW.

Star Wars has taken over a lot of Bo’s reading recently, as he shares Star Wars Knight Errant (Dark Horse) with the group, and kicks off his new monthly “Bitchin’ Bo Fiction” segment with Birds of Prey (DC). John gets in a few words about Thunder Agents (DC) and there is a short discussion about the confusion John is having with the new pricing system by DC/Marvel.

Please note this episode can and most will cause ear canal bleeding and discharge. Please check with your doctor before using Burnt Weiners.

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